• Kumi's POV-

    This place is a living hell...,I thought. I hate my life. I woke up in an abandon house with no memory, I was chased by a giant lizard thing.....twice, and all I've had were berries to eat. The only thing I've done that seems useful was give myself a name,Kumi, and the only things that seem amazing to me is that I have a tail, and I strange powers. Whoop-dee freaking doo. It's pretty boring here until you sense a power so high that you wanna run away. Surprisingly, for me, I wanna go find out what it is. And that happens right now.

    I looked up to the sky to see a weird ball thing(I'll call it an eyeball) crashing down into a part of the woods not far from my place. I ran to the location and saw a giant crater with branches from the trees I would hang out in when I'm hunting. I slid down the crater to get a closer look and I saw gravity defying hair poke out of the eyeball. Next thing you know it's a man a few inches taller than me with weird armor that looked annoying to wear. And the creepiest of all, he had a tail. He looked like someone you don't wanna mess around with,but heck,I want to!!! "Hmph... This planet look easy to sell." The weirdo said to himself. Sell? Why the heck does he wanna sell a planet like this? It's so boring. I took a baby step backwards. Unfortunately, I stepped on a twig. Why me? The dude's head turned and he saw me. Boy,am I the lucky one. "A Saiyan,eh? You seem quite useful. I'll contact the boss later,but first..." The man paused for a moment. Saiyan? Is that what I am?? "Well! What's your name,girly?" He asked. I gulped and started. "The name's Kumi!!! I have no memory of what I am what-so-ever until you called me a Saiyo-whatever you call it. And you are?!" I asked. I clenched my hands. Whoever he is started laughing. "My name's Vegeta, and I too am a Saiyan." He answered. Vegeta? That sounds familiar..."Um...If we're are those Saiyans,then where are we from?" I asked. He looked at me like I chose the wrong time to mention that. Vegeta walked up to me and grabbed my shirt. "We are from a place called Planet Vegeta, home of intergalactic warriors known as Saiyans. And now it's gone, because it was struck by a meteor.Now, get out of my way. Your wasting my time."Vegeta said as he pushed me. Jerk.