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    OC: Ruby, a newly turned Vampire from Zhivago.

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    Chapter 3

    Lets See

    I woke up instantly.

    If there ever were a bad time to see through someone's eyes, it was now.

    Zhivago would no doubt be on his way now.

    My heart pounded furiously and I panted heavily in fear. This will be the third time I would meet him, and I was scared of losing my mind to his control and end up hurting more people.

    The scarier part was that Don Kuro, wants me.

    "S-s-someone?" I sobbed. "Anyone?" I was pleading for help.

    I covered my face with my hands as I grew even more scared and terrified. No one trusts me. Gino hates me. Edmund probably hates me, too. Louie probably got hurt by me, like how Gino did, but I'm not sure. I can't expect any of them to help me. I disrespected their titan brutally. There is no respect for me anywhere because of what I did.

    There is no one here for me. No one.

    I tried and managed to breathe and calm myself down, somehow. It should be around eleven at night. Everyone in town should be asleep.

    I had the instant urge to jump out the patio doors and get away from the town, so if Zhivago took control of me again, I won't hurt anyone.

    I flung the sheets off of me and threw on my cloak, which was resting on the headboard. I ran to the bathroom across the hall to check if I had changed at all from the incident.

    The lights were on, surprisingly, and the stalls and the sinks were freshly sanitized clean by the late night janitors.

    I checked the stalls for anyone, just in case if there were others.

    I dashed to the large mirror that hung on the wall with the sinks.

    I pulled my hood off. The nurses must've cleaned me up after I went unconscious because my hair is clean, my face has been scrubbed of the dried blood, and I also remembered sleepily changing into clean clothes when I was half-conscious. I wore a plain white Sock Hop shirt, neutral girl cargo pants, which were baggy as hell, and the shoes that Brennivin gave me, which were thankfully not ruined in the fight, were on my feet.

    After, I looked at myself closely in the mirror. My eyes looked like they've changed. I couldn't really put my finger on what was different.

    They looked a bit… darker.

    A jolt surged through my body like electricity, making me jump.

    He's coming.

    Running quickly from the bathroom and into my hospital room, I ran to the doors of the little patio. Without any hesitation, I pulled the glass door open and jumped on the ledge of the railing. I quickly glanced around for any sign of Zhivago. I didn't see any. I looked down and I was about three floors up. I inhaled, and then jumped.

    The wind clogged my ears as I flew momentarily. The wind was cold, but I don't mind. I landed on the rooftop of a small building.

    I sprinted into a run.

    I didn't know where I was going, but I ran. I leaped from rooftop to rooftop over their minimal gaps, my breath panting. I ran even faster.

    Even though it was pitch black out, I could see perfectly fine, like the moon was always bright and full. I jumped over another gap. I ran as fast as I could once I seen an opening in the distance. It was luscious and green, with cemented trails swerving through it between Durem and Barton... I think.

    It didn't look like a courtyard, but it was like a field. I think it was a park of some sort. I wasn't sure because the walls surrounding Durem blocked me view. A ginormous clocktower creeped me out some as I jumped to the next building around it.

    I was taken away by how much space there was compared to Dref Dur, but I couldn't keep my mind on that, I have to get to that field past the walls.

    "s**t!" I muttered under my breath. I just remembered I don't have any weapons to defend myself with.

    I looked down at the streets. I saw a wooden baseball bat leaning against a door of a store called ''Durem Depot.'' I jumped down on the cobblestone path and grabbed it.

    Another urge jolted through my body. I closed my eyes and entered Zhivago's eyes to find out where he was.

    He stood on the patio, glaring through the open glass door. He knew I knew I was coming.

    He spun around and jumped off the patio and turned into darkness.

    Blinking my eyes open quickly, I lifted the bat into my hands and jumped back on the roofs again. I continued running.

    In the distance, there were trees nicely planted and displayed in the park. Authentic wooden benches adorned the areas where there would be shade during the day. Some ponds were gleaming from the moonlight; some looked like dark rivers of blood because of the lack of light.

    In every park I pictured there to be a fountain. There wasn't one here.

    I sighed with relief, as a fountain would be the last thing I would want around for me to drown in if Zhivago decides to kill me. I shivered at the thought.

    I ran into the middle of the park. The grass was wet and damp from the fresh dew. It smelled of clean air, but I felt like I was being choked by fear and lies. The wind was rushing until I stopped in the middle of the park. It was dead silent.

    I held the bat up in an attack stance. I shut my eyes.

    He floated over the wall before he reached the open park.

    I open my eyes and spun and looked at that part of the wall. The bats morphed into the white haired, red-scarred Zhivago. He stood, perched on the top of the wall, with his left leg hocked and his arms crossed.

    I held back the urge to scream and cry. I was suddenly so scared.

    He commanded in his blood-coated voice, "Don Kuro wants you."

    I didn't respond. My heart was pounding from running so much. I panted heavily instead.

    "Straight-forward, aren't we?" I panted, trying to be smart. I don't know what it is, but every time I become scared, I become a smart a**. I must be a coward.

    He scoffed. "I despise you." He growled.

    "Feelings mutual." I replied. I straightened the bat, to alert him that I have it.

    He straightened his glare. His brows were furrowed. He unfolded his arms and fixed the cuff on his blue glove.

    The tightened my grip on the bat.

    I looked on either side of me. I was tempted to run for it. I know I won't be able to hold up against that glove.

    "Stupid girl," He muttered.

    Immediately, I pulled my hood up over my head, dropped the bat, and ran for my life.

    Maybe, I thought, I can get away if I don't make eye contact.

    I ran as fast as I could. The strength I gained from turning into a vampire gave me more strength, so I can withstand the amount of running. Surprisingly, I was able to kick into a different gear.

    "Run, girl, keep running!" He shouted, "You can't get far!"

    A large, cold jolt crawled up and down my spine. I instantly pulled my hood over my face. I knew he was close.

    He ran up from behind me.

    I turned sharply and he stumbled. He cursed. He kept running after me, though.

    His gloved hand came up, ready to grab my hood.

    I spun around, kicked his arm away with my leg, and then turned back around and kept running.

    He jumped up in the air to tackle me.

    I spun around on my heels and ran under him as he was in mid-air.

    He growled loudly in frustration. He landed on the ground and stood silently. I stopped running, slowly halting myself to a stop.

    The wind picked up and the tension was unbearable. My hood ended up pulling itself off. I gasped.

    "Ha!" He cackled. His entire arm transformed into some sort of mechanical armour. Like last time.

    My body went straight cold. Freezing. Suffocating. My eyes burned again, like they grew to something else. I know, I thought. They changed.

    I felt like a trapped soul in a body that wasn't mine, but yet, the body was mine.

    I turned around, at Zhivago's command.

    My throat ran desert dry when I started growling menacingly. My smile grew, thirsting for a kill. Zhivago himself was smiling.

    "Are you going to come now?" He asked once again.

    I didn't respond, but smiled more.

    "Alright then." He said, his smile dying.

    I knew why.

    I can still go into Zhivago's mind in this state. The Don will take advantage of his new weapon.

    We arrived to the Underground Durem. Zhivago held both of my hands behind my back like I was a criminal.

    I was no longer under his control, because his glove has restrictions sometimes, apparently.

    At first, we were walking down a long tunnel leading underground, which had a large red, designed carpet on the tunnel floor. It still felt like walking right in the mouth of hell, no matter how good it looked.

    What if this is the place where I stay? What if this is where I will be for the rest of my life? I have no one to go back to, no home to call my own. No one to turn to anymore. Gino, my saviour (well, not anymore, I guess) hates my guts. I don't think I would ever conjure up the courage to face Louie or Edmund, or the rest of Gaia anymore.

    I have no other choice but to follow this road.

    We reached a large, dark door at the end of the tunnel.

    "Go in," He commanded harshly. I noticed he was already holding it open.

    I scoffed at him before stepping in. It was dark, but it was soon lit up with fluorescent lights.

    Inside, the walls were made of smooth white brick. The floor was made of regular, grey tiles. Torches and fluorescent lighting filled the halls. The energy was immediately ominous and heavy. It felt like I wasn't supposed to be here.

    Zhivago tightened his grip on my wrists but I didn't feel it. He started walking and shoving me ahead.

    ''a**.'' I muttered, and he hardened his face, pissed at my comment.

    Some bookshelves were sitting in the hall. Chairs were seat next to the doors, and some were vampire and elf guards, holding intimidating knives in their pockets.

    They reminded me of the many people on Dref Dur, bringing back bad memories, so I shivered.

    We passed hall after hall, and we even passed a gigantic room that looked more festive than the rest of the place, but it was dark and dead inside it. I guess no one has used it in a while.

    After all, there can't be any fun when you're out killing gods and titans and s**t.

    When we turned corners and walked down halls silently, we reached another door that looked large and important.

    Don Kuro is behind that door.

    "Here's the deal, girl," He muttered, stopping before the door, my face mere inches away from it's wood, "Keep your mouth shut and you won't get hurt."

    "You couldn't have hurt me more than you already did," I retorted.

    "Shut up," He demanded, annoyed.

    Great, I thought, if I can get him annoyed enough he'll dump me somewhere to get rid of me and I can be on my marry way to refuge someplace where no one will know I exist!

    I became silent.

    As if on cue, a tall, slender Dark Elf opened the door. I knew that this was Cordell.

    I looked at her cold, golden eyes as she said, "We weren't expecting you so soon."

    I stifled an insulted scoff.

    Zhivago pushed me in the room and let go of my arms. I stumbled forward, and caught my balance in the middle of the room. I pulled my wrists up and rubbed them, mouthing an 'ouch'.

    I looked up and saw Don Kuro analyzing me. I pulled back my arms and I hastily wrapped my cloak around me, uncomfortable under his strong gaze.

    He was shorter in person, and somehow, I thought, how can someone be so evil and cute at the same time? I halted it and threw it out the window. Anyone can be.

    "You seem…" Don Kuro muttered, "Smaller, in person."

    I felt the heavy weight of a glare behind me. Zhivago doesn't want an annoying comeback coming out of my mouth. So I was silent.

    Stupid ********, I wanted to say to Zhivago for actually getting me to do things.

    It's true, though, I am small. I'm only five foot and I'm nineteen. I hate to admit it.

    "Why did you want her?" Zhivago asked, wanting to move on.

    "Right." He said. He quickly sat back and put his elbows on the arm rests. He became serious. "This girl, Ruby, is now a weapon of your usage, and you are of mine, Zhivago. Being new, and now the weakest link so far, she needs training. She is far too valuable to go on the missions I would put vampires on, like going to kill Peath, the forest god. Zhivago, for the next seven days, I want you to train her.''

    Zhivago furrowed his eyebrows and got into an arguing stance, pissed off at the Don for making such a declaration like that. I knew he was more pissed about me being around him for a week rather than being ordered around.

    The corners of Don's mouth were itching to curl. ''If you don't listen...'' He said, grabbing a keychain out of his desk that had a moon-shaped button on it, and pressing it.

    Zhivago screamed, grabbing at the glove, which was squishing his entire right hand suddenly. He cursed and shouted for the sudden pain he wasn't accustomed to to stop. I was on the ground screaming at the top of my lungs. My body was being squashed by what felt like, a huge boulder. The pain was enough to kill a person. I screamed as the pain just wouldn't stop. My body was stinging as if all my bones were being crushed all at once, my lungs failing to catch some air, my heart ceasing to beat. The fear of dying suddenly hit my mind and I almost started to cry. This is exactly what happened at the funeral. It must have been the restrictions Zhivago's glove had or Don was being impatient.

    The pain stopped when Don lifted his thumb off the button. I panted, trying not to cry my eyes out and make myself look weak. My throat stung and I had a pounding headache. ''...that will happen.'' Don Kuro continued. ''And we don't want that, now do we?''

    Zhivago panted heavily as the pain eased itself away. I let out a long sigh as the pain went away slowly with my long breath. I was hesitating from getting up because I wasn't sure if I broke anything, but eventually, I slowly got on my knees from the ground and slowly stood up on my feet again.

    ''Your training starts tomorrow night, Ruby,'' The Don stated. ''Cordell, take her to her room. Zhivago, get out of my sight.''

    Cordell let out a sigh. She got up from leaning against Don's chair and walked to the door. Without a word or hesitation, I followed her out.

    Don Kuro is a monster.

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