• Chapter: 3

    "So...how are we going to find this thing?" Ariel asked looking at Aaron. Aaron didn't reply. "Aaron? What's wrong?" "I'm thinking, hold on." "Oh god, he's thinking." Marcusa said sarcastically. "Ok, here's what we do, lets try to get lost again." "What?!" Ariel exclaimed.
    "That's just...that's so crazy it just might not work!" "No, I'm being serious here, we can do this!" "But what about the monster? Won't it kill us?", Michael asked. "I know we can take this thing. As second in command, I agree with Aaron." Marcusa patted Aaron on the back. "You don't have to be a suck up, jeez." Aaron replied. "Ok, so what, are we going to do this?" Ariel asked. "Yeah. We are."

    "So how are we doing, Marcusa?" Aaron asked while looking out of a telescope. "Nice and lost, captain. This just might work." "I think I see a fog coming! Head straight into it Marcy!" Ariel yelled. "Don't call me that." Marcusa spun the wheel up the ship until it was heading straight into the fog. "I need need a new pair of shorts." Michael said. "Too much man, too much." Aaron replied.

    Everyone tenses up as the fog engulfs the crew's ship. It becomes suddenly cold, and quiet. "So, where is it?" Ariel asked. "I don't kn-... Holy s**t." Aaron replied. The ship of sands, with the same hieroglyphs rose up from the water. Sean was no where to be seen, but the crew knew he was there. "Alright, so what do we do? Fire the cannons, board the ship, what?" Marcusa asked. "FIRE THE CANNONS, KILL THAT MONSTER SON OF A b***h!" Aaron yelled. "YES SIR!" Michael yelled back. Cannons loaded, the ship starts to wail on the ship of sands. After the cease fire, the ship of sands absorbs the cannon balls. "What the f***?" Aaron exclaimed. Suddenly the ship of sands begins to fire back. "s**t, we're being f***ed over, captain!!!" Marcusa yelled. "I know, I know!!!" A cannon ball hits the side of the ship, and a piece of debris impales Aaron in the eye. "F***!" "Aaron!" Ariel yelled. Aaron scrambles and slips on the deck of the ship and falls over onto the stairs. "Aaron are you ok?" Marcusa asked running over to him. Michael came over to examine the wound. "Yeah, that eye is lost, here, put this bandage on until we get to port." "Just get us the f*** out of here ok?! Come on, before we get sunk!!!" Aaron yelled.

    Marcusa grabs the wheel of the ship and steers away from the ship of sands. The fog dissipates from the area and the crew's ship heads back toward Victoria. Ariel leans down next Aaron, and holds his hand. "You'll make it, ok?" Ariel told him. "Look, I'm sorry for bringing us out here, I should've thought about it more." "It's alright, it doesn't matter now. I just care about your eye." "Thanks."