• Nar2: It was barely 8:30 in the morning. Mimiko and Anako had made it in time before the bell rang. Anako was drenched in sweat. She felt like she had just ran a marathon. The two girls opened the front door and immediately saw Namiko and her clique hanging out with the jocks. Namiko was fake making out with Ricky when she saw Anako and Mimiko. Before she could get any words out of her mouth the first bell rang. The halls started to fill up with students rushing to get to their classes.
    Nar1: Mimiko excelled in every subect except math, which she wasn't bad at just not as good. She was always on the A-honor roll. She didn't like band class but it was that or P.E. which she hated more because the class was mostly students lounging around and the P.E. teacher doing paperwork.
    Namiko was the one who barely passed with all C's. She would do better if she didn't spend most of her day in the courtyard or girls' bathroom skipping class often. She was the most popular girl in BHH(Briar Hills High). She had two friends, Iris and Lily. Iris and Lily were in her clique and mindlessly worshipped Namiko. Though Namiko barely cared about school but did her best to pass, her two friends didn't care. They flunked almost every class except P.E. The main reason is because at BHH it was practically impossible to fail P.E.
    Anako was struggled in almost every subject. However, she excelled magnificantly in math. She was in college math but seventh grade English. If she weren't so preoccupied with Namiko she'd probably surpass Mimiko in school.
    Namiko was in almost all of Anako's classes. And all of Namiko's clique and friends were in Anako's English class. Anako was the buttend of almost every joke in English class, which made it extremely difficult to concentrate. Mimiko and Namiko only shared band class. Namiko's ability to sing was about average but due to her popularity status, she was bound to be the next Fadonna.

    Nar2: Miss Magnolia, the teacher walked into the class. It was science. Namiko, Iris, and Lily were chattering in the back of the class.
    Miss Magnolia: "Namiko, would you like to start us off with the study of light? You seem to be loud enough with nonsense. Why not with something useful?"
    Namiko: "Ugh..." She flipped her platinum blonde hair and rolled her eyes." Hello?! The only light that I can talk about is how too light your foundation is."
    Nar2: The three girls laughed. They were the only ones in the class who did.
    Miss Magnolia: "Oh, my bad. If it's that bad I suppose I won't make you suffer by the sight. You can sit in detention for the for the day and reflect on your comment, Namiko. As for your two friends, they can go to Mr. Grey's class for science."
    Nar2: Iris and Lily groaned.
    Iris and Lily: "We'll gladly take detention instead, Ms Magnolia!"
    Miss Magnoia: "How about what I said. Now please excuse yourselves ladies."
    Nar2: The three girls walked out.
    Namiko: "I hate Ms Maggot." She complained.
    Iris: "Haa haa haa!" Iris accidentally snorted.
    Lily: "Oink, oink. Wanna cookie?!" Lily teased.
    Namiko: "Ugh, mah gawd. What're you guys, first graders?!"
    Nar2: The two girls frowned. Mr. Grey's class was around the corner and detention was three doors down from it. Before Mr. Grey's classroom was the ladies room.
    Lily: "Hey, how about we just hang here?"
    Namiko: "Yeah sure, great idea..."
    Nar2: Iris and Lily walked towards the restroom and entered half way in when they noticed Namiko headed passed them.
    Iris: "What're you doing?!" She whispered.
    Namiko:"I'm not getting caught there. Any moron would know you can't skip class right next to the class being skipped!" Namiko snapped.
    Nar2: Iris and Lily sighed in unison. Namiko headed towards the front hall when the school exit was.
    Iris: "Uh Namiko, I don't think this is a hot idea..." Iris suggested. Lily nodded in agreement.
    Namiko: "Suit yourself." Namiko said, flipping her blonde hair back.
    Nar2: When Namiko reached the front hall, she tip toed her way to the front door exit. She passed the front office with ease and walked straightn out of the door. Iris and Lily watched their friend ditch them in awe and turned around and headed back towards Mr. Grey's class.
    In the meanwhile, Mimiko and her best friend at school, Heather sat beside each other, exchanging notes on the class subject. It was Social Studies. Often times, Ms. Baker had her students pair into partners. Mimiko and Heather always chose each other.
    Heather: "So on the twenty-seventh question about the Korean war, do you think this is the most accurate answer?" Heather asked, pointing her notes.
    Mimiko: "It's what I've got." Mimiko assured Heather with a wink.
    Ms. Baker: "Alright, class the bell is about to ring. Please hand in your work, finished or incomplete. If your work isn't done, don't worry. There's always tomorrow."
    A random student:" Ms. Baker, why are you so easy going on us? Your kindness makes me want to cry..."
    Ms. Baker:"If you feel rushed, you won't do your best, now will you?" She answered with a warm smile.
    Heather: "Ms. Baker is genuinely the sweetest soul on earth."
    Mimiko: "I couldn't agree more!" Mimiko nodded.
    Nar2: The second bell rang. As usual, the hallways filled up with students. Some were chattering, some were pushing people to get the their lockers, others were hurrying to their class without caring who they bump into or even running over. Mimiko and Heather stayed in Ms. Baker's classroom, like usual, until the hallways emptied out a bit. When the hallways did appear less crowded, Mimiko and Heather waved at each other went their seperate ways. Heather had math and Mimiko had band.
    Mimiko: Ugh, I have to hear Namiko's so called angelic voice.I think I should invest in ear plugs. Not that Namiko cannot sing well, the mindless applaud irritates me. It's like a concert...Mimiko thought to herself.
    Nar2: Mimiko arrived at the band class' doorway. She opened the door, expecting the worse, just to walk into complete silence. Mimiko was puzzled.
    A band student: "Yo, have you seen your sister?!" He called out to Mimiko. Mimiko did not bother to look his way or acknowledge him. "Yo, can you hear?!"
    Mimiko: "You do realize that I'm not going to answer your question until you address me correctly." Mimiko said, rolling her eyes.
    The same student: "Well excuuuuuuuuse me, Miss. Have you seen your sister, Miss--"
    Mimiko:"Mimiko." Mimiko finished. "And no I haven't seen her."
    The student: "Ugh...okay. Thanks though."
    Nar2: Mr. Kowalski walked into the room. In his usual, over-energized self, he greeted the class with a song. Most of the students sang along happily. Mimiko stood silent. She grabbed a seat and sat down to read. Before she could finish a page, Mr. Kowalski called upon her.
    Mr. Kowalski:"Ms. Mimikooooooooo? Sooo, your sister is noooooot here, won't you sing a song for uuuuuuss?" Mr. Kowalski sang.
    Mimiko: "Please no. I cannot sing well. At all. Spare your classroom."
    Mr. Kowalski: "Aaa aaa aaa! That's what this class is foooooooor. For learning to sing your heeeeaaart out foreeeeever mooooooore!" He sang.
    Mimiko: "Dear God..." Mimiko murmured under her breath.
    Nar2: Mimiko stood up and headed towards Mr. Kowalski and a microphone.
    Mimiko: "Don't say I didn't warn you..." She scowled.
    Nar2: A student sat next the piano and another student sat near the drum set. They started playing the morning wake up song Mr. Kowalski always played first every class. Usually Namiko would take a grand lead. Today, it was Mimiko's turn. Mimiko started to sing. At first a few other students were singing, but soon after they stopped. Mimiko was the only voice in the room. Though she said she wasn't good at singing, she sang quite well.
    A random band student:"Dang, she's better than Namiko!!!"
    Nar2: The song ended. Suddenly a huge round of applause came for Mimiko. She blushed and started to head back to her seat when Mr. Kowalski stopped her by tugging her arm.
    Mr. Kowalski: "What...was... that?!" He asked in disbelief.
    Mimiko:"Uh...me singing?"
    Mr. Kowalski: "Why I didn't know we had such a powerful voice in this school! You know how the school will soon have a public play, The Swan. I'd like to strongly recommend you as the main character!"
    Mimiko: "Uh...you...are you sure?!" Mimiko stuttered.
    Nar2: Mr. Kowalski turned to face the class.
    Mr. Kowalski: "Whoever thinks Mimiko should sing in the play, and more often, may I see hands?!"
    Nar2: Hands started flying up immediately. Mr. Kowalski turned back to face Mimiko.
    Mr. Kowalski:"I think I'm not the only one." He smirked.
    Mimiko:"Well, I guess I might enjoy the role. So I'll do it if I'm selected."
    Nar2: The class started clapping again. There were roots and cheers. Suddenly, Namiko appeared in the doorway.
    Namiko: "The quueeeen has arrriiiiivvvveeeed!!!" She sang.
    Nar2: Instead of a usual applaud, Namiko got silence. She looked ticked off by the fact that no one entertained her fabulous entrance.
    Namiko:"Hello?! Where is the clapping?!"
    A student from Namiko's science class: "I believe Ms. Magnolia gave you detention for the day!"
    Namiko: "Ugh!! Don't tell peo--" Namiko slappped her mouth.
    Mr. Kowalski: "Miss Namiko, if you're to be in detention, please go. If not, please do not interrupt band class."
    Namiko:"What is going on?!" She demanded.
    A random band student: "We have a new diva now. We don't need you." The student said, giggling in the process.
    Namiko: "Oh, mah gawd. Like seriously, who could replace moi?!"
    Nar2: The class made a pathway to Mimiko. Namiko's face turned firey red.
    Namiko:"HER?! REALLY?! THIS HAS TO BE A FREAGGIN JOKE!!!" Namiko laughed. She was the only one laughing. Soon she realized this was no joke. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" She screamed.
    Nar2: A school security officer rushed to the scene.
    Officer:"What's the matter?!"
    A student:"Namiko's fame expired."
    Officer:"You're the young lady who I've been looking for. Now, off to the office. If you can't do detention here, maybe your home would be a better place."
    Nar2: The officer pulled her to the office. Mimiko sighed. My life at home is going to be a living hell if Mother finds out I got a little more attention than Namiko. After all, Namiko is her favorite and I'm a her reject...Mimiko thought to herself. She knew a roller coaster was about to occur at her home.