• CPT. Hanzo Fuma
    Onboard Leviathan

    I hear the rumble of the engines, twelve floors below my own quarters. Here on board the vessel, leviathan. My eyes open and look around the room,
    “Lights”, I call out and the computer activates them through voice recognition software.
    “Good morning, Hanzo. You slept well, I’m sure?”
    I opened my eyes and sat up straight, looking into the monitor of my lovely cousin, Katie, on the bridge.
    “No thanks to your driving, yes.”
    “Oh ho, maybe I should have left you to sleep, or maybe left you back at that old colony, trying to find that old mobile suit. Did you ever find that thing?”
    “Come down to the hanger later, I’ll show you. Is Bella awake?”
    My mind, right then, turned to my girlfriend, Bella. We’d been seeing each other for about two years, in two weeks; she always followed me on my wild search for legendary mobile suits. I thought she liked the adventure and I was just the plus, but recently I’ve been thinking that it’s the other way around.
    “Bella, Yea she went to the hanger bay about an hour ago, told me not to wake you till she called me”
    I stood up, looking around the room, finding my Camo slacks and my tan tight shirt. Then I look back at the monitor,
    “I’m on my way to the hanger bay, then. Care to join me?” I asked Katie,
    “No, we’ve gotta lead on the archangel, if you really want to join them, then I’ll need to follow this one up, it’s a good one, ttyl, Hanzo”
    And with that, the monitor died and I was in a dark room, just floating there. A moment later I pulled on the ceiling and drifted to the door, the gravity out-side my room was normal, so I hit the floor with my feet hard when I left. From there I walked to the end of the corridor and past the mess-hall.
    “Yo, Hanzo!” someone called out; I looked around and saw the chief. He had a beverage in his hand,
    “Just wake up?” he asked
    “Yea, how’d-” I stated, but chief had tossed a bottle at me, I caught it and looked at it, it was a dew! A mountain dew, from earth, He must have heard that I was on board and pulled em out.
    “Hey, thanks. Chief” I said
    “Don’t you worry about it, Han? You’ll need that one” he said, then left into the mess-hall.as I looked at the door back at the entrance to the mess hall, wondering what the hell he could mean. But gave it no more thought as I turned around and began back to the elevator. I entered it and keyed it to the hanger bay, and my mind turned to what was accruing.
    After we left the debris belt, we ran into H.O.M.E. 1, the ship that faired Lowe Gear and RedFrame from place to place, we decided to travel together because of the rising tension between earth and the PLANTS. We encounter several skirmishes on our way to the isolated colony that had been built outside the PLANTS, named Eagles nest, we just left there after picking up Bella and the rest of the crew we left behind so that we could be quick in picking up the lost and legendary mobile suit “nu gundam”
    The lift opened and the smell of old rust and burnt gears filled my nostrils, and with the gravity at zero in the hanger it was a little more potent. I pulled myself out of the door and let myself float out into the hanger, the feeling of no gravity somehow lifted my worries, and with the nu gundams remains in my control, I could actually built a mobile suit to rival the freedom, and her pilot Kira Yamato.

    “Hanzo!?” a familiar voice called out to me.
    I opened my eyes end floating towards me was Bella, with the glow she always seem to have, even in the darkest of moments. When she finally reached me, she wrapped her arms around me tightly, I had expected her to half kill me with this embrace, being away for so long, and she almost did.
    “You alright” I asked, as I returned her hold.
    “You’re here now, I’ll be alright”
    I smiled and let her go “how’s the mobile suit?”
    “It’s in remarkable condition considering how the records showed how she and Amaro were listed as M.I.A.”
    I looked past her and examined the mobile suit that, in the past, destroyed more than a hundred mobile suits in one minute, of course this was back in her day, in the present and without our help, nu gundam may never have been able to stand up to anything over the class of a mobile armor, maybe not even that.
    “Is she ready for her make-over?”
    “Nu gundam was originally comprised of armor listed as ‘Psycho-frame’ an alloy that connected to the pilot on a neural level, increasing their reaction time to that of someone like Kira, and the freedom.”
    “Can we save the majority of the exoskeleton?”
    “all of it, if our projections are anywhere close, she can be refitted with the original ‘fin-funnel’ back attachment, and with a lighter composite-melding method, we can salvage some spare psycho-frame metals and add another funnel cluster to the other side of the back unit, without sacrificing and specs and allowing the new rail-guns, the same ones that are on the freedom, to be added to the side of her legs and a hi-particle laser to replace the missile launcher the was on the original schematics”
    I looked at Bella with nothing short of pure amazement,
    “What?” she asked what,
    “You’ve come a long way from being the little girl from Ribualt”
    She gave the look of surprise, as I had expected her to, although she already knew that was what I was going to say, she knows me better then myself.
    “Well, look at where we are, you were right, Nu gundam of the U.C. era was still around, hidden by Amaro for the one that would be able to control her immense power, and who else then you or I actually believed that person was you”
    “True, when will she be ready for testing?”
    Ashley looked at the gundam then at a data pad she had attached to her hip,
    “If all goes according to schedule, at least a week”
    “Nothing ever go’s as plan, plan on a few days?”
    “Sounds good, you’ll be going back to the bridge now, right?”
    “I had planned on it, until tonight and our dinner, why-“
    “Oh, so you haven’t forgotten?”
    This will be our anniversary, two years since we have been dating, how could I?”
    “Well you forgot my birthday”
    “I thought I was off the hook for that one, I was fighting at earth”
    “Oh, wait that’s right, ok, I’m sorry babe. Il sees you tonight.”
    I turned back to the lift before something went off in my head, like a calling.
    Bella turned around abruptly, “what, Han?”
    It reverberated in my head, like a sonar, I closed my eyes and sights swirled in my head, H.O.M.E.1, leviathan, Bella-
    I flew to the com, and slammed my hand against it,
    “Hanzo Fuma to bridge,”
    “Bridge here, Hanzo. What’s-”
    “Sound general quarters, inform the allied ship that two Nasca Class destroyers are en route, prepare to launch our mobile suits and arm all armaments!”
    And just like that, the com officer onboard sounded general quarters and everyone was moving to battle stations. I ran to my hanger locker and removed my trousers and put my combat uniform on, I picked up my helm and looked over to Bella,
    “Can you maker combat ready NOW?”
    “Yes, we can arm her with a rifle and spare shield, charge her power core and attach her funnels, we have no missile launcher so that’s a no go,”
    The whole time she’s speaking, I drifted to nu gundams cockpit,
    “The missile launcher will not be of concern, arm ‘er were you can. Give me a beam saber, while yer at it.”
    “Alright, you just come home, you’ll have me to answer to if you miss dinner, and you’re not getting off on this one, Hanzo Demarcis Fuma.”
    “You got it, I love you.”
    She held her hand to her mouth as she tried not to cry, she hated it when I went out on sortie, but never tried to stop me, this is what I was best at, and she knew that it was my meaning.
    The hatch closed and it was dark,
    “Bella said you reacted to the thoughts of your pilot, let’s give it a shot”
    It helps me to speak out commands, so I said,
    “Nu gundam, acknowledge new designation as E.S.N.S.F 01: truth, activate all systems, truth!”
    Nothing happened, I thought the rumors of my ability to use the unit was false, then my adrenalin flared as the newly dubbed Truth activated her power systems and the cockpit lit up, a full system diagnostic. Then the designation strolled across the screen.


    I placed my hands on the controls and said, “Alright, buddy. Let’s get out there and teach them that the talents of your forefather are still fresh in the system”
    “ACKNOWLEDGE” said the suit,
    I was astounded, the suit responded. I ignored it, the fact that Truth would respond to my remarks and commands made the adrenaline in my system, pump even harder.
    I watch the main camera as the deck crew loaded up Truth for launch,
    Bella cam up on Truth’s HUD,
    “Nu gundam has just come out of the seal, please. If you must go, take your old dagger”
    “Its new designation is Truth, Bella. And we both knew that was meant to go to you once we found her.”
    “Well then, Truth hasten even been fully refitted and designed. I wouldn’t recommend the she be launched”
    “I know, I’ll be right back, I promise.”
    The screen cleared and I look out the HUD, I was at the catapult, and the system was ready.
    “Truth, have they given you your armament yet?”
    “AFIRMATIVE” she said,
    The deck hand at the outside launch gave the thumbs up and the lights went green,
    “Catapult clear, Truth is cleared for deployment, good hunting truth”
    “Acknowledged; gundam Truth, Hanzo Fuma, LAUNCHING!”

    Ensign Diablo Cortes
    Leviathan catapult

    The new mobile suit we had just recovered flew past Diablo and was launched out of the catapult, it was a bit weird for an old mobile suit like that to be launching already, apparently Hanzo was trying to see something, but what it was, he would never be able to tell, who else besides Bella would be able to. That girl knows Hanzo like the back of her hand, and being a mechanic, she saw it frequently.
    The catapult crew position the dagger, codenamed; daggers tip, that Diablo piloted onto the launch pegs, the crew chief gave the go, the lights went green,
    “Catapult clear, Daggers Tip is clear for deployment. Good hunting, Daggers Tip”
    “Right, Daggers Tip, Diablo Cortes, IM GONE!!”
    The G-Forces that cam next would always come close to knocking him out, and this launch was no acceptation. Daggers Tip went forward, and Diablo went back, full force into the seat, until the mobile suit cleared the catapult, and was in open space. He then keyed the thrusters to a 25% output and flew on his own power. He reached the deployment point he was told to be, and then turned back, leviathan launched two more units, Jasmine in Sirius, and duke in the centaur. They too, were moving to captain
    Hanzo’s recommended deployment points, it was nice to have a warm captain who would recommend and advice in situations that allowed, even when in the heat of combat or stress, he tried to retain the air of a father and friend, instead of the powerful and wise leader he really was, and to only be 19!
    “Leviathan and all mobile suits, this is Lowe Gear. I’ve got confirmed contacts, I don’t know how you knew Hanzo, but you did. Two Nasca class, recon fitted cruisers. There deploying mobile suits!”
    “all mobile suit and units, protect the ships, those are our homes with our loved ones on it, shot to disable, but kill if necessary” called Hanzo over the fleet band, like he wanted the ZAFT ships to know that we didn’t want to fight, and in truth(the irony, that being Hanzo’s mobile suit name) that we really didn’t.

    CPT. Hanzo Fuma
    Space, in combat

    Truth and I were nearly moving at full thrust, as Truth and Bella advice me to take it easy on her seeing as she had dent fully awaken and her systems were not all online. We still made it there in ample time, so when we got there; I decided to try truths targeting systems,
    At long range.
    I raised truths rifle that was based as a mobile of an old M1903 weapon back in world war two. I activated full zoom and targeted the lead Zaku, armed with a plasma cannon.
    “Straight and true, Truth; you got em,”
    And then power went from the battery clip in the rifle, and was thrown toward the Zaku.
    Just as I had asked of her, Truth’s shot went right to the Zaku’s propulsion unit, followed by two more shots that hit its head, and weapon hand, rendering him inert.
    “Beautiful marksmanship, Hanzo, You gotta show me how you can do that.” Called Lowe,
    I taped on the side of Truths cockpit and said,
    “Maybe he should ask you”
    “Oh, a smart a** now?”
    And right after that remark, the fighting started; I barely had time to think, every action was as if it was second nature, although I had to try and lay of the hard maneuvers for Truth. Technically speaking, she was still a baby. A Zaku filled my view screen and the next thing, was almost a surprise.
    A two laser shots came from above, and removed all four limbs, truth looked up for me and I saw two fin-funnels above her head.
    It was amazing, I thought about the fin-funnels and how they might look in combat, and BAM! They save that Zaku from meeting the sharp edge of truth’s shield. They returned themselves to the other three on her back.
    “Hanzo, Dive!”
    I didn’t even try to find out who warned me or what from where they warning me about. All I did is what they yelled; I pushed down on truths pedals and pulled hard on the hand controls and truth jumped downward, not a moment too soon, either. As a blast from a Nasca came roaring at us. Then just as fast, leviathan retaliated at them for shooting there captain by firing both of her dual beam cannons, in two volleys. Both hit their mark, and destroyed the Nasca primary power drive, effectively disabling her without harming her life support.
    “Hanzo, it’s the retreat signal” said Diablo in Daggers Tip. I looked back toward leviathan and saw that she had launched her retreat signal flares.
    “So Katie wants us to retreat. Truth, what are the enemy’s states, as far as you can tell?”
    I looked out into space through truths camera, so vast, without war but what was seen. Mankind raged war on earth, and then took it into space, not only that, they did it without rules, killing like it was not a crime against nature.
    “War without chivalry is genocide.”I said, not really at anyone.
    “WHAT DO YOU MEAN” Asked Truth. I pulled on her controls and activated her thrusters to the leviathan.
    “I hope you don’t mind, Truth, but I’m not going to keep your funnels.”
    “No Truth, I do think, with Bella’s help, I think we can make you better.”
    When we came back to range of leviathans catapult, I landed hard. And Truth grabbed a hold of the bulk head with her right hand,
    “Truth, what’s wrong, why you grabbing the bulk head?”
    “Oh, boy I know Bella’s going to go nuts about this one”
    And as if on cue, as Truth laid down and I pulled my belts off, the hatch opened and a hand grabbed me by the chest of my uniform and threw me out of the cockpit, by the time I cleared the cockpit, they were on me again taken off my helm. I finally got the chance to look at my assailant. And Bella was right there with my helmet raised above her head.
    “Bella, no wait-!”
    My own helmet went sailing from behind Bella and landed at nearly 500 MPH across my head. The pain would have knocked me out if it had been a few miles faster, but that enough sent enough force through my noggin to send me sailin at a nice pace into the bulkhead that Truth had grabbed. I held my head the whole way, and as I hit the wall, hands grabbed my feet and pulled me back, and then I was in a warm, passionate embrace. I looked at my hand when my head started throbbing and had blood all over it.
    “Damn you, Hanzo. Why the hell do you gotta be the hero! Damn it, why do I even care” sobbed Bella, trying not to break down into full tears.
    “Im sorry, but if I don’t fight, how can I protect you, how can I find Kira and Lacus and aid them in their crusade to end war”
    I was finally able to hold her myself and look at her as we floated there, the hanger was just taking in the Daggers Tip, and as it looked over, Diablo said
    “Damn Hanzo, she got you good this time!”
    Bella look past me at Daggers Tip and replied, “You best be careful, D. You’ll be next”
    I swear on my life id never seen that suit move so fast after Belle made that comment.
    And after she felt like I had both been scolded enough, and nursed after she hit me as I came to find out she didn’t mean to hit me that hard, I left the hanger with one last look at Truth. The start of my own legend,
    And in our first battle, I managed to lose our leg.

    “Well, Hanzo. I’ll tell you like I tell you all the time; you need to stop pissing off Bella.” Said the Medical officer in the infirmary, I had made my way there after I left the hanger bay, seeing as I couldn’t stop the bleeding.
    “I know, and I don’t mean to, she just hates me coming home with my suit being injured,”
    “Maybe because she has to fix ‘em,”
    I looked at the Med right then, and thought about that comment.
    “You know, you might be right, if she usually made me stay by her before she tended to the mobile suit.”
    “Well, that’s true; maybe she’s more worried about you then the suit?”
    “You know, I think that might be it.”
    I stood up and twisted my head to check how the loose of blood had affected me. And as I was afraid of, I had lost some of my equilibrium and went light headed. I almost fell, but the Med caught me,
    “You goanna be ok, Cap?”
    “I think so,”
    The Med walked over to her desk and wrote something down on a clip board, and said,
    “Captain, how many fingers am I holding up”
    And as she held up her fingers, I saw six on one hand,
    “Ok, now this can’t be good.”
    “I thought so; I’m going to recommend you be relived from command pending your condition improves. That means no mobile suit combat, and not bridge command combat. Not till your eyes heal.”
    “Oh, god this sucks” I said, then went to get my report from the Med, and I fell to my knee.
    “Your kidding, all this from Bella?!”
    “Looks like it, you still got that black oak cane in your quarters?”
    “Yea, good idea, Call Bella and see if she’s free, and if not contact Katie”
    “I'll give you that much, Cap. You just lay down and rest, I’ll get Bella.”
    I lay back on the table after she helped me on to it, “is that an order, Med?”
    “Order you, sir? Never” and smiled.

    Head Mechanic Bella Terrace
    Medical bay, Leviathan

    She couldn’t believe shed hit him that hard. Bella held her stomach as the elevator wound its way up to the medical bay after she retrieved Han’s black cane from its mantel on the wall. Hoping the damage wasn’t permanent, and that he would heal. The one person that she would hate to see in pain, and to think that she caused it, she just hoped her Han wisent mad.
    The elevator doors opened and Bella walked out into the Med bay. Looked around for med officer Sanchez, the head M.E. and saw her over at a counter talking to Diablo,
    Bella only had to wait a little time before Sanchez saw her, and then waved her over to a part that was screened off. She fallowed her over and behind the screen, and there laid her love, her only passion, Hanzo.
    She started to tear up, and held her hand up to her mouth, trying not to cry.
    “Bella relax, it’s not so bad, you just gave it to him a little too much this time is all.”
    “I didn’t mean to, is it permanent, will he get his abilities back, will he-”
    “Bella, relax girl. He just lost a little blood is all, he’ll be fine. Just can’t do any hard things, like combat, for a while.”
    Bella looked back at Hanzo on the table, and placed his cane by his hand then looked away.
    Before she could move her hand, however, Hanzo grabbed it. His hand felt abnormally cold, which made Bella feel worse, his hands always felt warm to Bella, even when he slept.
    “Why are his hands so cold, Liz?”
    Sanchez reached out and held one of Han’s hands,
    “Hmm, that’s odd. His hand would normally bring warmth to mine; it did when he broke his hand on that bulk head about a year back. I don’t know.”
    This hurt Bella, she held Han’s hand to her forehead and prayed to god, preyed that he was alright, prayed that he was going to be alright, and that he would forgive her. Suddenly, Han began to moan; Bella looked up and saw that Han’s Eye was opened.

    Cpt. Hanzo Fuma
    Med Bay, Leviathan

    I looked at the ceiling for a few seconds after coming around. Till I realize I was having my hand held, I looked around and I saw Bella with his hand to her head.
    “Hey there, gorgeous” I said.
    Here face went even brighter after saying that, like god had washed all darkness from the world and replaced it with her face, such a thing of beauty.
    “Are you alright, Sanchez told me what happened and I ran over with the cane as fast as I could, but the damn-”
    I laughed as she tried to explain her journey from the hanger, she said
    “What? What’s funny?”
    I stopped laughing and continued to a light chuckle
    “Did you actually run from the room to the Med Bay?”
    “Yes, Han, I did.”
    I took my hand from her forehead and placed it on her cheek, saying
    “How did I get as lucky as to be blessed with a love like yours?”
    Bella blushed hard at this comment, but replied,
    “I don’t know, but it might be because god smiles on us both?”
    I smiled and lent over, kissing Bella. Her lips tasted like cherries and when I leant back up, I had the after taste of apples in my mouth.
    Sanchez walked back from behind the curtains and I assumed a seat at the edge of the bed and Bella stood right beside me, with her hand on my leg. I lifted my Grandfathers old black oak cane off the table.
    “Well. You can go, Hanzo. Like I said, though, nothing to rough, I hear were going to be moving into earth’s atmosphere here soon and Katie has offered to allow you to conduct the procedure before your relief come into effect.”
    “You’re being relieved?” asked Bella,
    “Only until my eye sight and balance comes back”
    “Good, you don’t need those for our dinner.” She smiled.
    “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” I leant over and rested my head on her shoulder.
    “I think I’ll take Katie up on her offer and land us on earth. Not that hard considering that leviathan has the underside of a carrier, ill need your help, Babe.” I said, looking at Bella
    “I got you, see you later. Liz”
    “Ok, see you two love birds.”
    And after that, Bella help me back into the elevator, I went to key it to the bridge.
    “Bridge,” said Bella. Then the elevator started and went up.
    “You finished installing the voice recognition system?” I asked
    “I thought Chris could take care of it, but that kids as smart as a brick when it comes to computer refitting.”
    “You miss him, don’t you?”
    Bella, leaned up against the wall
    “He was a good kid, good at unit maintenance. Losing him in that assault was hard on all of the mech-staff, I was no acceptation”
    I walked over to Bella and put my hand on her shoulder
    “Chris was family, losing him wasn’t just a loose to the mech-staff, but to all of leviathan, even me.”
    Belle stared at me, trying to read into me, then said
    “That’s why I care so much about you,”
    “Oh, whys that?”
    “Because you know exactly how to make me feel warm inside”
    Then she walked into my arms and stood there,
    “That’s my job, and the only one I really want”
    “You betcha”
    The elevator oppened to the bridge and I walked out into it.
    “Captain on deck!” yelled Katie, and everyone jumped to attention.
    I walked around to the command chair, it was the highest point on the bridge, and looked around. Straight and authority looking, like I was some big shot,
    A random ensign looked up at me and quickly looked back, I floated down to him, and started yelling
    I looked at him for a moment, but I couldn’t hold a straight face, I started to smile, and the ensign started to sinker. Eventually the whole bridge was laughing at some hidden joke that a outsider would have just thought was crazy. I floated back up to the command chair, and sat down. Katie stood beside me and Bella took a seat behind me at the observation table.
    “Well, hahaha. Now that we’ve got out all our giggles.hu hu hu, let’s say we get this old girl earth side, huh?”
    There was a single word that reverberated through the bridge,
    “Very well, calculate descent angle, retract flight wings and deactivate rear-propulsion units, activate all atmospheric entry protocols, and holler if something gets hinky”
    Every one set to work, the helm angled into the atmosphere according to the flight plain given to him by navigation.
    “Sir, scanners, I’ve got bogies on the wire, unknown hostiles. Moving fast and not listed as any known vessel”
    “Sir, tactical, I’ve got a massive explosion on the other side of the planet, huge, registering as a tonhouser particle cannon. It just destroyed a asteroid, no correction, debris registers as- good god, it was juneius seven, it’s falling to earth!”
    “Alter course to intercept, we need to help ZAFT stop it,”
    Every one hopped to, helm pulled out of our descent and changed course to the colony, at max thrust. We arrived about five minutes after we entered the area, and we made our presence known
    “Com, get me a channel to the lead ZAFT ship,”
    “Stand-by… channel open”
    “ZAFT forces, my name is Hanzo D. Fuma, captain of the vessel leviathan. To whom am I speaking with?”
    Women appeared on the window, she heled a phone receiver to her ear
    “I am captain gladius of the Minerva, if you haven’t noticed, Hanzo, Were in the middle of something here”
    “I do, I come to you to offer our aid, how may we assist?”
    Captain Gladius looked stunned for a moment, but recovered and said
    “If you have any mobile suits, please launch them, our ZAKUs are in combat with old model GINNs. The only strange mobile suit you might see is our gundam IMPULSE. Defend our men while they arm meteor breakers. If you have hi particle cannons, use them on the smaller pieces when you get the shot”
    “Understood, captain, Good luck” `
    “And to you, as well”
    Gladius left the screen, and the only thing on the screen was combat.
    “Launch mobile suits, arm the deck-side hi particle cannon. Prepare for anti mobile suit combat,
    Sound general quarters”
    Every one hopped too, floating to station to station, Katie observed and made modifications to things here and there, then Bella taped me on my shoulder, I looked over to her.
    “Yea, what’s up Bella?”
    “Han, I wanna go out in the Jumper.”
    I looked at here like she had made to most ridicules request; she wanted me to put her in the middle of combat with only four confirmed ally’s and were the cross-fire was almost unavoidable?
    Bella held my hand,
    “You’ll need a pilot that can read the field and keep you tied to its changing tide, someone with combat and field leadership experience. Let me help, I can fight.”
    I looked at her, long and hard, taken in her face, knowing my decision either sends her to her grave or back home again.
    “Go, take jumper.”
    Bella went to leave, but I grabbed her arm, and held her
    “But you better come back, in one piece.” I said. Bella looked at me then hugged me, leavening me thinking that I just lost my loved one.
    I pushed these thoughts out of my mind; she was a big girl now,
    And there were bigger fish to fry, here.

    Ensign Diablo Cortes
    Leviathan catapult

    Diablo pulled on the latch of his seat belts, and then keyed Daggers Tip to activate its power systems and activate its combat matrix.
    “Daggers Tip, bridge”
    “Daggers tip here, what’s the word bridge”
    “It’s Hanzo, Diablo. Bella’s launching”
    Diablo looked over to Jumper, Hanzo’s old Dagger, then he saw a person floating to its cockpit,
    “You want me to keep an eye on her on the field?”
    “Don’t get me wrong, I want you both to come back safe”
    “Don’t worry, brother. I’ll keep her safe”
    “Thank you. By the way, the catapult is clear, your go for launch. Good hunting and keep those ZAKUs safe”
    “Got it, Daggers Tip, Diablo Cortes, LAUNCHIN”
    The G-forces kicked in and Diablo was sent into the seat, till finally the Daggers Tip left the catapult and entered space.
    Diablo entered coordinates into the onboard navigational computer and the radar gave him his waypoint to where he was asked to go,