• Today Hinata went out for a little stroll around Gaia Towns. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary.... so she continued to the pool where she hoped to meet a really cute guy. When she was just a few feet away form the pool, somebody grabbed her... " who the heck...?" she said to herself. When the personn turned her around, she saw a really cute looking guy. She blushed and starred at him. " Hey hot stuff, wanna go swim?" He asked. Hinata nearley fainted but said yes. Once they got in everyone looekd shocked. Hinata looked at them wondering what was going on.
    "Dosn't that girl know who he is?" One girl said whispering. " Yeah she will definatly get....." She paused and shivered. Then Hinata sat with the guy in the hot tub.She then felt somebody touch her breasts! "What the hell are you oding! you perv!" Hinata shouted. "Sorry, but your soo....cute...and i wanna......" He said. Hinata freaked out and ran home and saw a little cat on the ground. "Whiskers......Today was really weird!" Hinata said. Then she went over to her bed..fell down and was asleep in a few minutes.