• tab "Victoria!" My eyes shot open and I sat up quickly. I looked frantically around my room just to see Elizabeth standing in my doorway. "huh, what?" I yawned and tried to rub the sleep from my eyes. "We've been calling you for an hour." she said sternly. "What" She pointed her finger towards my nightstand before I could finish. I glanced over and saw the time on my alarm clock. "6:59!" I gasped " I'm gonna miss the bus!" I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet. " I guarantee you've already missed the bus." she sighed, "but if you hurry I can drive you." I wasn't paying attention I immediately started pulling off my pajamas and throwing on random clothes. "Er, um don't you need to take a shower first?" Elizabeth asked bewildered. I looked up at her while I thought about it. "Right shower first, clothes second." I grabbed my robe and pushed past her to get to the bathroom. "Victoria I swear I have to tell you how to do everything!" She groaned and stomped down the stairs.
    tab I ran into the bathroom and glanced at the mirror out of the corner of my eye. I stopped and had to turn to look again. I was a mess! My hair was tangled in knots and I had dark circles under my eyes. I tried to remember what made me so restless during the night, but I came up blank.
    tab I quickly pushed it out of my mind and jumped in the shower. The hot water woke me up and I was able to think clearly. I knew I was short on time so I didn't bother to take as long as I normally did. A three minute shower must be a new record, for me at least. I ran back to my room still dripping and grabbed the clothes I was putting on earlier. A white t-shirt with black designs and faded jeans with holes on both knees. I'm not to picky when it comes to what I wear so my wardrobe consisted of mainly old hand-me-downs from my sister. You could describe my clothes as dull or boring, but I liked it. No bright colors so I couldn't attract more attention than necessary.
    tab I threw my damp hair into a low ponytail that clung to my neck. My hair was so dark it was almost black. Just like my dad's. I had a quick look over in the mirror to make sure nothing was forgotten. I didn't wear makeup so one less worry. I wasn't much to look at anyway medium height, flat chested, lanky arms, light skin, dull and boring just like my clothes.
    tab " Victoria you better get your butt down here or we'll both be late!" Elizebeth shouted from the bottom of the stairway. "Coming, impatient little drama queen." I muttered to myself. Elizabeth was a senior in high school and she tended to overreact about things. But she would be leaving for college soon, and I was going to miss someone bossing me around.
    tab I stumbled down the stairs and the smell of bacon and eggs overwhelmed me. I ran to hug my aunt and grab some toast from the table. My uncle was focused on a article in the newspaper and ignored me when I said bye. "Have a good day dear" my aunt called from the doorway. We were already in my sister's nissan driving off.
    tab My sister didn't think of it as much but I loved her car. It was a trade in and it had been wrecked so we had to do work on it. But now it was a shiny blue color and totally dent free. I would probably get an old truck for my sweet sixteen.
    tab We arrived at Terrance high school with just five minutes to spare. She pulled into her usual spot and was greeted by all her senior friends. They started gossiping and and talking about the latest trend. I rolled my eyes and turned to walk into the main entrance. I opened the door and it was like rush hour traffic. People shoved and pushed and I had to use all my strength just to get to my locker. I finally made it through the mob and started running down the hall slowing down when I passed the principal. I started doing my combination on my lock when the bell rang. " Wow this is already starting out to be a great day isn't it." I muttered sarcastically to myself. Suddenly my locker burst open spilling out all my books and papers. I bent down to pick up the mess scattered in the empty hall. " No, this is just going to be a marvelous day."