• The Ten Evil Blades #21 Biohazard vs The Skull Gunners

    The Gunners Arena. For many centuries this arena has held every year. At every Academy. At every place. the only undefeated teams were The Dark Gunners and The Skull Gunners. The Dark Gunners were led by Saya Hurisha The Blood Shed. And The Skull Gunners who is led by team leader, Hakuru Sakrua The Death. These two rivals has been fighting each other for four years. Until now….

    Hakuru: ah…. My wings… Asuka can you fix them?

    Asuka: I’m just a zombie doctor. Not a mechanic.

    Hakuru: well are there any damage organs? Bones? What? Besides my healing powers can’t fix them all by themselves y’know?

    Asuka: you went too far on your spine Hakuru, your spine has severed broken structures. Heaps of energy are flowing out of it. Luckily its not really that dense. Don’t worry, your healing factor will take care of it.

    But most of your organs, well. Pretty much damaged. Your left leg is torned up as well.

    Hakuru you gotta take care of your battle more. Your not an Immortal being y’know?

    Hakuru: I know that. How long will they heal?

    Asuka: well since your healing factor takes 0.2 seconds to heal. I’d say 24 hours max.

    Hakuru: so all I need is a good rest right?

    Asuka: yes.

    Hakuru: Asuka, you’re the best doctor haha! oh and also Yukina.

    Yamota: yo!

    Hakuru: ah Yamota.

    Yamota: got some serious news.

    Hakuru: serious news?

    Yamota: Gunners Arena Tournament is behing held all over Japan!

    Hakuru: Gunners Arena?

    Let me guess its being held The Light Gunners?

    Yamota: actually both.

    Hell I heard Rev’s team is gonna be in it and Saya’s.

    Hakuru: wow news travel fast.

    Okay then lets book in.

    Yamota: alright!

    Asuka: Hakuru!

    Hakuru: yeah I know I know.

    Yamota whens the first match?

    Yamota: tomorrow.

    Hakuru: tomorrow?

    Wow. And I thought I’d have a good rest.

    Well atleast its tomorrow.

    We’ll set up a position plan tomorrow then.

    Yamota: position plan?

    Hakuru: yeah, ******** the ranks that we’ve been given, I’m no longer The Two Hands Yamota.

    That’s Rogue style.

    Hakuru: I’m the team leader. Aka “The Death”

    You’re the Flare Ranger right?

    Yamota: yep!

    Hakuru: hm, guess you can standby with the team leader.

    Kanome’s position could be leading people away.

    Keeping them on they’re distance.

    Sukya can hold off enemy lines. Her role is the protector.

    Fuka can blow things up with her cards.

    So I’m guessing she’s the second line in defense.

    That’s right!

    Kanome, Fuka and Sukya. Heh why didn’t think of that?

    Yamota: you mean…?

    Hakuru: yeah, they’re role is keeping enemies busy.

    While theres V, Hiyane and Asuka. They ambush.

    Yamota: actually yeah your right, they’re pretty good on that role.

    What else?

    You, me and Rizumi.

    We go head on to the enemies line.

    Yukina is good for detecting enemies.

    Shes an alchemist and also an intelligent person than anyone here in the group.

    Hakuru: shes also the perfect line for defense to tell us where the enemy is, what they’re doing and also. Shes got all the weapon tech as well. And can also fight well.

    Yamota: Hakuru, you are one badass team leader.

    Hakuru: one badass friend you mean? Well I’m gonna go to sleep.

    Yamota: okay then!

    Hakuru goes in her room and gets a good rest.

    Yamota: Hakuru…

    Even so you lost against Saya. You still have a good mind. Always staying calm. And don’t even care if you lose.

    Your those types of people I like heh.

    Yukina: Yamota!

    Yamota: oh hey Yukina whats up?

    Yukina: mind if I have a word with you?


    Meanwhile in her room.

    Yamota: whats this all about Yukina?

    Yukina: look at this.

    Yamota: hm? Its Hakuru’s mechanical wings. Yeah what of it?

    Yukina: you know how she always have streaming powers through that like a factory and stuff?

    Yamota: yeah?

    Yukina: its not it.

    Yamota: not it what?

    Yukina: those wings don’t just come out just to make her more powerful. Theres more reason to that.

    Yamota: more reason?

    Yukina: those wings. Are known as Berserker mode.

    Yamota: Berserker mode?

    Yukina: the old women that we met in Australia. She called me the other day and told me about the wings on Hakuru. She forgot to tell us about the wings on Hakuru. On why they’re inside her. Why she has it?

    The answer to that is…

    Rukina Sakura was the previous possessor of those wings.

    Yamota: what?! No way!

    Rukina did so had the wings. Hakuru couldn’t just be created and had those wings inside her just like that. They were “built” inside of her.

    Rukina had those wings and were built inside of her back when she was captured by the US military.

    There was a top secret organization called Gunners Terror. The main project of cloning and gunners foundery.

    They knew about Gunners a very long time ago.

    So they created G.T Project.

    This was after WW2.

    Rukina was captured after Japan surredered when Hiroshima was bombed.

    There was also another project, it was the Hurisha’s doing. It was known as “The Blood Shed Project”

    Yamota: The Blood Shed Project? But that’s Saya’s legend name isn’t it?!

    Yukina: indeed it is. Saya must’ve knew about the project name even before she was created.

    The Hurisha’s family daughter had an illness. And illness that couldn’t be cured.

    She was in a coma.

    Her DNA was odd though.

    She never aged. Never.

    Stuck inside of a 16 year old body.

    She must’ve slept for a long time.

    So what they did was cloned her.

    All of the subjects died except one.

    Number 00. aka Saya Hurisha.

    Yamota: my god… how can the past be so advance?

    Yukina: Japan of course. They always have secrets behind they’re plans.

    However there was the Sakura family.

    One man name Onimaru.

    His daughter died from a bomb explosion.

    He kept all the DNA of her daughter.

    But didn’t had any technology to clone her like the Hurisha’s.

    However. What they didn’t knew that they had another relative. Which they never knew before.

    Who they never met or known.

    Her name was Rukina Sakura. Soul survivor of the destruction of Hiroshima.

    Yamota: but how come they never knew about Rukina Sakura?

    Yukina: that I don’t know. Laura gave me a lot of information and files.

    When Onimaru found out that there was an unknown relative she never known before. She decides to capture her to become the project of G.T.

    This was when G.T was created in 1945.

    To 1946.

    All other subjects failed.

    They needed the same blood type as Onimaru’s daughter.

    Which is Blood Type O.

    And Rukina was one of them.

    And Hakuru as well.

    Rukina was finally captured and was the best subject of them all.

    She was the only one to be the best G.T out of them all.

    The rest of the subjects were killed. Because G.T Project was top secret. Even the Government and Prime Minister haven’t even heard of G.T Project.

    But what they done to her when they erased Rukina’s mind.

    They built a mechanical wing in her for over one year.

    Project after project.

    They build and build with any advance or tools they have in they’re project.

    Then it was finally over. Project G.T was finished.

    They even placed a demon soul inside of Rukina. Onimaru was a former Gunners Master.

    Yamota: wow what a guy then haha.

    Yukina: however, Laura was also part of the project too, but felt more pity for Rukina.

    She placed capsules on each hole of the wings.

    It was to flow Rukina’s blood through the capsules and wings.

    And also powerful energy.

    Yamota: so… wait Laura was also helping them to build the wings?

    Yukina: yes. It was actually Laura’s design.

    Yamota: it was her design?!

    Yukina: well after the project was finished she realised what G.T was all about.

    Destroy anyone who gets in they’re way of power.

    Laura refused that and helped Rukina to be free.

    By that time Onimaru’s company was called “The BWF” (Biological Weaponry Facilities)

    They were built everywhere.

    Clones were also manufactured as well.

    But they just kept dying and dying.

    Two companies can only make only one cure.

    Which his Onimaru and Hurisha.

    However they don’t have any more stock to build more cures cause it costed like one billion yen to create them.


    Yukina: yeah, Onimaru kept the cure fully shut. Hurisha’s cure was easily enough to pass through by.

    Yamota: man….


    Yukina: if Hakuru tries to release the berserker mode again. she might released those capsules out.

    Those capsules… they’re also cures as well that keeps Hakuru from dying.

    Yamota: those too?

    Man no wonder she doesn’t that easily I have to dodge my way through my opponent but head on. that’s what Hakuru does…

    Yukina: well anyways that’s all, I really don’t know anything else.

    Yamota: you sure do your researching Yukina. You should really need a rest.

    Yukina: an alchemist never rests.

    Besides the only 3 alchemists here left are me, Yukio and Yuko.

    My mother was also an alchemist, not anymore.

    Don’t know where she is but shes probably one of them.

    Yamota: say what was your mothers real name?

    Yukina: …..


    Haruna Suijo….

    The next day.

    Hakuru: WAKEY WAKEY!

    Yamota: eh?!

    Hakuru: lets hurry up and book!

    Yamota: oh s**t yeah!

    GO GO GO!

    Everyone tsay! Me and Yamota are going to book us into something!


    Hakuru: woah, look at these teams.

    Yamota: they look tough.

    Look at they’re elbems and symbols.

    Hakuru: well atleast we got ours.

    Yamota: wheres Saya?

    Saya: yo.

    Hakuru: oh Saya.

    Saya: hey Hakuru, from now on, you and I are equals just like that.

    Hakuru: huh?

    Saya: even so I defeated you, I knew you were ready for your tactics. However you gave it your all just like I have.

    It was one hell of a fight.

    Saya: we’re equal now alright? No draws or anything.

    Hakuru: haha, okay then.

    Saya: just one more thing, don’t let your whole team down. Don’t even lose, or think about losing. Kick everyone’s asses here. besides I’m just hoping my team doesn’t come up against you.

    Hakuru: why’s that?

    Saya: cause I already kicked your a**.

    Hakuru: hay our afraid.

    Saya: well that was our last final match

    Hakuru: oh yeah.

    Saya: nice outfit by the way.

    Hakuru: yours too actually.

    Yamota: (ha, back to the good old days)

    Kikio: sup Yamota.

    Yamota: hey.

    Kikio: wanna party?

    Yamota: ******** yeah, after we go up against our first team.

    Kikio: figured out your position?

    Yamota: position?

    Kikio: Saya already booked us in. and already formed up a formation.

    Yamota: hey we did that too.

    Kikio: you did huh?

    Well let the best team win.


    Kikio: our team’s not gonna go up against you man.

    Besides, its pointless, you and I man. Should really need to stop fighting. Oh also sorry about back at the Academy.

    I shouldn’t of raise my anger at you.

    Yamota: its cool.

    Kikio: but seriously I am.

    Yamota: its cool really honest.

    Besides we gotta party to do!

    And also, we got teams we have to kick a**!

    Hakuru: I kinda miss my black sword.

    Saya: I think the normal colour would actually do Hakuru.

    Well anyways, news are spreading out that the Light and Dark are hunting us down again right?

    Hakuru: they are?

    Saya: yeah, even the HellsBound Crisis gang and guess what Hakuru.

    Hakuru: hm?

    Saya: The Ten Evil Blades are in it too. So they’re targetting them.

    Hakuru: what?!

    Saya: the Ten Evil Blades might be after you. Maybe me too.

    We gotta be careful on this.

    Who knows what they’re up to. And what they’re planning.

    However there are some teams that don’t even know about Gunners. They just think its for fun. Criminals. Mafia. Yakuza. People around the world man.

    Saya placed her head around Hakuru’s neck while she has a ciggaret.

    Saya: between you and me Hakuru.

    This tournament is slaughter.

    Saya: this means its life and death. But as you say right?

    Hakuru: we don’t die that easily.

    Saya: haha. yeah.

    Saya puts a ciggaret in Hakuru’s mouth and lights it up swhile she has her arm around her neck.

    Saya: lets give it our best out there, kill em if you have to.

    Hakuru: well I am “The Death” and your “The Bloood Shed” why the hell are you The Demon Kunoichi?

    Saya: and why are you The Demon Samurai?

    Hakuru: I quitted that name awhile ago, besides I had my a** kicked by The Demon Samurai. And almost had my a** kicked by The White Knight. ******** up right?

    Saya: true true. Okay from now no secondary names. One name.

    Hakuru: why do even change our legend names anyway?

    Saya: who knows.

    As they were talking a group of people with biohazard emblems on them were at a far side corner looking at Hakuru.

    So…. Shes Hakuru Sakura.

    I say they’re hunting her down.

    I can’t wait to see what shes got.

    Nah she’ll be slaughtered.

    Leader: she won’t be slaughtered.

    Not that long.

    Saya: so anyways. Since the first match will be starting. I think we’re up first.

    Hakuru: huh?

    Saya: it’s a list.

    Hakuru: al ist?

    Saya: yeah, its one hell ofa big list. And theres a huge a** board as well.

    The Dark Gunners vs The Poison Snakes.

    Saya: well now what do ya know? We’ll be starting later.

    Hakuru: what just Kikio and you?

    Saya: no I brang the whole gang with me.

    Lilly: yo!

    Hakuru: oh hey Lilly.

    Lilly: so your fighting next right?!

    Hakuru: well after you guys.

    Who am I going up against?

    Saya: lets see now, The Skull Gunners vs Biohazard.

    Hakuru; Biohazard?

    Saya: weird a** name. but they look tough. I wonder where are they?

    Hakuru: …


    Saya: Hakuru you should the rest of your teams here now.

    Hakuru: huh why?

    Saya: because my team…

    Are gonna obliterate the Poison Snakes down flat!

    Hakuru: heh good luck then.

    Hakuru: Yamota, call the rest of the team down.

    Yamota: got it.

    Hakuru: because Saya is gonna go kick some a**.




    Saya: guess Gunners can’t be kept secret huh?


    Time to get busy then.

    Wakada: heh all of them are women!

    Saya: oy oy oy…. We may be women. Or probably teenage girls but…

    Don’t underistimate us.. cause we’re gonna obliterate you flat down!

    Wakada: yeah right!


    Saya: Formation A. start!

    Kikio: roger!

    They all spreaded out into a formation like a territory.

    Defending they’re own fortress.

    Kikio! Yukio! Lets go!



    Saya took out her katana.


    Saya: Dark Crusade Cut!

    The other groups were cut down as Saya fired one of her rounds of shotgun.

    Kikio: save some for me man!

    Yukio: Iron Cannon!


    Kurai/Tsuki: BLACK MOON SHADOW!

    Wakada: huh?!


    Wakada: GAH! WHAT THE?!

    Saya: hey whats with the outfit mister?

    Kurai: it looks weird.

    Kikio: heaps weird.

    Kasumi: yeah…

    Saya: I mean what is this? GI.JOE s**t? Come on dude, get serious your not Serpentor or whatever?

    (Serpentor is a character from GI.JOE is actually a terroist of Cobra.)

    Saya: well you give?

    Wakada: ah.. yeah…

    Saya: told ya Hakuru! You see that!

    Hakuru: that doesn’t even look like you obliterate them, I think you just insulted them.

    Some weird first match man.

    Wakada: hehe.


    Saya: ANGEL BLAST!

    She raised her blue energy and slammed her leg onto the ground with a large blast.

    Saya: done.


    Hakuru: well guess we’re up next.

    Sukya: yo!

    Hakuru: oh your all here.

    Yamota: heh.

    Hakuru: okay everyone today we’re in a tournament against Biohazard. They might seem tough so I don’t know what they look like.

    I already set up positions for you guys.

    Lets see what the rules are…

    If team leader goes down then that means you lose. The team leader is the important person in the tournament.

    Hakuru: ha… so no wonder Saya was going after Wakada.

    Alright, heres our positions listen up.

    I am the team leader, and I’ll be instructing every formation to you guys. The rest is all up to you in those positions.

    Attackers will be me, Yamota and Rizumi.

    While distant positions will be Kanome, who will be holding enemy lines.

    That’s the same with Sukya, since she has more firepower than the rest of us. And besides with Sukya she could actually destroy enemies that might past our line.

    We’ll be having half the area.

    If they pass our line then that defense will be Sukya and Kanome.

    Also for Fuka since she has explosive cards. She could put flames on the line.

    Us attackers have to destroy the enemy head on. but we gotta separate to do that.

    The distance positions will be holding enemies off for us whiel we’re fighting them so that will be a good chance to destroy them.

    Yukina will be scanning for enemies but she will also be at the high point position. The high point position will be hiding somewhere. Anywhere. she can fight if she wants to, but also needs to keep track on enemies.

    Shes the best position on that.

    Yukina: well fighting isn’t really my thing.

    Hakuru: well atleast you can fight good.

    Yukina: heh, don’t worry I’ll tell you guys what they’re doing. Besides we can kill em.

    Hakuru: hmph.

    Now for the ambush platoon.

    Hakuru: that will be Asuka, V and Hiyane.

    You guys are the best at ambushing. And since we never practice ambushing before, we fought well ever since the four of us created The Skull Gunners. The three of you guys are the best at this position.

    V will lead the squad. Asuka is the best at slaughtering the enemies since shes-


    Hakuru: Asuka is that a nurse outfit?

    Asuka: I thought I was the medic.

    Hakuru: well you can be that too but…. Nurse outfit?

    Asuka: I like it…

    Hakuru: suit yourself.

    Hiyane has skateboarding moves. And people can’t really tough her that well. And for V. well since shes a full blooded demon shes the best at conquering enemies with her own red lightning powers isn’t that right V?

    V puts on her old red round glasses on and breaths into her white mask.

    V: yeah.

    Hakuru: alright everyone get it now?

    Kanome: piece of cake!

    Hakuru: alright then. Oh Kanome you still got that flying thing?

    Kanome: yeah?

    Hakuru: sweet. Here you may need this too.

    Kanome: my old sniper rifle!

    Hakuru: its been awhile, I want to use our old weapons too.

    They always come in handy and always ave our old asses.

    Kanome: then that means I’m carrying three weapons.

    It will save ya life y’know?

    Kanome: yeah yeah…

    Hakuru: Sukya, your old mini gun is probably upgraded by Yukina right?

    Sukya: yep.

    Hakuru: and for Yamota.

    Those are new magnums aren’t they?

    Yamota: yeah.

    Hakuru: your mother mustve took off your rose revolvers. Shame though.

    Here catch.

    Yamota: what?! This is a colt gun!

    Hakuru: western guns right?

    Yamota: y-yeah!

    Hakuru: Yukina?

    Yukina: already have my P90’s.

    Hakuru: those things are badass.

    Lets see now.

    Lucky Long Shot. Two 9mm pistols. My katana blade, my lucky combat knife. And what else?

    Oh yeah grenades.

    Yamota: those things always save your a**!

    Hakuru: yep.

    Yamota: well we’re all set.

    Lets go enter the arena!


    Hakuru: so that’s they’re team leader.

    It was a women name Colts. She had long black hair, with a biohazard left eye mark.

    Hakuru: what the?

    Does she has Evil Energy?

    She had guns all around her. With team mates.

    Hakuru: tough bastards.

    You know the plan right?

    Everyone: yeah.

    Colts: Hakuru Sakura…

    I wonder if she’ll keep up with us.

    Nah I don’t think so.

    She’ll be flat!

    Colts: ….


    Hakuru: Bullet Crusader!

    Colts: …?


    A blue beam came out of her gun as it damaged the whole ground.

    Hakuru: serperate!

    The whole Skull Gunners seperated. They dodged and jumped as Rizumi, Hakuru and Yamota went head on.

    Hakuru: leave Colts to me!


    Got it!






    Tatsu: Spreading Hazard!

    Yamota: FLARE BARRIER!


    Tatsu: your… a flare user?!

    Yamota: you know flare users huh?!

    I don’t know em that much!

    Tatsu: wait you’re a flare user but doesn’t even know its own clan?!

    Yamota: listen, I don’t care anything about the flare clan, flare family or flare race. I’m just here to fight with my friends!


    As Yamota and Tatsu were fighting Rizumi faced off with an unknown enemy who carries only but a disc.

    Rizumi: oh… a sharp disc huh?

    Guess I’ll have to take care of him.

    Sindo: huh?

    Rizumi: Shuriken Crusader!

    Sindo: …

    He throws a disc at the shuriken as they both reflected at each other.

    Rizumi caught her big Shuriken and threw her kunai knives.

    Sindo: Black Plague!

    Rizumi flips back and unleashed poison from her mouth which got rid of the Black Plague.

    Rizumi: KUNOICHI ARTS!


    She shot out painful needles from her mouth.

    Sindo got shot, but no poison can affect him.

    Rizumi: the poison doesn’t affect him?

    Sindo: enough games!

    He took out a MA14 rifle.

    Rizumi: a MA14?! No way!

    Sindo: eat lid!


    Rizumi flipped back wards and unleashed a barrier.


    Kanome: gotcha!

    Target 8 o’clock!

    She licked her lips and uses her old sniper rifle.

    Kanome: okay!

    Eat this!

    She pulled the triggur and fired the bullet.

    But then suddenly.

    A women came and caught the bullet.


    She had dark purple hair and yellow eyes.

    Seriously Sindo, your too off guard.

    Sindo: Tatsumaki…

    Tatsumaki (The Hurricane/Tornado)

    Tatsumaki: ah position battlefield….

    Sindo: that isn’t position battlefield, but it looks similar to position battlefield.

    Rizumi: ah! Damn! What are you guys talking about?!

    Tatsumaki: none of your business fool…


    Rizumi: AH!

    She slammed the ground making a hurricane out from the concrete ground.

    Rizumi: damn!

    Kanome: damn! Sukya!

    Sukya: right!

    Colts: heh come on Hakuru that lal you got? Kicks, punchs, twists. Damn sis. You really are a slow poke.


    She twists her right leg on the ground and does a side kick, then a back kick then up in the air a tornado kick.

    Colts: ah!

    Nice kicks!

    Yukina: hm…?

    One… two… three… four…

    Wheres the rest?

    Scanning area now….

    V: ….

    Asuka: …

    Hiyane: huh? Odd, theres only four people.

    V: …. Ah s**t!





    Colts: so what now? I’m guessing that was your ambush squad…

    Hakuru: ha!

    Colts: hm?

    Hakuru: you think my friends would get blown away just like that?

    Your team is starting to underistimate them.

    The party has just begun!

    V, Asuka and Hiyane came out from the smoky explosion as they see three people. They were Tatto, Kohta and Beam.

    V: right on time, Asuka!

    Asuka: the big bomg…

    Hiyane: ACTIVATE!

    Tatto: what the hells happening?!

    The flame starts to surround the three people. Tatto was firing her gun up the air at V but no bullet shas affect on V.

    V: good they’re surrounded by flame! Now!

    Asuka, Hiyane!


    Hiyane pulled out her SMG and starts to fire at Tatto and the rest. As V unleashed her eyes.


    Asuka: AHHH!

    V: Asuka catch!

    She unleashed the Skull Cross Grave with her own eyes and shoots it at Asuka’s chainsaw. Then Asuka swinged her chainsaw around and throws the power at Tatto, Kohta and Beam.


    Tatto is out of the arena.

    Kohta is out of the arena.

    Beam is out of the arena.

    V: ambush succeeded!

    Colts: how?!

    Hakuru: your messing with the wrong team.

    we’re the Skull Gunners. And we don’t die that easily.

    Maybe I should forget about that ritual samurai thing.

    Oh well, time to forget about my Bushido crap.

    Hakuru: from now on my own vow is protecting my friends and lead them to wherever we ******** go!

    Colts: as if!

    Hakuru: care to say that again Colts!?

    Colts: heh, you really are something huh?

    Well you got a long way to go Hakuru Sakura!

    This tournament has just begun!


    Hakuru: Duel Bullet Crusader!



    Tatsu: Fist Shield!

    Yamota: just kidding!

    Tatsu: huh?!

    Yamota: GRENADE FLARE!


    Tatsu: ah!

    Yamota: hey whats wrong?!

    Feeling a bit lost don’t ya think?!

    Tatsu: hmph.



    Yamota: unleashing your demon so soon?

    Man she looks strong.

    Yamota: Ashrah, will it be cool if I take care of him?!

    Ashrah: do whatever you want, just make it quick!

    Yamota: alrighty then.

    Ujiro: lets get serious now! No more playing around!

    Yamota: heh…


    Ujiro Kurai Shi?!

    Say hello to my cow girl friend!

    Yamota: only one flare bullet, and your done!



    Yamota: Flame Flare Cannon Bullet!


    The explosion was huge. Huger like blazing flames.

    Ujiro: ah…

    She turns back to Tatsu.

    Tatsu: y-your strong…

    As a flare user, you still don’t know about your flare race?

    Yamota: look I don’t care anything about my race.

    I’m human, and that’s it!

    Just human, okay?

    Yamota: besides I don’t even belong to they’re race, I was born, and raised as a human being.

    Well, for a few years, then I raised myself.

    Yamota: look I’m not interested in becoming powerful or reaching up to my goals.

    I’m just here to have some fun, and here to stop someones plans with my friend.

    That’s it.

    Yamota: I’m just doing whatever Im doing.

    Tatsu: Yamota-san…


    Rizumi: HORSE SPIRIT!

    Sindo: REFLECTOR!


    Rizumi: eat this!

    She threw a couple of grenades and pulled out her two large shurikens and threw them at Sindo.

    Sindo: its time!



    Rizumi: using a demon at this kind of time?!

    Sindo: now you shall face my wraith.

    Rizumi: hmph.

    Oh well, guess I can test out my demon in the battlefield.



    Rizumi’s clothes turned all to black as her tattoes on her cheeks glowed into purple. Her yellow eyes were darker and turned to red. Her shurikens turned sharper and her powers grew ten times as before.

    Maya: so your Sindo huh?!

    Well, guess like I can enjoy this!



    Sindo: heh stop playing around!


    The black smoke was being sucked in by Sindo’s hand.

    Sindo: now I can see you!

    Maya: you feel for it

    Sindo: huh?!

    His right arm exploded.

    Sindo: AHH!!!

    Then his right leg, his left leg and his other arm.

    His guts started falling too.

    Sindo: AHHH!!!


    Maya: my smoke can destroy all of your parts.

    I knew you have the power to suck powers.

    Maya: it was obvious, look at your demon mark.

    Its obvious that you have those kind of powers.

    So once you suck into my powers. Your own body will explode.

    Don’t worry I won’t kill you.

    Besides I still won anyway.

    Maya: never underistimate a ninja’s power. Even against the Skull Gunners!

    Switching back.

    She transforms back into Rizumi.

    Rizumi: phew.

    I used up a lot of energy back there.

    Rizumi: now, wheres that Tatsumaki girl?

    She was gone.

    Rizumi: …..



    Yukina this is Rizumi, are there any enemies coming?!

    Yukina: here, one. Its coming at our direction.

    Rizumi: I knewi t, is she fast?

    Yukina: don’t know. Wait… I see someone…


    Yukina: yep pretty much shes fast alright! Don’t worry! Leave her to us!

    Tatsumaki: WIND BLAST OFF!

    Kanome: WITCH BLAST OFF!


    It deflected.

    Kanome: darn it!

    Yukina: hit her with everything you got!

    Sukya: leave it to me!




    She uses her mini gun and throttles its accuracy.


    Sukya: okay I’m holding her off! Yukina, scan her! Find some weak points! Kanome don’t fire yet! If Yukina finds a weak spot you shoot okay?!

    Kanome: right!

    Sukya: Fuka! Your with me! lets pin her down!


    They shot everything they had against her. Sukya was almost running out of bullets. Fuka was trying to pin her down at both sides.

    Fuka: wait a minute I got it!

    Fuka sees two structures at each side. She shot both of them down as the two buildings collapse onto Tatsumaki.

    Fuka: hope that works.

    The hurricane appeared again.

    Fuka: guessn ot.

    Tatsumaki: watch it b***h!

    Kanome: target OK!

    She fired a bullet to her right leg.

    Tatsumaki: gah!

    Yukina: give it up! We have pinned you down!

    Tatsumaki: heh your forgetting one.



    Hakuru flipped back wards and fired two bullets. Then she kicked her up in the air with a SENFUGEN.

    Colts: ah!

    Hurricane fist!

    Hakuru took a hit but then-

    Hakuru: Skull Crusader!


    Colts: AH!



    Hakuru: AHH!!!

    Colts: AHH!!

    They both run into each other as Hakuru took out her katana, Colts took out a machete. They slashed they’re blades toegther and runs around like a circle and hits each other with it. They jump in the air and SLASH they went.. they both carry one pistol. Hakuru always carries a 9mm pistol. As Colts only carried a desert eagle.

    Colts: damn your strong!

    I see why Heaven wants to kill you!

    Hakuru: that’s not heaven Colts!


    Colts: don’t you dare say that about heaven itself!

    Hakuru: I’m telling you!



    Colts machete breaks.

    Colts: why… why are you so strong…

    What are your goals?!

    Hakuru: my only goal, is to stop The Ten Evil Blades plans.

    Then off to do whatever I wanna do.

    What? You think I’ll be wasting my own time fight against you guys. I’m doing this to stop the Ten Evil Blades.

    I don’t intend to destroy The Light Gunners or The Dark Gunners.

    But I will have to hurt you guys if you have to get in our way.

    You lost Colts. Sorry.

    Hakuru: ….

    Colts: …

    Hakuru: look, I have nothing against you guys anyway.

    Why not do what you want to do, instead of stopping me. theres no point to it anyway. Its boring.

    Colts: ?!

    Hakuru: you should go and do something for yourself, maybe for the rest of the team.

    Or try aiming at the top with you team mates if you want. Besides. My vow is protecting my friends. because without them. I would have been lost in this world.

    Hakuru: so that’s why I have to protect them, and stop The Ten Evil Blades.

    No matter what!

    Colts: ….

    Is that why your so strong? To keep that burden in your heart?

    Hakuru: my friends aren’t a burden.

    Actually, we protect each other.

    And I know my friends are strong. So as team leader I will also protect them.

    Hakuru: well this match is over.




    Everyone cheered as the rest of the team walked out of the arena.

    Hakuru: Yamota, ready for a party?

    Yamota: AW HELL YES!

    Hakuru: after the party, we’re gonna go and train.

    Yukina: I already set up a field.

    Hakuru: heh.

    Also, get Rev to bring us some weapons.

    Like rifles, pistols.


    Too bad I didn’t get use much grenades as I want.

    Saya: hey Hakuru.

    Hakuru: eyah…

    They both slapped they’re hands against each other as they passed through.

    Saya: *nice work*

    Hakuru: *hmph*

    As the whole team walks away Shino was there.

    Shino: …

    Hakuru Sakura….

    Tressa: I hear she lost Shino.

    Shino: against Saya. I know…

    But that doesn’t make any difference.

    Shino: well it doesn’t matter now.

    Has Alice been awaken?

    Webber: yeah, shes good and new.

    Shino: alright then.

    Our next battle comes next!

    Be ready…. All nine of you.

    No… all “ten” of you.

    Webber: hmph, the tenth member. Yeah that.

    Shino: you better prove that you’ll help us


    (it’s the other Kurai. I got so many Kurai characters. So heres the list.)

    Kurai – The Dark Side Chronicles.

    Kurai and Tsuki – the two powerful clone twins of Saya.

    Kurai – the clone of Hakuru Sakura, but however 2 times powerful as the rest of the clones.

    However the 3rd Kurai won’t be in any Gunner Series anymore though.

    To be continued.

    Next chapter: #22 The Ten Evil Blades vs The Falcon Squadron.