• Several hundred years later on a road out side the machine city of Kar'asaka walked a young man named Altere. He was one of the few witnesses left of the Angel-Demon war. He was a heavily cloaked figure leaving no spot for skin to show besides his face and that was well concealed as well. He had his reasons for this. For Altere was far from human. Altere took off his left hand glove and looked at his grim reminder. He slid the glove back on and kept walking. Altere carried two weapons with great pride. A elegantly decorated red blade katana and his own personally crafted long sword. It was spring on the continent of Dragonfall. The sky was clear of clouds. Threes swayed in a gentel breeze. The smell of the sea flowed over across the plains. nature was in rebirth. Althere, though, was out on this beautiful day with a purpous.
    Altere was a mercenary in the most simplest terms. He took jobs that he like and wasent restricted. Mostly. Altere still worked for Kara'saska. This job was one from the towns council. According to the mission requirements; a village under the rule of the Kara'saska council was recently raided and looted by bandits. Under normal circumstances that would of been left to the village leaders to deal with the problem. But, the village's leading family and others were captured in the raid. Deciding not to send in the Kara'saska militia to deal with the problem the called upon Altere. His job was to rescue the prisoners and eliminate the bandits in the region. Altere walked for a mile longer when he came upon two men casually sitting against the side of a tree. The one closest to him had a bow slung across his sholder and a quiver full of arrows attached to his waist. The mans left harm had a leather gaurd covering it and on the underside of it was a knife. The man with the bow looked up and told Altere. "We scouted a head. Did not find anything yet." Altere gave a confirming nod. "Thanks wrath." Wrath was something confusing. He did not have any formal name and possessed unparalleled skill with a bow that could put down seasoned military archers. That kind of ability is stressed by the nobles on the near by Fenier continent although nobles never ventured to Dragonfall unless its on matters of war. Wrath was far from nobility. Wrath came from a special unit in the Renva army thats main purpous is ranged combat. Wrath's sharp gaze shifted over his sholder to the other individual who appeared to be sleeping. "Lowen." Wrath said getting his attention. Lowen blinked twice and looked at Wrath then at Altere. "There is one complication." Lowen informed Altere. "Go on." Altere replied. "One of the village members wants to take part in our assault." Altere attempted to give a rebuttal but Lowen cut him off. "Physicaly heis not for the task. But, the kid is a prodigy in dark arts." Altere paused for a moment the asked, "Wait you said kid, how old is he?"
    "Sixteen. Mechanist, alchemist, and a damed genius." Lowen replied. Altere pondered for a moment. Altere knew Lowen for a long time and Lowen was very similar to Altere. Both had a demon with in them. Though Lowen had been spared the deformity because Altere taught him what took him so long to learn. Lowen's knowledge was some thing impressive and his decisions carried significant weight. "Whats your say?" Altere asked.
    "Well, the way I see it. We see what this kid is. He could prove useful." Lowen answered. "Alright your keeping an eye on him though."
    "Fair enough." Lowen said taking out a knife from his side belt and spinning it around his finger vertically. Lowen took an agile approach to fighting prefering to surprise an enemy than to take one head on. Though he certainly could if he needed to. The only demonic trait Lowen possessed was a pair of ruby red eyes. Lowen still covered most of his physical traits with a dark coat, hood, and loose pants. Much like Altere and Wrath.

    Lowen skillfully returned the blade and got to his feet. "I'll go get the kid and bring him here." He said has he began walking t words the village. As he passed trees and swaying grass voices invaded his concious. These voices were to distorted to make out. The voices contiuned and a wave of pain fell upon him causing him to stop. Lowen clenched his fist tightly in a feeble attempt to ward off the voices. After a minute of intense pain the voices gradually faded away along with the pain that came with it. Lowen shook his head and continued onward subconsciously guiding his feat. Lowen's mind drifted on to a thought has he walked. "The vocies." he thought aloud. "The voices started after Altere told me what I am." Lowen knew that he was a demon well enough. "A demon he thought. The walking sin of humanity." Lowen felt his spirit drop through the earth. "No." Lowen told him self. "I will not be a walking sin of humanity." Lowen focused on the horizon to see a small collection of houses in the distance. Lowen forcefully surpessed his thoughts and walked to the village.