• well esther was asking how's abel doing
    well Caterina does know that back at the Vatican Abel is doing things where the inquistion group are attacking abel and hunting him down for herting the pope as he sleep
    wall Abel Trying to get away for the inquistion group a friend from the AX named Alex help abel get away from the inquistion group and abel tries staying with Alex but leave in the middle of the night to go where His family is and back to where esther is ask "How is Abel doing?" and there goes abel smashing throw the window in 02 form mad at the inquistion group for shooting at him and there is blood all over him from the glass window and Esther see that it's abel and stand there and there goes the alerm to the palise for queen esther all the gredes start shooting at abel and Abel jumps to move in max speed he can move and esther screems out "STOP!". Blood goes everywhere and abel's face and claw are driping with blood. Cateriana repleying to esther's question from before saying Abel's Doing good but not now. Esther starts to go over to the blood driping Abel with his Blood Red glowing eye's and starts yelling out to him "They Didn't need to die they where watching out for me! ABEL Your Not the Man I new When I was in the AX all I see is a Blood lusting MONSTER! Your Not ABEL ANYMORE!"