• It started as a theory. It was unimportant in my daily life at first, which consisted of working at a genetics facility in Maryland, but it quickly grew.The more I thought about it the bigger the idea became and complexed itself in my abundant mind. I thought of every possible outcome, every solution to every problem, every mistake that could take place and the means to fixing them and I stabilized my theory more and more everyday. The Perception theory, as it came to be known, consisted of a formula that, given the right circumstances, could make one transparent. It works just like a chameleon.
    Chameleon's have cells called chromatophores that layers under their transperent skin. The upper layer hosts cells, called xanthophores and erythrophores, that contain yellow and red pigments. Under that layer is a type of cell called iridophores that contain a colorless crystalline substance called guanine. These reflect amongst others the blue part of incident light. If the upper layer of chromatophores appear mainly yellow, the reflected light becomes green, due to the blue mixing with the yellow. A layer of dark melanin containing melanophores is situated even deeper under the reflective iridophores. The melanophores influence the 'lightness' of the reflected light. All these different pigment cells can rapidly relocate their pigments, thereby influencing the color of the chameleon.
    If humans had cells like these, it would cause them to blend into their surroundings, althhough that's not the only reason they would change. Their color would also change varying on their mood, the temperature of the room, even the lighting. By allowing the pigents to absorb these variables, however, the user could become completely transparent. This would require great genetic alterations, and even surgery, but with funding and a series of paid volunteers, I could create my theory. What started as a simple thought became this massive experiment in my head that was bursting at the seams, just dieing to get out. It wouldn't be long before it acually did.