• I was sitting on the front porch watching the lightning bugs flicker in the distance and was thinking how cool it was that they can communicate on the shades of there lights. I was sitting in the old rocking chair that has worn to nothing over the generations of realitives sitting in it. I could smell the freshly cut grass that is about to get there morning dew. The sun is barely coming up over the tree tops of the gloomy humid sky. It was dawn.
    I could start to here the little shuffles of the creatures coming out of there dens and there trees. I knew that school would start in about 2 hours so i had plenty of time to clear my head. I keep watching and i saw the horses across the road grazing. They might have been up all night like me, i could not sleep. The way my heart felt about yesterday was to strong for me to sleep. I had my first kiss last night, and it was amazing. I had it with an amazing guy too. His name was Joe Doty.