• Raphael Renton

    “Keep your eyes peeled Shane we need you to focus on the goal.”
    Lurking in the dark and letting silence be his breath was Shane hiding underneath the floor boards of a cryptic house. Looking up all he could see was the ancient floorboards covered in dust and the small speak of light creeping its way throughout the darkness that surrounded him. He licked his sweaty lips and then muttered into his two way radio.
    “It’s almost midnight are you sure he is coming?”
    “We are positive just keep you’re cool, don’t worry you will have you’re revenge soon.”
    Shane grinded his teeth together and narrowed his eyes looking up at the filthy floorboards again and then looked over to his right to see his partner wide eyed and shaken. Shane glared at him and searched through his mind only to find out this was his first mission and he was scared shitless. Shane shook his head and opened his mouth only to hear the laughter of two women. Shane put his finger to his mouth and looked up once more. He then heard the click of the light and warm dim light illuminated the room like wildfire. Shane bit his lip and watched the dust fall from every footstep that echoed throughout the room. A crooked grin and a mad eyed look came from Shane as he whispered into the two way radio
    “It’s showtime.”
    A man with a charm and a look so stunning it can kill. He had a mouth full of shards that stabbed women’s hearts and a voice of a double-crosser. His name was rich and full of history and he kept his name well known to everyone around him only making them forget with his compelling eyes. His face was a lie and he knew it only a creature laid inside of his empty shell of a body. Raphael Renton A.K.A Member of the silver creeds.
    Raphael the name tasted sour in Shane’s mouth and it made him want to puke. He never felt this much hate before, he felt this not only in his head but the hate boiled in his blood. Shane was hunting for blood and he would defiantly get his revenge. He glanced one more time at the novice and smiled widely at him like a ten year old excited to ride a rollercoaster. The novice looked at him even more shaken but looked back up as he heard the footsteps stop. Shane automatically was already looking and he had his gun pointed up towards the floorboards. The novice was sweating so bad it already reached his underpants. This guy was about to piss himself. Shane then grasped the trigger and in a trance like state he started shooting.
    The screams of the women were freighting and high pitched, more annoying than anything. Shane shook his head women always making things more dramatic. Shane then shouted fast at the novice
    “Get out of the floorboards if you want to live!”
    Shane then started dashing it out of the floor boards, trying to get to the first floor as fast as possible if he was correct it would only be a matter of seconds before Raphael turns and catches them off guard.
    Soon as Shane reached the last stair he could hear the floor boards collapse into a pit of wood and dust and standing in the middle of it was Raphael himself his veins popping out of his forehead as a deep growl escaped the pit of his belly. He was looking Shane right in the eye women in both hands screaming for their poor pathetic lives. Shane already knew they were done for, but what Raphael didn’t know that was part of the master plan.
    Humans they are so not worth my time anymore. Ugh just wish they would die already
    Shane pointed his gun directly at Raphael right between the eyes. He then glanced over to the novice and shouted “Number one thing in training they might not have taught you boy… don’t think twice if you do your dead“
    Shane then shot Raphael twice and leaped up and ran towards the beast if he knew any better he only had a little bit of time before the final change would occur. Raphael let out a shrilling yelp and fell down to his knees letting go of the two women. The novice sighed in relief and wiped the sweat off of his forehead and put down his gun resting against the wall.
    “Thank the heavens! Woo you really got him. “
    Shane shook his head and ran around Raphael and started shooting him in the back more and more till his ammo ran out.
    “He isn’t dead.”
    As soon as he said that Raphael let out a grumbling growl that resulted in a powerful scream. The novices eyes widened in terror as he watched Raphael throw his hands on the ground and thrust himself up, slowly but surely changing into what they call a silver creed; the demon of the night. Raphael let out another blood curdling scream as he started scratching his skin off piece by piece but instead of blood gushing out it was a black sickly tar spilling out of the veins of his body. He finally then clawed out his eyes and then all that was left was a black lizard looking creature with red beady eyes. The creature had its eyes set on the two women who were now huddled together crying and screaming for mercy, praying to a man they saw as a god. The creature then opened its jaws showing its layers of razor sharp teeth and then grabbed one of the women and bit off her head entering the final transformation. Shane looked over at the novice and pulled out two gloves from his pockets and started putting them on casually watching as the beast made its final transformation while eating the women limb by limb. Sadly this sight was neither frightening nor bothersome to Shane; this was part of the plan all along and thus was a daily sight in this business. On the other hand his partner wasn’t doing so well; he was covered in his own puke and from the shaking of his lip and drool coming out and the constant muttering of “mother of god!” and “what the ********!” oh and the occasional “holey s**t!” eh he was doing alright for a first timer. It just bugged Shane knowing they put a novice on his team usually they never survive with him.
    Meanwhile the beast was finishing up his dinner he had grown slivery black hair all over his slimy body he was now in his final mode; The mode where Shane was finally going to take his revenge upon this traitor. His gloves where on and he found himself floating in mid air collecting the ruble off the ground and aiming it towards the beast. Shane threw down his hands likewise of a conductor creating sweet music he brought the ruble to his will and pierced the beast with the ruins of rocks and sharp pieces of wood going straight for the creature. Shane already knew this wasn’t enough it was just to stagger him from his next move. Shane twisted his body upwards making himself as high as could be and let the ruins fall upon the beast like a grave. Shane then swopped and grabbed his partner who was almost shitting himself right there in the spot, he moved his to the second story and muttered
    “You know the plan. Now follow it or the superiors will hear about this. I know it’s your first mission and all but you need to use your powers and stop being a human or you’re going to find yourself dead just like those women. Get yourself together and follow the plan.”
    Shane then watched as the novice threw on his gloves and pointed his fingers up to the lights that illuminated the room. The novice’s eyes then went a florescent white blinding Shane himself and then before he knew it everything went pitch black. The plan was pushed in motion.
    The deep horrifying growls echoed from wall to wall and every step the creature took shook the ground like a earthquake. Shane knew this part of the plan was dangerous; he slid himself up against a wall and held his breath he then peered into the dark room and spotted the figure of his partner. Shane then waved his arm getting the attention of his partner who stood in the middle of the room his arms stretched out as far as they could go. The cold sweat on his forehead dripped down his face like one big sweaty tear. He then looked at Shane wide eyed and waited till Shane put up one finger and started to count to three and in time he could hear the beast get closer and closer with every finger Shane put up.
    As soon as Shane got to three, the novice threw up his arms pulling the sickly loose threads of darkness into the tips of his finger tips building up into a sticky ball of black tar floating in air. The novice could hear the laughter of all the dark spirits that he held in his finger tips. Some of them where the laughter of children and others were bloodcurdling screams for help all in one. The novice flinched as one of the voices became louder than the others it first started out as a whisper but now it was yelling almost screaming to get his attention.
    “Your one of us!” it hollered. The novice looked confused at the ball and then looked at Shane with pleading eyes but Shane looked confused right back at him and whispered
    “What’s wrong? Hurry you got to do it.”
    The novice shook his head and tried to focus once more but the voice came even louder this time.
    “Don’t you ignore me! Your one of us… we are all rotting. You’re going to hell shadow wielder we all go down eventually and so do you. “it then busted out laughing wickedly the novice looked back at Shane and said
    “Did you hear that?”
    “What do you mean? We don’t got a lot of time stop playing around and do the spell!”
    The novice looked back at the flouting ball of darkness and before he could even hear the voice again he saw a face shaping out of the dark tar. It was a face of a man with a big sharp smile and a long pointed nose that went down like a bird’s beak. It was ugly indeed but he could have sworn it was like looking at the devil itself. The things mouth opened up and it spoke again
    “You’re one of us master. we are killers, blood sucking monsters, the monsters under your bed the ones who whisper in your ear that drive even the most pure insane. We are the demons in your holy books and the ones who drive you to kill. You are one of us! I don’t lie shadow wielder!”
    “I am not one of you. “
    “or are you?”
    He then watched the face sink into the dark tar pit till it was completely out of sight. Shane touched his shoulder and said
    “do you not know the meaning of time! Let it go now!”
    The novice bit his lip and then looked at the humongous figure that stood in front of them he then pulled back his fingers and aimed for the beast’s eyes and shot the ball into its eyes blinding the thing completely forever in darkness. The lights then blinked on once more and him and Shane loaded up their guns once more and shot the beast down. The thing was on its knees on its brink of life and Shane grabbed the novices gun and tossed it out of his hands and then walked up to the beast pulling out a sword from his belt and then looked it right in the eyes and stabbed it in the head with a heartfelt cry. He then watched as the beast fell down and turned back into a bloody naked man they had saw before but this time he had bullet holes all over his body and the sword still hung out from this forehead. It made a cry itself and then it puffed into a pile of ashes. And that was the end of Raphael Renton.
    Shane pulled out his cell phone and punched in some numbers and strolled into the other room.
    “Yes he is dead…. Wait what... they didn’t…”
    Shane through down his cell phone in rage and stormed out of the building. The novice walked into the room and looked down at the cell phone it was still in the call. He picked up the phone and listened.
    “Shane? Are you still there... but like I was saying she isn’t dead Shane. “
    The line then got interrupted and the call was immediately turned off.