• A single shiver.

    A carefully placed kiss.

    And it all breaks loose, pleasure coming without the realization of ones actions.

    The only stop is when the thought enters the mind, beyond the feeling, thinking of things that are remote but possible.

    An apprehensive pause.

    Another shiver.

    A turn back into the moment.

    Only to go back, more vigorously then before.

    Unsure how to continue, it keeps one in the same repetitve motions.

    But a move is made, a daring action, which is let passed the barriers, giving hope and bravery to the commiter.

    A rough gasp.

    A smooth sigh.

    Another shiver.

    The world slowly disappears, none of it mattering, only the breathing of ones companion mattering.

    One stops understanding their movements or perceptions, things become hazy.

    The control isn't quite lost, though, and one continues to try to please their companion, the only thought of the next shudder or moan.

    A deep groan.

    A rushed touch.

    A desperate kiss.

    Only a few real thoughts remain, and it calls upon reserves of patience to stay steady.

    Even with the end in sight, one doesn't want it to end.

    One prolongs it, closer to breaking, but feeling good about it, knowing ones mind is still ones own.

    But it ends suddenly, both sides wanting to keep in check and in control.

    An awkward moment.

    A cough.

    A bit of a laugh.

    All is fine again, a light kiss here and there, but control has been reestablished.

    Disappointment that the other didn't keep going plays with both, that their pull away wasn't followed and roughly ended.

    But a sense of accomplishment as well, further then both have been or ever gone, so while the moment is over, the need for another will come soon, just to test each others boundries.