• “Pandora!” Bane yelled through the closed in the forest as she saw her friend’s skirts flap near a tree just out of her reach. “Pandora!” she yelled again. Pandora did not stop in fear that Bane would see the tears that she had been crying but more so the blood that stained her chin. She knew she’d betrayed her friend and the decency that she had swore to compose. She’d let Bane down, she’d failed the only Werewolf she’d ever known to be kind to her.
    Bane finally caught up and pounce onto Pandora’s back knocking the none existent breathe from both their chest. Bane grabbed Pandora, who squirmed under her to get away before Bane could see her face. But Bane was stronger and flipped her over. “I can smell it” Bane roared she placed her hand on Pandora’s scrawny pale neck. “I can smell it” Bane whispered tears filling her eyes. She pushed off of Pandora. “I loved her.” She whimpered trying to keep her composure and beastly side subdued inside of her. Pandora stood to her full height, her shoulders shaking. “And I loved you.” She managed to choke out.
    Bane closed her eyes and exhaled, “Pandora, we are of two worlds you are indeed a fool if you believe I could love you the way I loved her and you,” she paused and swallowed “you killed her”. Pandora grabbed banes hand and felt the pulsing heat from the rage that boiled inside of the woman she’d loved for a century. “I can take care of you, we can be together forever, me Bane,” Bane took her hand away and turned her back to Pandora, “I will not live forever, and it was my plan to live with what time I had left with Lira.”
    Bane thought of Lira’s hair and how it caught the sun when she’d lay in the grass. Or How Lira loved to laugh and cause trouble and then make her take care of it. She loved being Liras Protector, she loved the warmth of Liras kisses, she loved that Lira left nothing for behind closed doors and didn’t care what anyone had to say about their love. Bane then thought of how she felt when she felt, inside of her Liras soul fade from hers, and the scream she unleashed when she knew Liras heart had stopped beating.
    Pandora saw Bane thinking of all this and wondered if she had been the way Lira was, Human. Would Bane love her the same? Or would she still look through her like a freshly washed window? Pandora had seen Lira with Bane, how reckless she was. Picking battles for Bane to fight knowing Bane loved to fight, or kissing Bane out in the public knowing how people talk. Pandora thought of how Lira pushes her away when she tried to kiss her and fought her when she asked for an embrace. She remembered how Lira screamed for Bane when Pandora sank her fangs into the tanned neck. How With her last Breathe Lira begged Pandora to take care of Bane?
    Bane opened her eyes and felt the memory of Pandora through the hand Pandora clung to so tightly. Pandora’s eyes went wide with tears as she realized what she had done. Bane Pushed Pandora by her neck through a tree trunk giving a low growl. Her eyes turned to a gold, as her beast began to emerge.
    Pandora rose her eyes now a cold solid green, “Bane, I will not have it!” she screamed her tears no longer falling but anger now pouring from her eyes, “ She would’ve ruined you,” her fangs slid down from her gums a smooth slicking sound filled the air, “ She would’ve told everyone what you are.”
    Bane stretched her arms and began to unbutton her blouse. Shimming out of the tailored jack and pants to match. She stood naked facing Pandora. “You ruined me,” she yelled “Keeping me as nothing but a pet I fancied you but when I confessed you turned your back!” Pandora shuddered at the cold words, as she had nothing to defend herself with.
    “I was a puppy to you,” Bane said beginning to transform,
    “You were a friend!” Pandora hisses
    “Man’s best friend,” Bane groaned “Vampires worse enemy” her transformation was complete. She charged at Pandora Scratching crudely at the air in hopes to tear the flesh from her skin.
    Pandora hissed loudly and avoided the sharp claws of the wolf the charged her. She licked her chin and tasted Liras blood, distraction enough for Bane to somehow get atop of her and scratch at her eyes and neck. Pandora did her best not to fight back but she could feel Banes Rage close to severing her head from her very shoulders. She shoved Bane off and into a nearby boulder. Bane yelped, but was back on her feet. She gave a roar so powerful that Pandora’s spine rattled from pure ecstasy as well as fear. To see Bane in her true form Excited Pandora to the point where she was sure bane could smell her excitement from the battle.
    Bane could smell the excitement, but was not thrilled herself. She pitied Pandora; it took this, a battle that was assumed to be to the death to enthrall her. Bane Changed back into her human form, and walked past Pandora whose scent sent vomit rushing to the back of her throat. Pandora reached out to Bane but Bane pushed past her and began to put her clothes back on, her bare feet melting the old snow that had fallen days before.
    “Will you not speak to me now?” Pandora asked standing against a tree trunk, the scent of her own self intoxicating her as the thoughts of Banes hands moving over her body touched every inch of her imagination, she choked on the fantasy of Banes lips touching hers and the warmth of Banes body violently invading her.
    Bane said nothing to her; she continued strapping up her boots and straitening her neck tie. She began walking away from Pandora without words.
    Without thoughts.
    Without feelings.
    Pandora Screamed out For Bane. “Do you love me?!”

    Bane Scoffed, but did not look back,

    “You killed the only woman I loved, so that you could pretend to love me.”
    Pandora said nothing, but grasp for the empty air in front of her,
    Bane walked and faded into the snow banks.