• Gunners #4 Next Approach
    Hands of Gun

    Hakuru flies down as she wins the fight, she lower down her wings and bring them back into her back
    Hakuru: looks I’ve won
    Saya: you don’t look like you’re tired
    Hakuru: that’s because I have the Evil Energy, I don’t feel tired at all
    Gina: well done
    Hakuru: Gina?!
    Rev: yo I thought you were supposed to be dead!
    Gina: you’ve damaged some of my healing cells; I’m impressed haha…..
    But next time…. You won’t be lucky….
    He opens a portal and escapes
    Hakuru: heh, well at least we don’t have to worry anymore
    These Snake Gunners aren’t really that strong
    Aja: well since we’re done I’ll be leaving
    Hakuru: yeah sure
    Rev: yo where you going Aja?! Don’t you wanna celebrate?!
    Aja: no I’m sorry, but-
    Rev: come on yo, what else you gotta do? Bring your whole team over or something!
    Aja: i…
    I’m not really into it
    Rev: look I can tell you never had fun before
    Aja: …
    Rev: come on, why not sometime you stop over to my place?
    Aja: I really appreciate but I got to go
    She walks off with a smile on her face
    Rev: well, looks like I got to go to, later!
    Hakuru: yeah, thanks for coming
    Rev: no problem, if you need me, just call me
    Saya: well then it’s only the three of us
    Dark: it’s been fun really; I’m going to head back to my luxury hotel
    Saya: you got luxuries now?
    Dark: of course I do
    Saya: bloody hell….
    Hakuru: well then let’s go Saya
    Saya: hey you ever wonder where Shion’s team went.
    Hakuru: Shion….
    No I don’t after we beaten them they suddenly vanished
    Though I do feel sorry for them
    Saya: why’s that?
    Hakuru: I felt a lot of sadness in her heart
    She’s just like us, a creation
    Meanhwhile at Snake Gunners HQ
    Gina: ah…. Damn, I lost…
    Shion: (Hakuru… won?)
    Gina: damn why are you still here?!
    Shion: what’s wrong Gina…? You mad because you lost against Hakuru?
    Gina: she is nothing but a-
    Shion: oh shut up Gina, as if you will ever beat Hakuru
    Not even I can…
    With all this hate in me, I will never beat her
    Nor change this world
    Changing this world is nothing but greed
    Shion: so why not you go and hang yourself to death?
    Gina kicks her in the face
    Gina: SHUT UP!!!!
    Shion: ah… gah…
    Gina: this Evil Energy you have given me! It is not working!
    Shion: you suck at your studying don’t you?
    Gina: well! Split it out!
    Shion: you think Alice gave you our power?
    You’ve underestimated us
    You see Alice’s chamber core holds all of our powers
    They reason why we made Alice were for emergencies like these, though we never really expect to get ourselves caught like this
    Her power core stores all of our powers and our weapons
    Not to mention her chambers as well, she also has another storage unit which gives off fake Evil Energy
    So you see, she never trusted you nor will she ever listen to you, she will listen to me only
    Gina: YOU b***h!
    I’ll kill you all then! If I can’t have it then I shall crack her open then!
    Shion: n-never…..
    She begins to get up
    Shion’s body begins to grow into a 17 year old body,
    Gina: impossible! You can’t get up!
    Shion: nothing is impossible “huff”….
    It’s our turn to destroy you…
    Now Alice!
    Activate “Release Cell!”
    Alice: activating now, to full capacity. Releasing all Evil Energy
    her chambers began to open up as they released all 9 of them
    Shion: !
    Her eyes turned deep red as her white grey silver long hair began to float
    Alice’s chambers began to open up everybody’s weapons. Shion raise her hands out and breaks her shackles and gets her large big sword known as Evil Blade
    With her Evil Energy back she creates her own pair of clothes and turns them back as they were onto her
    With a long black coat, a black leather skirt, chains that looks like a belt with the Evil Energy symbol on it, leather gloves, and black leather boots
    Shion: !
    She raises out her right hand with her sword and unleashes her powers to free her friends
    Shion: everybody wake up!
    Webber: ah what the…? Eh?!
    Shion: get you’re weapons quickly! We’re getting out of here!
    Webber: ah right!
    Jasmine: Shion! I can’t open the portal!
    Shion: that’s because there’s a barrier blocking our way!
    Jasmine: a barrier?
    Sujio: let me explain
    Their known as Portal Barriers, there are three portal types, Teleportation, Fake Portal Dimension, and Portal Barriers
    These Barriers block Gunners from escaping Gunners Territory from escaping, it’s like a huge force field that will suppress all of you re abilities
    Shion: then we’ll have to destroy the barrier by force by destroying Gina
    Gina: this is outrageous!
    Shion: Evil Blade Crush!!!!
    Gina: Basilisk Venom!
    Shion crushed his Basilisk and sends her wave at Gina
    Gina: everybody attack!!!
    His men came out as they began to get Shion
    Webber: Arachnid Web!!!
    She lands a fist and enchants out a poison web that grabs them all and explodes
    Webber: well then boss, if we’re gonna get Gina, then we’ll have to go through them
    Shion: then so be it, everybody use you’re Evil Energy as you like, destroy everything and don’t spare anyone, Alice can you still move?
    Alice: yes I can Shion
    Shion: good because we need you close with us as much as possible Suijo, can you take care of her?
    Suijo: yes I can
    Shion: good, I’ll go after Gina, the rest of his men shouldn’t be too bothersome
    Shion: !
    She jumps up and stabs her blade straight into the ground
    Evil Wave!
    She unleashed a powerful Evil Wave and turned them into all ashes
    Shion: handle the rest of them! I’ll go and get that b*****d, can you all handle the rest from here?
    Webber: yeah of course!
    Tressa: besides you are our leader, now go!
    Shion: !
    This… is the feeling of friends from others?
    she grips onto her blade
    Shion: thank you!
    She turns around and runs off
    Webber: heh, I never heard that word from her before
    Tressa: maybe she learned a lot from our previous fight from the Skull Gunners
    We’ve learned a lot from them actually
    Well maybe a little
    Alice! I think you’ll need to hop out of your Evil Energy Chamber reactor for a while, we can’t get you moving like this!
    Alice: understood…
    She unleashed the cables and wires out from her back and body as she hops out of her reactor chamber
    Tressa: Suijo take care of her!
    Suijo: easy there Alice
    Webber: she hasn’t been walking for a while
    Jasmine: 100 SPIKES!!!!
    She fired out spikes from her hands to the enemies that were running after her
    Jasmine: come on! No time to chatter! We got to get to higher ground!
    Webber: right! I’ll make the path way!
    IRON WEB!!!!
    Gina: everyone! Take care of them! Make sure they don’t get through!
    Shion: hm?
    Shion: fool, you think doors can block me?
    You underestimate me
    Evil Blast!
    She unleashed her right eye and fired out a huge laser beam
    Guard: stop her!
    Shion twists her whole body and dodged the Guard’s axe swing, she then sliced the Guard away and launched an Evil Blast Swift Kick to the 2nd Guard’s head
    Shion: idiots
    Gina: hurry! Open the portal immediately!
    But my lord we must lower down the barrier before we can go anywhere!
    Gina: then do it already!!!!
    Gina: she’s getting through! Hurry!!!!
    Yes my lord!
    Tressa: huh? What the hell
    The force field is lowering down
    Shion: ?
    It’s lowering down?
    What kind of technology do they have…?
    No matter, whatever it is, it’s best to be destroyed than to be anyone’s hands!
    Shion: Gina!!!
    Gina: no… stay back!
    Shion: what happen to your usual self? Acting all charming and stuff and cool, that was a fake wasn’t it?
    Gina: is the force field lowered yet?!
    Yes my lord! It is now!
    Gina: then open it!!!!
    Shion throws her blade straight through the operator and to the computer
    Gina: n… ah!
    Shion: wait, why can’t you go activate your own portal?
    Usually a Gunner would actually make this sort of force field barrier, so why the hell did you made yourself ran all the way here to the computer just to lower the force field…
    You’re not a Gunner aren’t you?
    Gina: no-nonsense! I am a Gunner!
    Shion: no, there’s no way you are
    It’s not possible, why didn’t you lower it yourself?
    Gina: that… that is because-
    Shion uses her telekinesis powers and shreds his shirt off
    Shion: !
    There was a broken crystal machine that is attached to his chest
    Shion: Replica’s I knew it….
    These crystals look identical to Kurai The Dark Side Chronicles
    You worthless piece of trash!
    Shion: these look identical but not even close
    Kurai’s crystal isn’t easy to be broken nor can’t it be destroyed
    For you unfortunately it has
    Shion: tell me, how did you build yourself a crystal?
    Gina: i… I can’t say! I’ll die!
    Shion: you’re going to die anyway!
    Besides its better than having a quick death! Now tell me!
    Gina: p-please don’t, I … I can’t tell you!
    Shion: Then you are useless
    Vishion comes out of nowhere and blocks Shion’s power
    Shion: !
    Shion pulls back and grabs her sword from the dead corpse
    Shion: tch!
    Vishion: master
    Gina: Vishion! Get me out of here!
    Vishion: as you wish
    They escaped into a portal
    Shion: damn them!
    Self dimension destruct sequence initiated
    Shion: self dimension destruct sequence?
    A bomb that can destroy a whole dimension, damn!
    Tressa: Shion! We managed to kill them all!
    Shion: good work, but we have to get out of here!
    Suijo: I’ll open up the portal!
    Yuko: ********! I can’t believe we got ourselves into this kind of mess!
    So what are gonna do when we get back?
    Shion: we’ll settle in Japan and start picking out an area to live
    Yuko: live? Are you ******** kidding me Shion?! Humans don’t even like us! Not to mention that they know what we were plotting! The tournament! The whole world of destruction!
    Shion slaps Yuko in the face
    Yuko: ah… S… Shion?
    Shion: Yuko, I don’t like it when you talk to me like that
    I don’t want to do that ever again, nor do I want to hurt my companions, please….
    Shion grabs Yuko gently
    Shion: but we have no choice, we have nowhere else to go and also we have no one to turn to, not God, not the devil nor the Gunners
    We’ll have to live in the human world for a while till we can figure something out
    The only ones who we can trust is “us”
    Shion: do you understand Yuko?
    Yuko: ah…
    Damn you Shion, you’re a ******** idiot you know that?
    Fine leader!
    Since you lead the Ten Evil Blades, I’ll follow whatever order you choose
    Yuko: I just hope you made the right decision!
    Suijo: it’s up! Come on hurry get through!
    Yuko goes in first
    Shion: did… made the right decision?
    Tressa: of course you did, you had to anyway, don’t worry we can figure something out
    Webber: come on let’s go Shion
    Shion: alright…
    They all went through but before Shion stepped into the portal she found one of Gina’s crystals, she picked a little shard off from the floor and then entered into the portal
    Meanwhile somewhere in the Gunners council
    Sujio: The Ten Evil Blades as escaped The Snake Gunners realm has it?
    Then they must be dealt with then
    Council: what shall we do?
    Sujio: send all forces
    The Ten Evil Blades are our main priority now, they are considered as a well being threat
    2nd Council: shall we also call The Skull Gunners?
    Sujio: no, for now do not disturb them, they deserve a well earned rest for protecting Earth
    3rd Council: very well then, we will send in our four top generals
    Raiku! General of the Elites!
    Silver! General of the Hawks!
    Bandon! General of the Invincibles!
    And finally!
    Luke! General of the Knowledgeables!
    You four shall track down the Ten Evil Blades and eliminate them all, leave no prisoners!
    Raiku: understood my lord!
    Meanwhile in Ikebukuro
    Shion: is everyone alright?
    Jasmine: yeah we’re okay
    Todo: damn, where the hell are we?
    Suijo: I believe we are in Ikebukuro an emerging composite city
    Todo: really?
    Shion: remember everybody knows our identity and who we are it is best to change looks
    Yuko: and how are we gonna do that? Use our Evil Energy? These clothes are part of our Evil Energy and we can only enchant them for emergencies not for fashion
    Shion: I remember a time when Hakuru was hunted by her own friends once, she would always change her look every time everybody would hunt her down
    Everybody grab what you can here
    Yuko: yuck it stinks!
    Suijo: get use to it!
    Tressa: it’s all we can do; we don’t have money to buy stuff anyway
    Yuko: whatever, yuck this reeks!!!
    Shion finds a hood and a cloak and replaces her clothes with them
    Shion: is everyone ready?
    Tressa: yeah let’s go
    Webber: let’s find a good hiding spot, then we can see what we can do there
    Shion: good thinking Webber, let’s go then
    They walked outside and see tall buildings with lots of lights and stuff
    Shion: !
    This is… Ikebukuro?
    Webber: it’s beautiful!
    Shion: everybody stick together
    They walked for hours and hours looking at each building and lights. They managed and find an old apartment building which is out of service
    They went in there as they climbed up stairs and opened up doors
    Webber: well, I guess this isn’t so bad, free bed, nice floor, and also the view!
    Shion: this should do, everybody take off your clothes
    They took them off and enchanted their original clothes back on
    Tressa: so, no changing the whole world anymore?
    Shion: no, not anymore
    There is nothing that we can do but to live on like these people
    It’s best that we choose that we want to do
    Though for me I do not know what to choose. I am just a mere creation, is it possible for a mere creation to choose life itself?
    Tressa: Shion, it is possible anyone can do it, even animals can
    Look at those birds for example they chose to fly for their own freedom so that they can live on like steady people
    Same with those humans down there
    Anyone can, so can a demon and a creation, just like Hakuru as well
    Shion: ….
    I choose to protect who are precious to me!
    Shion: ….
    Webber: something wrong Shion?
    Shion: no, it’s okay
    Tressa: no it’s not okay
    Tressa hugs Shion
    Webber: group hug!
    Shion: ah! Tressa…? Webber…?
    Tressa: we have your back Shion, you’re not alone!
    Shion: *this is what friends… feel like?*
    Suijo: hm, so Alice how do you feel now?
    Alice: I feel okay, thank you Suijo
    Suijo: don’t worry I’ll put you back into your reac-
    Shion: there’s no need Suijo
    Suijo: what?
    Shion: Alice, how does it feel with your two feet on the ground?
    Alice: it feels…. Nice
    Shion: Is that so?
    You don’t have to be in that reactor anymore, Suijo she can still support us as long as she has the Evil Energy Core in her body right?
    Suijo: yes but that’s just back up
    Shion: then can you rebuilt the reactor core into something different? Something that she can still walk with
    Suijo: well, I can, I can make it lighter and possible to-
    Shion: then I leave it to you then Suijo
    Suijo: okay then
    Yuko: has she changed?
    Jasmine: yeah, a little
    Todo: huh? Ride? What’s wrong?
    Ride: …
    Ride began to collapse
    Todo: ah Ride! What’s wrong?!
    Estray: Ride!
    Ride: ….
    Estray: oh she’s just tired
    Todo: oh damn I thought she would be out of energy already
    Estray: she use to be filled with energy but I guess all this fighting has sucked the living crap out of her heh
    Well I guess we all deserve a long rest
    Shion: I wish you were here Akai, I don’t know what to do without you, back then you were always there for me, I don’t know if I can help my friends.
    What can I do Akai?
    Everybody began sleeping as Shion was feeling the breeze with her blade being held onto her right hand
    Shion: this is kind of….
    Later tomorrow morning
    Tressa: *yawn* ah! That was a good rest, Webber you awake?
    Webber: ZZZzzzzz
    Tressa: guess not
    Tressa: let’s decorate this place or something
    Too bad we can’t go back to our dimension since the Gunners already found it
    Tressa: man….
    Shion: so what would you like to do?
    Tressa: ah? Shion!
    Shion: you are right actually this place could need some refreshing
    We’ll think about it along the way, come on let’s walk around
    Tressa: yeah sure
    They walked around and sees the generator
    Shion: does it still work?
    Tressa: let’s see if I can just fix this and … yep! There we go!
    Shion: electricity?
    Tressa: yeah now we have some light!
    Shion turns on a tap with clean water
    Tressa: still clean water running down huh?
    And I thought this place was out of service
    I wonder what happened to it
    Suddenly at the bottom floor Raiku’s elites slammed down a door and began walking up the stairs
    Tressa: what the?!
    Shion: Tressa, wake up everyone, I’ll handle this
    Tressa: you sure?
    Shion: yes now go
    Raiku: all forces surround the building, do not let any single of them leave!
    Webber: ah what the he..
    WHA?!!! A HELICOPTER?!!!
    Tressa: everybody wake up!
    Webber: what the hell is going on here?!
    Tressa: I’ll explain later for now come on!
    Webber: well whatever it is its time to put our fangs on! Heh
    Shion: Evil Blast!
    Elite: Bullet Crusader!
    Shion moved her blade and blocked the attack, she jumps in and slings her blade then does a back kick. She jumps as she dodges each swing from their attacks and their bullets. She then does a vortex butterfly and kicks them and swings her blade to their necks
    Shion: Evil Blade!
    Raiku grabs his machine crusader gun and fires them at Shion. She blocks them with her heavy big blade like a shield as Raiku jumps in with his sword as they both fight
    Shion: who are you?
    Raiku: that’s not important right now, right now is that I’m here to kill all of you!
    Shion: by who?
    Raiku: by the Gunners council who else?
    Shion: just like how you people tried to hunt down Hakuru?
    Raiku: Hakuru is now our allie!
    Shion: what?
    Raiku: that’s right! She’s one of us now!
    I want to protect the people who are important to me…
    Shion: ….
    If she gets to live on then….
    Then I’ll let my friends live on
    Raiku: damn! So much energy!
    Shion: I’ll protect my friends no matter who you are
    And I will not die that easily
    My companions are the most important people close to me, I do not need to change this world, all I want now is to be with my friends, and if you ever try to touch them
    I’ll kill you all even at the cost of my life
    Tressa: and that’s because we’re here for you!
    Shion: Tressa?!
    Webber: give us the order boss, we’ll kill em all flat!
    Yuko: these guys look pretty damn weak, look his pissing pants haha!
    Suijo: we’re all by your side Shion
    Ride: “woof! “woof!”
    Estray: we’ll always be by your side
    Alice: always
    Shion: everybody thank you
    Raiku: where is the ten of you?
    Shion: the tenth member is dead
    But I always keep some of her energy in me
    There is no need for me to replica her
    Because she is already fighting by our side already
    Shion: well then, who’s next in line to die?
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #5 The Ten Evil Blades Resurrection