• As the sun rose, a peaking mound just over a horizon to the west, its light flooded through the small slits of Kami's curtains and landed on his skin. The blonde gave a half smile and peeked out from his pillow, letting the morning wake him slowly with soft warm kisses across his face and back. It was autumn now. A few clouds had drifted over head and left a grey tint to the male's room. This made it easy to leave the confines of his pillow and roll onto his back. He stared a the ceiling, tangled in his blankets and savoring the cool spot he had found for one of his feet. It was dimly lit and, like most of his room, white and bare. Kami frowned and turned his head back to the sun, where it glittered in his eye momentarily before settling to a soft shimmer. He huffed softly. Taking a heavy sigh, the 19 year old returned his eyes to the ceiling.

    Somewhere down the hall of her master's room, Momoko watched the liquid in her bowl. Sunlight had penetrated a cluster of branches and its remaining leaves outside her window to flicker in the water. The white kitten flattened her ears back and wagged her bob-tail. The lights played on against the supple waves, reflecting strange patterns in various interesting places.
    Wide eyed, she crouched and crept up to the lip of her food dish. Her stare never left the water, but her nose carefully sniffed for tuna to munch on.