• The News Report

    "In addition to this, there have been unnatural phenomenon happening all over the world, mostly in metropolitan areas..."

    Kira Daile looked up at the TV from her homework. Probably just another gag, she thought. Then the image of a pink yard flamingo was shown, beating up some poor sap. Okay, now I know it's a joke. The doofus has most likely just wired the thing up with a motor of some kind and controlling it remotely.

    Kira went back to her homework, not really paying attention to the rest of the report:

    "These...things have been spotted all over the stateline area, and four deaths have already been reported. Local residents have said that they look and act very much like the Animated from the popular social site, Gaia Online. As of now, authorities feel that this is some sick prank, and are looking for any leads as to whoever is doing this..."

    And on cue, a little ball of fluff scuttled by the apartment, looking for its lunch. After all, what harm could a few missing humans do? They'd eventually be forgotten about, anyway.

    The Animated were here.