• When I was little, there was a creek I always use to love playing by when I was younger. The creek was small, but it was my place. My secret place where no adults were welcomed, other kids who wished to bully me, or any of my friends knew about (if i had any that is). I was the only one who was aware of this place. And I was the only human being that can enter here. At the time I didn't know I was the only one. At the time I didn't know I was different, or consider special. I as just a kid who was new into town and wanted to enjoy her summer vacation. Little did I know that my life would change drastically when I turned Twelve the day of July 4, 2004.

    Every morning I would always go by the creek and take a daily swim. Man was I in heaven...

    "Ginny. Where are you running off to again this morning?" My mother would always ask me when I would leave the house.
    "I want to go to the library" I would always lied.
    She always bought my lie. She always thought I was very into books. I was, just not as much as she thought I was. The truth is, I was running down to my private creek that went a little beyond the forest on the other side of the highway where mothers and fathers always told their kids to keep a good distance away from, since they never knew what was hidden in the vast of the forest.
    They would threaten me as well. Told me of stories about hikers being eaten alive by bears. That only got me excited, and the more I heard of these stories, the more I wanted to venture into the forbidden forest, and the more I wanted to venture the more I saw things. Things that normal human beings wouldn't ever see. Things that aren't normal in our world.