• Swords clashed upon shields and the ground shook violently. Something was happening, but what? Nick had seen this vision many times in the recent seasons, it was in fact, recently, the only one his inner eye allowed. Dark shapes flitted across his field of vision, and fire. A raging inferno dominated the land scape, worse still it appeared to have a mind of it's own moving and growing slowly but steadily. Just then many figures became clearer and more defined, with a humanoid shape to their bodies. All save one. A gigantic shape with a serpentine head and neck, a wingspan of epic proportions, and a long thick tail which tapered down to a point then ended with an arrowhead. This massive creature was creating the fire. Nick then realized with a start that this was a vision of the past, the end of the Great Dragon War. Nick shook himself mentally and returned to full consciousness, returned the customers money and apologized that he couldn't help. Once the customer had left, the boy stood up from his stool and waited for his instructor to enter. He didn't wait very long. The instructor, an elderly seer and very respected member of the guild, asked him to sit once more.
    "Well Nick what did you see?" she asked fixing him with a gaze that even a rock would squirm under "Was it the dragon again?"
    "Yes Ma'am" the fifteen year-old boy replied as calmly as possible. Aware that she was still watching him he nervously scratched his mane of shaggy white hair.
    "Lady Agatha?" Nick asked tentatively.
    "We're not sure why Nick." Agatha answered in her usual precognitive way.
    "Ma'am I didn't ask my question yet."
    "Yet you got your answer, did you not?"
    "Well yes, but it's just a little strange being answered without having asked a question."
    "You will soon be a full member of the Clairvoyants Guild. Many things are strange when you can see the future, the past, distant events in the now, or the land of the dead." She said standing up and going to the door."In simple terms get used to it."
    Nick watched her leave then began to pack his tools feeling certain he'd failed his practical exam. In the guild most students had to be eighteen to twenty in order to graduate and become full guild members. Nick was the exception. He had been a brilliant clairvoyant but recently he could only see that one vision of the GDW, none of his tutors could understand why, or what this could mean. Nicks closest friend, a recent graduate of the Thieves Guild, Taylor couldn't help with this mysterious problem other than to tell him to "suck it up and get on with it" (she usually said this just before asking him to find good steal-worthy valuables).
    Nick was sleeping calmly in his rather cramped room within the west wing of the guild building when the explosions began. Jumping out of bed nick ran to the door fighting the near overwhelming urge to panic.This has to be the bloody alchemists fault he thought to himself taking the stairs three at a time. Dashing into the grand entry hall he was just in time to watch the east wing explode in a fluorescent fireball. Now he paniced. Attempting to dodge debris by ducking behind a fortunately placed table and turning it on its side with a remarkable amount of speed didn't work. A large chunk of wood hit him squarely in the chest. Vaguely aware of more people arriving and panicking he lost consciousness.