• My heart stopped beating. I stopped breathing the second she hit the ground. I started running instantly. Praying. She couldn’t die. She couldn’t. I knelt by her side and flipped her limp body over gently. I checked for a pulse. No. This couldn’t be happening. I stared in horror at her. I moved the hair out of her face. Blood started forming on the ground around her. There was no movement in her face, or her body. Her beautiful eyes would forever be shut. I remember hearing a deafening crack before she went down. My whole world fell apart in that instant. What will I do without her? Tears formed in my eyes. I gulped deeply. I couldn’t imagine life without her. Anger boiled within me. I knew who was responsible for this. He was going to pay. I slowly stroked her face, promising to come back and bury her, she deserved that much for being brutally killed. She didn't have to die.
    I got up slowly, my eyes still glued to her lifeless body. I pulled my gun out of my pants pocket. I closed my eyes and turned around; gun aimed at my father, her murderer. I opened my eyes. I will avenge you, Lucetta.

    I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.