• Chapter One: Am I going crazy!!!
    "Hey what's up?" Abby said when I picked up the phone.

    "Ah...Nothing getting tickets to the sequel to that A Night with a Dead Killer movie. You know '"My Friend's a Dead Killer"'' Is it just me or are those title fimilar with my life."

    "When are we going to see the movie?"

    "Actually, once again Tony bought the tickets. So he kinda want to go to the movies with me and you and him and Jessica."

    "Oh, great. Well I guess it won't be so bad, if we can see the movie in another theater room."

    "It's only playing one room, but it comes out in two weeks so you need to decide if you want to see or not. Oh.. I got to go I'll be late for school, se ya there."

    As I got into my car I looked into my rear-view mirrior and I saw that face when I was in the masion adn Gates was starting to fall apart, and then it was gone. I can never shake this feeling that he is coming soon. But his dad will be there. Later that day in school we were in lunch and I sitting at the normal table and everyone was talking and then I looked up to say something and I saw the Gates that I grew up with and he was walking to our table with a lunch tray.

    "Hey, guys" he said.

    "Get away Gates".
    Then he smilied and disapeared.

    "Christian, are you okay? You just started acting like you were talking to Gates."

    "I'm fine. I just uh...got to get some fresh air, I'll see you in Mr.Jones class and Jessica I don't have a class with you so I'll see ya later."

    I ran for the exit and ran to my car and drove home. Every second I could hear Gates voice or see Gates, then I would see his dad and I couldn't help but think I was going crazy. I was hearing it all the gun shots, the punches from him and his dad hitting one another back adn forth. I could hear the cry from Stacy.

    "HELLLLLLPPPP!!!!" I yeld
    Then his dad showed up.

    "You call for me"

    "Uh...sorry sir, I didn't mean to. I was-"

    "Listen what you are seeing and hearing are signs that my son is coming back adn he isn't going to rest until you are dead."

    "But sir can you stop him again?"

    "I didn't stop him last time or else he wouldn't be sending those signs. Listen he is telling to get prepared. I can't stop I can only hurt him...you can stop him and I am there to watch over. But I can not help forever, you have an ability that is- "'Once I kill you I will be able to enter that room adn my victoms will have nowhere to hide'"- So if my son kills you he can be stronger than ever.

    "That reminded me of Gates said that night, but what can I do, sir?"

    "You are the only one that knows, but yet I guess you forgot. And call me Jon, That is my real name."

    "Okay, Jon, well thanks for what you said and I think I can do this."

    "Well you better, because I'll tell you one more thing, Me and Gates have three lives then we will both finally die, and we are both at one left. So if you he kills me I can no longer hel-!"
    He fell down and I looked up and say Gates with a knife.

    "He should of mentioned we can come out of anywhere-Ahhh.. I need to get back to the masion or I'll die too, I'll be back next Monday. Bye Christian and Jon."

    There he was his dad dead and I had no help to fight Gates and I didn't know I could figh thim.

    End of Chapter One