• "Mommy, can I go and play with my friends at the park, please?" my brother Nick had asked three days ago. Mom had smiled and said:
    "Of course sweetheart, but remember to come home before five o'clock and be careful on the road!" I had watched him hopping happily to the gate and disappearing round the corner of the street. At that time I was thinking:
    "Nick really is a little angel" and I remembered how six years ago I fell in love with Mom's new born baby... A cute little bundle of joy with curly brown hair... I still love my little angel, as I liked to call him.

    We should never had let him go alone, even if the park is found near our house. If only we had known what would happen! That day, Nick had still not returned home at six. It was beginning to get dark and Mom was starting to get worried. She asked me to got fetch him from the park. I told her that she was most probably only making a mountain out of a molehill again but finally agreed to go look for him if he was not home in fifteen minutes, Twenty minutes passed by and still no sign of Nick. I cannot say that my brother had never been late before but I can affirm that he had never been so late. I put on my cloak and set off for the park...............

    (to be continued)

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