• WORLD’S END: Night seven

    “That, was last time I saw the inside of the Trinity, cause we now were looking for some rouge general, and it’s all thanks to that, now I’m not human, I’m a vampire.”
    As I lay on the ground having a dream that is not a dream, of a fantasy that I know is a dream, but right now this fantasy, is a helluva better life I’ve got right now. I’m dreaming of floating silently and peacefully to the bottom of a lake, I’m alone. And yet as peacefully sink, I feel breathing over my face and I unwillingly float to the surface, and my reality.
    I slowly opened my eyes to see Maddie’s blue eyes hovering over me, her brown hair falling down onto my face. “What do you think you’re doing, sleeping on the job?” I rub my eyes and manage to remark, “Well that was the plan…”
    Maddie grabs my hand and pulls me up from the ground, and I notice she hasn’t woken Fox or Will yet. “So, why the hell’d you wake me up huh?” Maddie looks at me with her piercing blue eyes, damn them, those damn eyes, “I have something I want to show you.” She grabs my hand and points up to a branch in a tree, “Let’s meet up on that branch, k.” I look up at the high branch she clearly expects me to climb; I sigh and begin to climb.
    As I reach the branch, but when I look down Maddie’s nowhere to be seen, but my shock is soon turned to stupidity as I see her sitting on the branch. “You’re pretty slow”, she says contradicting me. I glare at her for a second and mutter, “Well, I’m not as….flexible as you.”
    “That’s not a good enough excuse, but whatever have seat”, she says grinning at me. My mind is telling me to get more sleep, but well let’s say I didn’t, so I sit. As we sit there in a cold November night, I can’t help but glance over at her, and well even in the dark I think she saw me blush, but then again who wouldn’t.
    I look away, somehow, and ask, “So what did you want to show me?” She looks at me and whisper’s, “Are you nervous, I mean this is your first mission, and I’m nervous.” I laugh and lean back, “Actually, no I’m not. You’d think a city kid like me wouldn’t be used to this , but I’ve been on the streets most of my life so I’m kinda not worried.” She looks at me and then the moon, “Well I’m totally a nervous wreck.” I laugh lowly and say, “Well that makes sense, you don’t seem like a fighter.” She then looks at me anger in her face, “Oh really? I bet I could beat you.” I look down and say, “Yeah, good luck with that”, and jump down.
    As I land to my surprise I feel Maddie’s body press against mine. I turn around and see her head buried into my back. She whispers, “Thanks, for helping me, I really needed to get that off my chest.” I glance back at her and grin, but my grin was soon interrupted by a pain in my back and the night sky. SHE SLAMMED ME TO THE GROUND!
    I somehow fall asleep after this turn of events, and see Fox standing over me, “Get up ya little retard”, he mumbles. I get to my feet and give Maddie the evil eye, she sticks her tongue at me. “Now we seriously start our search for the general, ok”, we all nod our heads, “We’ll be going about this solo so don’t expect help, plus it covers more ground.” Fox slowly lifts his hand, and when he drops it we scatter.
    With my vampire enhanced DNA now, I’m able to move at a higher speed, but it’s going to take some getting used to. Anyway, I run through the forest, but I don’t see anything, yet anyway. I continue to run, when I see people in white cloaks, I decide to stop and talk to them. It turns out they were with some sort of cult, and were looking for someone as well, and they pointed me to down a trail where they saw a group of people in black cloaks……like the hunters.
    It took ten minutes but, I eventually found them and laid low for a while, following them through the brush. There were three of them, two were tall, but the other about my size, for some reason I felt really jumpy. As I follow them, I see the short one constantly glance at my location, but I wasn’t making a noise, and I was moving fast enough I would “hover” over the leaves, so how’d he see me?
    Just as the kid looked away from me, a hand grabbed my wrist and threw me out of hiding, I was spinning through the air when I was suddenly slammed to the ground and foot went on my neck, slowly and painfully adding pressure. My hypothesis was correct, they were hunters, and I could tell by their clown masks, they were like the other one’s. A muffled voice says, “So, you were following us and thought we couldn’t hear you eh, well you miscalculated kid!” I laugh at the man, “I did hunh? I know for a fact a dumbass like you didn’t know I was there, hmm?” My victory laugh was interrupted by pressure on my neck. The man flips me over on my back, his foot still on my neck, “So, you’re a smartass eh? I’ll teach you to learn to keep that mouth of yours shut!!”; the man yells as puts two fingers on my eye.
    “Ha, just as planned”, I mumble as I twitch my middle and index finger. At that instant the man’s head shoots forward, and blood runs from inside his mask, his dead body falls over beside me, a black knife sticking out the back of his head. The other man stumbles as I jump up and grab the knife and lunge at the man. I hack and slash at him a few times before I cut a piece of his ear off, he winces in pain and I spin around behind him, get him in an armbar, and put the knife to his throat. I lean close to the man’s ear and whisper, “You know I could kill you right now. You have no idea of how dangerous a position this is”, the man is breathing heavily, “So don’t try any funny business, I’ve calculated all the possible ways you could somehow escape, and if you do break out you’ll just be headed into an even more dangerous position, and I never….miscalculate, just ask your dead buddy over there.”
    The man grunts and mumbles, “What do you want, you piece of trash monster?!” I put the knife close enough to touch his skin, “A monster? You think I’m a monster…,ha, yeah I’m just a newbie, our general, now he’s a monster. If I was you I’d be thankful a worm like me’s got you and not him”, I whisper.
    Twenty minutes later, me, Fox, Maddie, and Will are sitting around a campfire with our “guest”. Fox had been interrogating him, and apparently him and his partner were on the same mission as us, looking for the rouge general. So we decided to keep him as a hostage for trade with hunters or something.
    “Alright, thanks to “Macho man” over there we know that the hunters are looking for the same thing as we are so I’ll say it now, there will be more fights like this but maybe with stronger hunters, so I’ve decided that we’d best stay together, just until you’ve all gotten stronger, and to watch each other’s back ok”, Fox explains. We all shake our heads and drift off to sleep.
    Back where I killed the hunter, a man in a white cloak walks up to his dead body. “So, did this meet you’re expectations…….? You want a description, oh hell no I’ll just bring you the report.” The man bends down to the hunter’s body and his fingers puncture the mask and rip out the hunter’s eyeball. He puts it in his pocket and disappears.

    World’s End: night seven close.