• Xavier Bemis

    Hello There. My name is Xavier, and I'm gay.
    My parents approve. My sister does not. My brother, though, does.
    I like dogs and the colour green.

    Please love me? heart

    Josh Lorenzo

    Hey, I'm Joshua. Please, call me Josh.
    I'm a good guy on the inside, believe it or not, but i do have a bad boy

    My parents are divorced and i haven't seen my dad in years.

    Live with my mum and her druggie boyfriend(s).

    I like good music.

    I'm too straight for the liking.

    I'll see you later, loser.

    Start Of Chapter 1

    The car ride has been hell. Liam and Victoria will not stop complaining
    about the move. All mom and dad hear is, "I don't want to leave, I miss my
    boyfriend, my girlfriend needs me, but mom, but dad." What i hear is "Blah-blah-blah."
    So i continue to sit here and ignore them, watching the tall trees and the distant ocean
    zoom past. It's been two days since we left New York and started heading south
    to Miami, Florida. I really don't care that were moving. I've been alone at my high school
    for the past three years, or since my best friend Ava left.
    So for me, this is a chance to start fresh.


    I will only continue this story if i get enough people to comment if i should.

    I hope you enjoy it so far.

    Thanx for reading heart