• Grabbing my computer chair, the boogeyman pulled it right in front of me, and sat in it. Crossing his arms, he smiled. “Because, your fear is far sweeter than any child’s; that I’ve ever tasted.” Licking his lips, he began to conjure up some of his black sand. “See this? This is what I use to change people’s dreams into nightmares. But as you can tell.” The sand began to evaporate after barely five seconds. “I do not have enough time to spread them, let alone teleport into their house to place it personally. But you, being near you, I have enough power to at least call for it.”
    “Well, what happened that made you so weak? Last time I checked, people are still having nightmares. Kids watch scary movies, and play scary games. So I know that you get some fear.” Crossing my arms, I looked him dead in the eye to see if he really was frail.
    “It all started fifteen years ago, when I tried to turn this place back into the dark ages. If no children had belief, then the guardians would become powerless and-“
    Raising my hand straight in the air, I wiggled it around, trying to get the British man’s attention. “…yes?”
    “Who are the ‘Guardians’?”
    “They are the chosen ones to protect the children of the world and-“
    “Who chose them?”
    “The man on the moon, Manny. He is the one who is in full control of the Guardians and-“
    “Who is Manny? Is he a God? Is he the one who wrote the bible? Are all religions lies? Is there even a heaven or a hell? And-“ Before I could ask another question, a grey hand covered my mouth, gripping it so hard that I was forced to be silenced; too afraid to even utter a sound.
    “Please, if you want to know the story; shut it. Got that?” Nodding my head fast, he released his killer grip and continued.
    “As I was saying, MiM, which is Manny, created the first guardian Sandman to spread dreams throughout the children of the world, so that our powers can coincide. I am the Yin and he is the Yang. Sure the dark ages were slowly going out, but I was still able to spread nightmares and having every human living in fear. That all changed when MiM next created North who you know as Santa Clause, The gift bringer. He gave children presents to feel them with hopes and dreams, causing my nightmares to easily be changed into joy. Oh it was horrible, and the he dares created the Easter bunny and tooth fairy. My nightmares started to get played off as bad dreams. No one feared me. But that all changed fifteen years ago when I tried to bring back the dark ages. By destroying the guardians one by one, I was getting closer and closer to my dream…Until he was created. Jack Frost. The annoying winter spirit. He was ignored by them for three hundred years, no one could see him or even believed in him. He was just like me, and so I tried to recruit him…No…I wanted to become a family with him, but he didn’t see things the way I did. So he helped the guardians, became one of them, and was believed in. All in one day. While my fearlings doubled crossed me and attack the fear that grew in me. I was so scared, it hurt so much when they ate at my fear. Having nothing to feed on but me, my mental pain became real. I couldn’t sleep, for fear they would torment me in my dreams. All I could do was run, run from the monsters that created me.” He stopped speaking for a minute and gave a dry cough while he collected his thoughts; slowly breathing, trying to get the horrifying images out from his mind.
    “Where does that bring me into this, if you don’t mind me asking?” Reaching beneath my couch, I pulled out an unopened bottle of water and began to drink some. Eyeing my drink, I offered it to the so called boogeyman. He slowly extended his hand, grasped it, and elegantly sipped at it. “Is that enough for you, my dear good sir?” I mocked. With a glare, he began to guzzle it down, as if it had been ages since he drank anything. After finishing the whole bottle, he handed it back to me and sighed with happiness. “Sorry, it has been a while since I had anything. Sure we immortals don’t need anything, but it still satisfies us, and gives us energy.”
    “Then would you like me to fix you something to eat while you finish explain how you ended up inside my house?” With a hungered nod from the man, I got up and went into my kitchen, tossing the empty container into the trashcan. “Uhhhh I have smoked sausage and baked beans. Is that good enough? Even if it isn’t, I don’t care; that’s all I have.” Pulling out the pan, I turned on the stove and began operation: Feed The Boogeyman.
    “Well, I shall continue the whole reasoning for me being here.” Leaning against the dining room wall, he carried on with the story.