• tab A compressed ball of air formed in the palm of her gloved hand as she held it out, willing it to take shape with her mind. The fast swirling wind produced a loud hum and streaks of the current took on a whitish, wispy color rather than staying invisible as wind usually was. Her fingers cupped it loosely as if she were grasping a large orb instead.
    tab However, Elistral's frustration grew as it broke apart only seconds after having come into being. The hum faded quickly as laughter began to echo in its place, rebounding sharply off the walls of the crypt and bringing a dull pain to her elven ears.
    tab "I told you, but you didn't believe me!" The mirth filled voice spoke over the echoes. It belonged to a half-orc man standing close by one of the low, stone coffins. Its lid was removed and broken, the pieces of the slate shattered from the hit it took with the wall. "I told you that magic wouldn't work in here! Only mine!"
    tab Elistral fidgeted with one of her rings absently, not even noticing that she was. It was true. She could not cast any spells nor use any form of magic within the room, thanks to the mage. There must have been some barrier or ward that negated it, which was a feat in itself, to deny such a powerful elf. The glyphs on her runed sword did not glow with their customary aura, and nor did any of her rings work. She'd been trying to hold back on physically attacking him, fearing that it would not work and when she stepped closer to him, even just a little, a horrid chill came upon her. But she had to do something, anything. And quickly.
    tab Behind her, the sounds of battle continued, her two friends fighting to keep the wave of undead from reaching her as she thought of a way to stop the crazy half-orc. They'd drawn the attention of all of the long-dead corpses so that none remained between her and him, yet now with her hesitation, they pushed past them and flooded in through the doorway. Rore's large sweeps did not halt them and neither did Verin's silver kris, something that should have surely made the unnatural foes think twice about touching it. It was not his but borrowed for the occasion.
    tab The man had begun his frantic chanting once again, his hands held palms down above something in the stone coffin. They shook with the influx of the power he was channeling and his body began to float a few centimeters off the dirty floor. A small bone by his foot shifted as he lifted up.
    tab "Elistral, do something!" Rore yelled, shaking her from her thoughts.
    tab But...what could she do when magic failed her?