• Searen fell onto her bed as if she had been shot. So many thoughts running through her head. Only the thought of suicide were they though. She couldn't stand not being accepted so she had to turn to these thoughts. She reached her hand slowly up to the shoelace. She untied it tears fell from her face. But they weren't regular tears.......They were mixed with blood. 'Its my fault, It's my fault, It's all my fault!' those words kept running through her head. She wished all thoughts would die and there would be silence. She pulled it tighter. Another thought floated through her head. but she didn't pay attention. She kept pulling. She wanted to be free. She pulled so tight that slowly the tear ceased to fall and breathe dissolved into silence. She stared into the corner blinked and difted slowly. Searen's friend, Selino, walked through the slightly opened apartment door. She called for Searen but there was no answer. Selino saw the light on in Searen's room. She stepped in just to see a pale white faced Searen with eyes up-lifted. She dialed 9-1-1. The police came as well as the ambulance, they took the body and Selino walked around her eyes flooded with tears. She saw a letter with her name on it. She walked over, picked it up, and opened it with caution. 'Dear Selino, I hope you realize that i was not happy living this life of hell. I wish for you to not be upset and to move on and start your life off on a better start instead of being my counciler. Please understand that i love you.
    ~Searen Kellie Fell~ P.S. Keep my possesions as a memory of me.