• There once was a little girl who had a beautiful voice. Her parents, her sisters and brother, even her teacher and friends told her that. But the girl didn’t care what they thought; she only cared about what her crush thought. Everyday while they played he would tell her she a wonderful voice and the girl would blush each time. One while they at the park playing in the sandbox the boy told the girl something that would change her life. “I’m moving tomorrow,” the boy said. “Why?” asked the girl placing a little flag on their sandcastle. “My daddy got a new job far away.” He said looking at the warm sand. “But why?” the girl asked again standing up. “I don’t know why sorry” the boy said about to cry. “Hmpf,” the girl said, “fine if you don’t know then I’m not going to play with you anymore!” The girl stomped away to her house leaving the boy to cry in the sandbox.
    At home the girl was in her bedroom cry on her bed holding her favorite doll “You’re an idiot.” The girl's older sister said walking into the room.” “No I’m not.” the girl said. “Then why did you yell at your so called crush?” the sister asked. “Because he didn’t tell me why he’s leaving.” Said the girl when her sister smacked her. “You are an idiot,” the sister said, “he did tell you but you’re to stupid to understand.” The girl’s sister left the room leaving the girl to think about what her sister meant.
    The next day the mover came and pick the boy’s things up and was about to leave. “Kenny wait don’t go yet!” the girl yelled running toward the truck. “I thought you weren’t going to play with me anymore.” The boy said turning his back on her. “I’m sorry Kenny,” The girl said crying, “I’m sorry for being a bad friend and being mean to you.” “Its okay Valentine I forgive you.” The Kenny said hugging the girl. The boy got on the truck and left out of the girl’s life. “I’m never going to talk until I see you again.” The girl said to herself walking home.
    Many years pasted since Kenny left Valentine and she kept her promise to her self to never talk again. Over time the girl’s family understood what she was doing and her friends left her for being weird. One day while waiting to go to her high school someone poked the girl and said, “You’ve changed a lot since the last time we met Valentine.” The girl turned around and almost feel to her knees crying. “Ken-Kenny.” The girl said in a voice she had her since she was a child. “Are you okay Valentine?” The boy asked grabbing her before she did fall. “I-I missed you,” The girl said crying.
    Later that week Kenny started going to the Vale school as Valentine and the to started dating. On their date the tow would talk about their lives and about when they children still in elementary school. A week before their one-year anniversary the Kenny told the girl something that would hurt her. At the park, of where the two last seen each other when they were younger, at night looking at the full moon. “Hey Val?” the boy asked looking at her. “ Yeah Kenny?” she asked still looking at the moon. “My parents want us to umm.” Kenny said scratching his head. “What’s wrong Kenny?” the girl asked staring at him. He took a deep breath, “my parents want us to break up.” He said in a long exhale. “Why?” Valentine asked confused. “They think your family is a ‘bad influence’ on me,” he said moving his hand away from hers. “Your not are going to are you?” Valentine asked worried. “I need to think about it.” He said leaving.
    A few days past and Kenny told Valentine what he choose. “Valentine I’m sorry.” That was all she heard before her head became confused and tears came out of her eyes. Kenny left her on her knees crying on the ground. “I will never speak and fall in love again.” The girl said to herself still crying.