• There are a lot of you out there that have just graduated from high school or about to graduate from high school. My high school days are kinda the same as yours.

    My freshman year was ackward, new teachers, need new friends, new rooms, etc. My english teacher had the most omonious last name ever, Mrs. Blood. Pale skin, bad additude, just thinking she knows more than you do kinda thing. Don't think she liked me all that much. Well, i falied my english class and took summer school for it, passed and became a sophomere.

    Sophomore year was ok, till the 3rd quater and it turned just awful. My cousin died on Easter Sunday, so that wasn't a very good year. Anyway, passed everything so then i became a junior.

    Junior year was kinda scary about half way through. My mom had to go to the hospital for a rotator cuff surgery, then when she got home, she said that she couldn't breath and she was sent back to the hospital. Found out that one of her lungs was paralyzed, but worse was that she had two of her artories almost completely blocked and had to go under for an open-heart surgery. Almost lost her, too. Anyway, she got better, but i falied in my chemistry exam. I barely passed my exam, and became a senior.

    Senior year rocked. I made new friends, i liked my classes, and my teachers. We had a new principle, though. That was kinda weird, but I passed my exams and went off to graduation. After that, I haven't seen most of my friends. They were either on the other side of the state, or not even in the same state as me. I gotta say, I miss most of the kids that I graduated with. I kinda miss seeing them everyday and talking to them everyday.