• Chapter 1: The disappearing act......

    A swift breeze swept the porch of our old summer cottage, the water swished with a twinkle in the eyes of the wave. The sun awakening through the horizon in the beautiful garden out back. Putting on my dress I feel light and calm, the red checkers glowing in the morning sun as if to welcome me to the warmth. My eyes glowed a beautiful blue shimmer like the water.
    "Kiri! Are you doing anything today after lunch??" A young boy screams in the distance by the trail behind the bushel of trees, his name is Korin and he is one of my very best friends.
    "Well, no but I am going to be working in the garden with Granny Chentaki, she isn't able to bend down to the ground to pick the carrots. We can meet up later though K?" Granny Chentaki is the elder in our neighborhood, where I live the eldest woman in every town was is respected and helped any time she needs it. The next town is where her sister, Granny Tetsoni, live in peace with these beautiful trees that fill every empty corner of the streets.
    "Okay, how bought I meet you at her house than? I was just going to ask if you'd meet me there at lunch time." Korin says as he walks down the hill that crosses through our garden and connects to the other path.
    "I guess it all works out then see you around 1:00pm okay Kiri?" Korin suddenly disappears into the other path that leads to Granny's house.
    "Wait Korin!" I ran up to the other path and see nothing not even a footprint going through the path. He had disappeared through the thick forest connection to Granny's house.