• One morning, on there way to the park two kids named Tyler and Jelan ran into a big hole in the ground. So they like most people would jumped in the hole to find out what was in there. In there they found a huge glowing rock in which they touched. When they did they were knocked out in a second. They woke up a week later in a hospital bed. They found glasses of water Tyler reached for it and a ball of fire burst right out of his hand and right through the wall. Luckily, the outside was right next next to them so nobody got hurt. Thats when all of a sudden half of the hospital blew up. Then, Jelan started floating and flew away not to far behind him was Tyler. Then a UFO started shooting at them. Thats when Tyler turned around and started shooting fire balls at the UFO, and ended up taking it down.

    Thats it for now until next time comment if you want me to make new videos. Sincerely TTrock.