• Prologue
    December 27th 2008 will be the date of my death. How do I know this? It already happened. I’m Mikhael Karlof, a former member of a SWAT team in Montgomery, Ohio. Though I work in Ohio, I live in Indiana. I live in Fremont, Indiana to be exact. How did I die, you ask? Well, let me, Mikhael, tell you about the day before…

    I: Six o’ Clock A.M. December 26th 2008
    On a cold winter morning in the small town of Fremont, I, Mikhael Karlof, raised myself from my bed, stretched my arms, and stood up, looking in my mirror on the wall. I saw a Russian male standing around six feet seven inches, shaved head, blue eyes, and mostly noticed, muscular. Satisfied by looks, I went inside of my bathroom, took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and began getting ready for work.
    Feeling clean now, I packed my bags and headed out. On my way out I saw my neighbor’s dog, Scruffy, on my lawn. The dog walked up to me and began to claw at my feet. I bent down and began to pet Scruffy. After a few minutes I stood up and motioned for the dog to go back to his own yard, he refused.
    “Scruffy, go home.” I demanded, “I have to go to work.”
    Scruffy stood there trying to get me to pet him. I ignored the Shiatsu and continued to my truck. When I opened the door to the truck, the little dog jumped in. I just stared at the dog blankly. Suddenly I was forced to turn my head towards a person calling Scruffy’s name. It was my neighbor.
    “Look Scruffy, someone wants you.” I said, “For once.”
    Amazingly, Scruffy took off, leaving little hairs on the seat of my truck. I took the time to wipe a good amount of the hairs off of my seat and sit down. After which, I closed my door and started the truck. The radio came on, blaring country. Immediately, I changed the station to a rock station. I began my ‘jamming.’ I began my journey.