I'm celebrating the anniversary of the day I was kidnapped...is that necessarily normal?

    Every day, after Kai would depart from Matsuda and Orihime's--which I've been there for two weeks now--Ai would instantaneously drag me into the living room to draw and color with her. Even though I would normally be exhausted after Kai would leave, I would still agree to play with Ai. Eventually, Kira taught Ai how to play Halo...though he ended up regretting it. Let's just say that Ai is a quick learner and a good shooter, especially when it comes to shooting Kira.

    There was an important day approaching but i couldn't remember because I was so discombobulate time-wise.


    "Here, Arisa, put this on," Orihime smiled and handed me a dress. "This is the white one, right?"

    I nodded and took the dress, "Yes; it's pretty."

    I bowed to her gratefully and entered the bedroom. I stripped all but my underwear off, slipped on a strapless bra, slipped into the dress, and donned the jewelry on. Doing that reminded me of prom night in March when Orihime was dolling me up.

    Orihime entered the bedroom and gracefully glided over to me. She gently started feeling around my accessories and the dress. A smile grew on her face and her complexion glowed. She embraced me lovingly and sighed deeply.

    "One year already," she pulled back to look blindly at me. "It's already been one year since you came into our home."

    I smiled faintly, remembering, "Yes, you're right,"

    There was a knock at the front door, "Uncle Kai!" Ai exclaimed, audible from the second floor. Even though Kai came every day, Ai couldn't help but squeal at seeing him. I would do the same thing if it wouldn't label me as a creeper.

    "You might want to depart," Orihime advised me, "before Ai becomes too attached again."

    I smiled and nodded, turning on the heels of my pumps and leaving the bedroom. Stepping down the stairs, I felt like royalty when ai glanced over at me with a smile spreading across his face. My cheeks faded to a light pink as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs and Kai grasped one of my hands, lowered onto one knee, and, ever so daintily, kissed the top of my hand.

    "Beautiful," Kai mumbled and looked up at me.

    "Uh...y-you too..." I blushed a little more. Although I was in a somewhat formal dress, Kai was wearing the usual attire of a collared shirt and khakis.

    "You're both pretty," Ai giggled, tilting her head.

    "Shall we?" Kai asked rhetorically, standing up with his hand still in mine.

    Kai and I finally made it to the front door after Ai's fervent goodbyes and Kira's ungrateful pelvic thrust. As soon as I reached the outside world, I stretched and inhaled deeply; I hadn't been outside in ages. Taking me on a date was a risk worth taking; nobody heard from Minoru or Kaiba since the last time they found me. we would still have to be cautious but one night should be okay.

    "Were are we going?" I asked curiously as soon as we took off.

    Kai shrugged nonchalantly, "Just a restaurant,"

    My face fell, "Don't tell me it's an over-priced one!"

    "Define your meaning of overpriced," Kai frowned.

    "'Overpriced' as in over a million yen!"

    "Calm down," Kai chuckled and pat my thigh. "Just enjoy this evening."

    We finally reached our destination after parking the car at a parking ramp and walked into the restaurant. Every few seconds, Kai would look over at me and then avert his attention. The way Kai was looking at me was the opposite way the women were looking at Kai. He was looking at me, not anywhere below my eyes. I was still astonished that he could ignore the girls so easily, much like walking past a pole or something...or rather a pole dancer.


    "You don't have to use the restroom, do you?" Kai asked as we were almost done eating.

    I shook my head, "No, I'm sure I'm good," I finished up my last bit of my udon noodles.

    Public bathrooms scared me now. The last time I was in a public bathroom, Minoru ended up kidnapping me, bringing me to a mirror room, and him and Kaiba attacked me almost mercilessly. Had they been allowed to kill me, they wouldn't have held back for an instant.

    "Are you ready?" Kai asked, holding my coat open for me.

    I blinked a couple of times and realized we had already finished, "Oh, yeah," I nodded, stood up, and allowed Kai to slip my coat on me.

    Kai left the bill--without allowing me to see--and a tip and we left the restaurant with our hands linked together. We headed in the direction of Kai's car in the dark; only the stars were the light. Kai pulled me a little closer to him and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

    "Stay close. You never know how many creeps lurk here." Kai warned.

    I nodded and we continued walking in silence. We finally arrived at his car and he assisted me inside. He teleported into the driver's seat and sighed, leaning his head back and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

    "How does it feel to see the outside world again?" Kai chuckled.

    "I've never felt so good in so long," I giggled the sighed, remembering I was going to go back to my quarantined life.

    Kai reached his hand over and pushed some of my hair behind my ear, "I miss you, Arisa,"

    I shut my eyes and pursed my lips, "I miss you too,"

    "The house is too quiet," he mumbled. "There's no light."

    Leaning over slowly, our lips locked lightly and his tongue gracefully traced my bottom lip. I carefully ran my fingers through his hair and laced it around them to pull him a little closer. His desire was apparently on a different level because his enlarged hands gripped me by my ribs and he pulled me right over. I slipped my high heels off and locked my arms around his neck.

    "I miss you..." I mumbled, reiterating myself.

    His mouth pressed against mine a little harder and his tongue delved a little deeper. I started to nibble on his bottom lip while his hands ventured curiously up and down me. The armrest between the front seats was in the way but it didn't slow us down any. Kai must have read my mind because he gripped me by the waist and pushed me back so that the top half of me was on the back seat and my butt and legs were lying on the armrest I was just complaining about.

    No words were spoken as Kai came down to kiss me again. His hands lifted the bottom of my dress and he gripped my hips and kissed me harder. My heard was, at the same time, breaking in two and beating erratically. His eager hands assisted me in removing my coat and removing my hair from my face.

    "It's hot..." I breathed. "It's hot in here..."

    Instead of Kai cracking open a window or turning on the air, he pressed his chilled lips against my clavicle. My fingers tangled in his hair again and my legs tightened around his hips. He kissed my throat daintily, slowly rolling his hips against mine. My mind was racing and my body was sweating.

    "Ah..." I gasped.

    Kai's fingers reached inside the top hem of my dress and slowly pulled it down to my stomach. My face turned a little redder but I kept my confidence and heavy breathing. kai leaned forward and kissed the underside of my jaw as his hand slid from my waist to my back. His hands, they were so soft and steady. His hands knew what they were doing; Kai knew what he was doing. My body, however, was surprisingly calmer than normal.

    With one hand, Kai unhooked and removed my strapless bra and dropped it to the floor of the car. My face was burning and my heart was throbbing and beating unevenly. I turned my head to the side as Kai's lips started at my clavicle again but, this time, he started going lower. With his hand on one and his mouth on another, I released a moan and extended my legs out. I ended up accidentally turning on the radio and triggering the windshield wipers. My fingers, once more, tangled in Kai's hair and I moaned again.

    "Ow..." I groaned, though it didn't really hurt. "Kai..."

    That was my next step with Kai; we were getting closer and I wasn't even backing out. He was graceful and gentle, not rough and aggressive. My legs tightened around his hips again. Kai removed himself from my chest and tarted kissing my stomach. He started going lower, lower, and he started nibbling the hem of my underwear, until we heard a woman laughing loudly. Kai and I ceased what we were doing and paused for a moment.

    "Who is it?" I gasped, out of breath and strength.

    Kai looked behind him out the windshield. I propped myself on my elbows to sneak a peek. there was a woman in her early twenties walking--stumbling drunk, actually--arm-in-arm with a taller, beautiful man. She was laughing excessively and he was silent with a sinister smirk on his face.

    "Vampire," Kai responded and turned back to me.

    My face reddened again as Kai stared at me, "Oh,"

    I was consumed in awe; Kai was looking into my eyes, not my bare chest or underwear. He was looking at me. He kissed my head and ruffled my hair, making me fall deeper in love with him.

    "We should leave," he suggested. "It could get ugly."

    I nodded and blushed more, "Wh-where did you put my bra?"

    Kai reached down, grabbed my bra,a nd handed it to me. Without another word, Kai went back into the driver's seat and glanced elsewhere, granting me privacy. I quickly hooked my bra back on and adjusted my dress and hair. I climbed up into the passenger seat as Kai turned off the radio.

    "Ready to go back?" Kai looked at me. I could tell his heart was tearing just by the look in his eyes.

    "Yes," I nodded and locked his fingers in between mine.

    After the car started, we started leaving the parking lot. Soon before we were gone, a shriek from the woman penetrated the night and silence soon followed.