• If only she tell me the truth she would be here right now and i would not be in here... Well let me tell you the whole story see my name is John Pink pay no mind to my last name. Here how my story go see i was marry to this very pretty and sexy lady name Alex Pink. She was my everything my lover my friend everything. Everyday i get up and kisses her before i go to work i do this everyday.
    Since we got marry she stoped doing house work i come home everything be everywhere. I started to get really sick of it and i try to clean but u know im a man so i didn't know what to do. One day i called home because i was worry she always call on my break but today she didn't so i called and she pick up. I heard sounds so i got all my stuff and ran out to my car.
    So when i got in my car i try so hard not to think that she was cheating i really did. So i started to speed off i was doing 50-100mph when i got to my house it was the 3rd house the blue one. I pulled i got out my car i saw her car and other car i never seen that car before. I went in the house and i started to hear sounds and i went up stairs and i looked in the door and i saw my wife on top a guy. I went to grab my gun came in the room and killed him and my wife and i clean the mess and left and went into my car.
    I just sit there to i hear the cops because i didn't know that my friend called the cops on me so i drove off. I look back and the cops was on my tail i drove faster doing 190mph. I was speeding i didn't know wat was in my head i was just mad really mad. I didn't know that they took out on of my wheel to i hit a car i was knocked out for a long time. I didn't know who grab me i didn't know where i was going i was mad upset pissed.
    U have to wait next time to know wat happen hope u like it