• Alcatraz, a marine, awoke in a sumarine. His buddies were all around as they were waiting for their mission. Alcatraz looked at his friend Chiyo and smiled.

    "Alrighty then. We have to check for the virus on the men." Chiyo said, waking Alcatraz up.

    "Look, our mission is to find a scientist called Nathan Gould." Another marine said.

    "Hey Alctraz, we have to check if you have the virus, shake your head if your alright." The sargent said.

    Alcatraz shook his head, then the sargent patted his shoulder. The men kept on talking until a alien gunship attacked their sub. The squad escaped, but the alien gunship came out of the water and started shooting them, Chiyo escaped by going out another exit. Alcatraz got shot many times and was dying. Just then, a man in a suit called Prophet grabbed his railgun and shot at the gunship, making it crash in the streets of New York.

    "Wait, what happened?" Prophet started, "I thought they were sending in a spec ops team to evac me and Gould, don't tell me they killed you all."

    Then Prophet looked at Alcatraz and said, "Alcatraz, is that your name? Alcatraz. Destiny is a b1tch, huh? It'll be all on you know son, your my last shot here, Gould's last chance...The last hope for all of us."