• She screamed in the night, and boy did that scare me!
    "Eeeeeeeeeeeek!" She screamed.
    "what is it?
    "Why is there bat wings coming out of my panties? I swear, I just looked right there, when I pulled the covers off of me, and their it was! Why is there a bat wings? What the Hell!!!!!!" She screamed, so much it scared the bat some and the panties wiggled alittle with the wings.
    "Ummmmm....... It was me..... It was alittle Halloween trick. Alittle sex trick! That's all, nothing more!" I said as, I began to make my move on my lover.
    "Oh! I thought it was real, as she began to respond to my advances, by moving her face to mine, to begin kissing.
    "Oh, by the way, how did you get the fake bat in my panties again?" She asked, as she began to grab at some parts of my body I shouldn't say.
    "Oh, while you were sleeping." I said to her, while I tugged on her panties and bra.
    "And that wasn't a fake bat; It's a real bat."
    "Oh! Honey!" She moaned to me.
    She grabbed at me, and pulled down my body with hers. And began kissing me passionately, and roughly, then she ran her hand through my hair, so nicely iwth her graceful hands, I couldn't help but say!
    "Oh darling!"
    I said that just as her bra was about to come off, but then she pushed me away and turned and pulled the blankets up to her chest, while she was lying on her stomach. Then she reached down to her crotch, grabbed the bat and threw it out of her panties, and turned her head and said to me"
    "Honey, that makes you sound gay."
    "What?!?!" I said.
    "It makes you sound like a fancy homosexual." She said with a weird smile.
    "Oh," I said while looking at her with my mouth wide, open while standing on my knees fully sexually erect.
    "I forgot that.... Right."

    The End.