• falling on her a**, jade squeels. "hey! what was that for?" she pouts up at the large male wolf looking down at her, her paws in the air.

    her instructor growls "you know my rules! you've known them sinceyou started my class!" his deep brown eyes glare down at her, his black wet nose flaring with anger.

    jade's eyes shake and she whimpers out "i don't know what you're talking about! i did nothing wrong!."

    just as she utters the last word, snide giggles float into the room. "hey plushie, looks like you got what you desurved."

    tears roll down her muzzle, wetting her white fur. they must have told M. McLand about what happened with illizia...

    the instructor growls low and hateful. he had very few rules, but the one she broke was the worst of all: no mating with other students. jade knew she should have been ashamed of herself, but she wasn't. if this is the price she has to pay for being happy, she's willing to take it.

    "take a shower then gather your things, you are to leave as soon as possable." her instructor growls, then turns briskly, and trots away. his dirt brown tail swaying with each step.

    jade gets up and walks to her hotel room and showers, the warm water matting down her fur. at this point, she wasn't sure what was tears and what was water running down her face.

    her ears and whiskers drooped with sadness.

    karate was her life, she had nearly a hundred trophies and medals to prove it!

    sulking in the steam of her shower, she hears a soft knock at the door. "go away radar." she chokes out, unable to keep her voice steady.

    she heard a soft sigh then the bed creak.

    jade quockly washes and wraps a towel around herself, walking into the main of her hotel room.

    there on the bed sat illizia.

    jade tightens her towel. "what?" she says, her voice rough with tears, her eyes red and puffy.

    his voice is soft "i heard what happened with Mr. Mcland." he says. his emerald green eyes glisten with worry and care.

    jade just shakes the water from her fur and walks to her suitecase, looking for clean clothes.

    she soon feels illizia's paws on her shoulders, massaging away her worries.

    "izzy stop" she whispers. she just wants to sulk alone. she grabs an overly baggy shirt and pulles in on, lertting the towel drop as she does so.

    the wolf kisses her neck softly, his short whiskers brushing against hers "chin up, please, love." he spins her around and looks into her eyes. "i'm sorry."

    she looks away. she knows she's probably hurting him, but she's too depressed to care.

    he pulls her onto the small bed, holding her close. she can't contain it any longer. she sobs into his strong chest, her tears soaking through his soft shirt.

    he gently pets her back, and despite eveyrthing her tail curls and wags.

    her ears perk up, hearing him mumble under his breath. then, keeping his sharp claws out of the way, he lifts her head.

    "jade look at me" illizia says, his voice is a soft coo.

    she meets his eyes

    "i'm sorry this happened. i didn't know he's ban you from returning. please let me help." both his eyes and voice were sincer.

    jade sighs "there's nothing you can do, izzy." she shrugs her shoulders, letting her ears droop slightly.

    before she could sulk anymore, her muzzle has found his, their tounges waltzing together in a dance unique to them.

    jade knew this was wrong, but she didn't care anymore.

    illizia's paws found her sides and slowly clawed their way down to her narrow hips, making her arch into him. she removes his shirt and discards it, pressing herself to the warm furst of his chest.

    their maws find one another again and fall into another heated kiss.

    soon the rest of their clothing lays in shreds around the small bed and they are exploring eachother.

    soon, illizia has jade pinned, her paws caught in his abother her head.

    his head dips down and slowly and teasingly nips and licks down... down... fueled by ear moan and whimper.

    breaking free of his grasp, jade pulls her mouth back to hers, her tounge asking for things her voice doesn't dare.

    he settles between her legs, his member hovering about her.

    she whimpers softly as he nips at her neck

    jade arches into him untill he is covered to the hilt. it felt so perfect to both, neither of them knew where one of them started, and the other ended.

    their bodies find the perfect rythum and moans emit from each of them.

    ilizzia bit her shoulder untill it bled as his orgasm reached it's peak, his seed empying into her.

    to this she followed, calling his name as it rippled through her.

    panting and spent, the two layed together, not speaking a word.

    and they both knew there was no need for words.