• I continued my way to the mansion. As my steps seem to echo, I remembered the day I discovered my father's death. It had just rained, I was waiting for him to come home but... When I went to the door, Mother was on the floor crying. I asked her where he was, she told me he was dead. I didn't believe her so I went to see for myself. I saw him, two holes were in his neck. I went to him, trying to wake him up. Other Gaians came and carried him away, I wanted them to stop because I was his daughter. They ignored me and told me I won't understand, back then I couldn't but now...I just wanted things to make sense! A few years later, I found who killed my father. I looked thought my Father's papers and found a letter, hiring my Father to slay a vampire. Not just any Vampire though, Von Helson. He took the job because it was a request from a friend and the friend was willing to pay me to go college and then some, I found that the friend was Johnny Gambino, I want to know why, why did he send my father to his death? I looked up and stared at the mansion, I walked inside. My own investigation led me to Johnny, it pays to ask the right people. One of the maids tried to stop me, "Oh, please Miss! Don't interrupt Mr. Gambino!" She said. I ignored her and continued, I kicked down the door, No Johnny. "Blast him!" I yelled. I looked at the maid, I picked her up by her throat and put her against the wall. I opened my fan and put it near her neck, I felt her tremble. "Where is he? Tell me..." I asked. 'I-I'm sorry, I can't tell you t-that!" she answered. I pressed it on her neck with the fan, she began to bleed. "Tell me or I'll cut off this pretty head of yours..." I hissed. "And don't you dare scream either, a true lady never makes a racket." The maid trembled more under my grip.

    "I-I don't k-know! Please!" She pleaded. I narrowed my eyes, "Fine then...Where is young Gino?" I asked instead. "M-miss, not young Gino! Pleas-uhh!" She pleaded. "Quiet! One more please out of you and I'll kill you here and now!" I growled. "He's with L-liam..." she uttered. I dropped her, I pulled out a cloth and pressed it on her neck. I took her hand and made her hold the cloth, "See? You going to become a fine lady. Now then, go to the hospital and get a doctor to look at you." I said in kinder tone. I saw myself out, it shouldn't be too hard to find an idiot like Liam. Sure enough, my search lead me to Liam and Gino. I smiled and decided to go for the honey trap method, I'd use my charms to get him. Liam was trying to attract a girl, he was doing very poorly. Gino wasn't even trying, he was just watching Liam with this look of boredom and sadness. I didn't like what I was about to do but I'll do what I do to get things done. I put away my fan and put on my best timid look, this has to go off without a hitch. I walked toward them, making sure to look at Gino. Liam nudged Gino, he then pointed at me. I put my hand to my mouth and looked away then back at him, Gino blushed as he faced me. I walked up to him, “Uh...Hi?” Gino said. “Hello Gino...” I said sweetly. Liam winked at Gino and left, this was too easy. Gino was trying to say something to me but he was fumbling with his words, I giggled a little. “I've had crush on you for the longest time but I didn't...Know how to tell you.” I said. Gino blushed more and gulped, “R-really? I-I'm flattered, M-miss?” he asked. I smiled, “Crystal.” I answered. Now let's end this cheap charade, I punched him in the gut. It was enough to knock him out, I picked him up and walked off.

    I went back to my place, I had bought a house for myself. I opened the door and placed him on my bed, I really didn't want to include him in my affairs but maybe now Johnny will take me a little more seriously since I have his kid. I began to make some food for myself, this place wasn't much but it was home. I plan to expand but bounties don't bring up much gold like they use to, petty thieves and the occasional violate gangs. I heard groaning, I turned and saw Gino getting up. “Where am I?” he asked. I continued cooking, “My home.” I answered. “Your my captive so I highly suggest that you don't try anything...” I sighed while turning the heat on low, I went back in the refrigerator and pulled out more ingredients. “Why did you-” Gino began. “Your Father is dodging me and I'm getting sick of it, I didn't want to get anyone else involved but he left me no choice...I'm sorry.” I stated. “He has some info that I want, until he gives it to me, your my prisoner.” I went back to the stove and checked on the food, “I should have known, no girl ever likes me.” He said sadly. I sighed again, “I really do like you, Gino.” I said. “Unfortunately, your involved.” I gave him his while I began to eat mine, even if I was holding him hostage, I always kept my end on bargains.

    To Be Continued...