• I'm a wolf. Not a werewolf though, just a regular person who turns into a wolf. I'm different from werewolves.
    Werewolves are a really cool species. There are 3 types: Human-born, Wolf-born, and Cursed.

    Cursed werewolves are the ones who transform because of the moon. They are called Cursed because you can become one by being infected by an already existing werewolf, not by birth; and they are usually insane or become savage when transformed, so they get the most publicity, leading to people hating and fearing werewolves. In fact, it makes it hard for normal werewolves to live, so there are werewolves who call themselves Hunters who track down and assassinate Cursed.
    The natural born werewolves can transform at will, they have control over their werewolfness. They will usually live among humans in disguise, since people have such stereotypical ideas about werewolves it could be dangerous to let people know what they are. You may find many of these undercover wolves living together in "packs". Its always less lonely to live with people who are like you, with whom you do not have to hide anything. Humans are easier to hide among, since regular wolves can tell if you're not one of them.

    A natural born werewolf is "Wolf-born" if his mother was a wolf, or in wolf form when he was born. "Human-born" means the same only it's a human. Cursed means a person (or wolf) got werewolf DNA in them ( usually getting bitten) and they're immune system couldn't get rid of it. Werewolves aren't "contagious" unless in werewolf form.

    When werewolves breed, their children aren't always werewolves. If two werewolves breed, most likely they'll get a little werewolf. If a werewolf and a human/wolf breed, usually a normal human/wolf will come out. Well, almost normal. That offspring will carry a werewolf gene that may remain dormant for a long time. Generations even, passing down through the bloodline. So sometimes an apparently normal couple may end up discovering their child is a werewolf.

    Human born and Wolf born both have three forms. A human form, a wolf form, and a werewolf form. Cursed only have their original form and a werewolf form which they have no control over. Its more like a mutation in this case.

    A human born werewolf will be a human till his or her wolf gene awakens. It can happen at anytime for any number of reasons. puberty, a cosmic event (looking at the full moon), an encounter with another werewolf, a life threatening experience, and so on. Same goes for Wolf born. Werewolves will have some amount of instinct about their nature, but like wolves and humans, they must be taught and trained by a parent figure, therefore after their first transformation most werewolves will leave in search of a mentor (an older werewolf) to help them learn the ways of the world from a werewolves perspective. They will eventually grow used to their other half. It is important that they accept that it is part of who they are, or they might succumb to the madness.

    Human born werewolves will obviously have more animal instincts than normal humans, as well as heightened senses. Wolf born ones will be capable of more advanced thought and emotion than a normal wolf. Each has the ability to communicate with both species, wolf and human. They have long lifespans and are incredibly strong and agile.

    Most werewolves stay in human form most. Lets face it, we have the more comfortable life. Wolves live a hard life of survival, but the human nature in werewolves drive them to achieve something more.

    Though some werewolves come to think of themselves as just werewolves instead of a man who becomes wolf-like and vice versa, there are many who still feel a closer bond to their birth race. Most werewolves will have two names: a human name and a wolf name. One is used among humans and one is used among wolves. After all, it can be difficult to hang around humans if you're known only by a series of growls. Though some werewolves who are wolf born will translate their name to a human equivalent, it is still simpler to take on a human alis. I knew a werewolf once named Rain. A beautiful black wolf-born, she goes by the name Rachel when in human form.

    werewolves dont really have a society anymore. they mostly live as loners, but like i said, sometimes they get together with other werewolves to form little packs. it's like a little family. i've heard that long ago werewolves lived in small tribes. none exist anymore.