• She was the youngest twin. Her older sister was better. That was life.
    That was how it had always been. Till then.

    At age 6, her sister started to read picture books.
    She couldn't read a sentence.

    At age 10, her sister won the spelling bee.
    She couldn't spell definately (definitely).

    At age 13, her sister was in the "in" crowd.
    She was by herself.

    At age 16, her sister had plans for the Ivy League.
    She was struggling in most of her subjects.

    At age 18, her sister got a scholarship and was moving across the world with her boyfriend for college.
    She was working all the time with minimum wage and was sexually abused.

    At age 35, her sister was living her life in Michigan with her first kid and her husband happily.
    She committed suicide.

    At age 35, her sister attended her funeral and could not stop crying.
    "Why? Why?! We came into the world together and you gave up and left before me. Twins are suppose to help each other! Not decide to destroy someone's feelings by killing yourself! I was so happy. And you went and destroyed my happiness..."

    "I hate you. You never even thought about anyone else when you committed suicide, did you? Selfish Whore... I'm glad you decided to get rid of yourself."

    It was later found out that She didn't commit suicide. She was murdered.