• Don't be afraid,
    Just jump right in,
    Sometimes you'll loose,
    Sometimes you'll win.
    ~Alright, Shiloh

    It was that one bird that woke me up, and the feeling that I was being watched that awoke me. That bird sang loudly like it was right in my ear, and yet it was a happy melody. Talk about your wake up call.
    I stretched, rubbing my eyes. When the feeling crept up my spine, I opened my sleepy eyes with a struggle and looked around the small tent.
    “Ugh.” I groaned, still tired. I got to my feet and walked out into the cheery morning birdsong, stretching myself out like a cat. I looked around.
    “Kilunar?” I asked.
    There was a rustle in the bushes, and I panicked.
    “Fire, come to me.” My body instantly heated up. “Make whatever is in that bush come out.” I pointed my finger at it, and the line of fire shot out like a jet at the bush.
    “Ow!” I heard the familiar voice yelp.
    “Fire, come back to me. Thank you, you may leave now.” I felt the fire leave my body, and he stepped out of the bush.
    “Please don’t do that?”
    I grinned.
    “Do what?” I asked innocently, walking up to him. I might as well play with his mind a bit.
    With my evil plan in motion, I smiled sweetly.
    “I did nothing.” I had my hand on his right shoulder, and I let it slide down his arm. He shivered. “Nothing at all.” I walked towards where the horses were grazing and took a hold of Lunar’s reins.
    “Oh, now that’s not fair.” He accused, and ran to catch up to me.
    “All’s fair in love and war.” I winked, and mounted up. He looked at me, his hands frozen on Shadow’s back.
    “Cheater.” He said, and mounted.
    I stuck out my tongue at him, and set my mare into a trot.
    “Am not.”
    “Sure you’re not. And I’m Miss America.” He said sarcastically.
    “Oh, really?” I played along. He scowled.
    We continued on in the silence, our horses trotting along at our feet. Slowly but surely the day went by, and not much other words were spoken.
    “Where we headed to anyways?” I called. He grinned.
    “To the Water Village.”
    “Oh, goodie.” I rolled my eyes.
    He snickered.
    When we stopped for the night, after we had tied our horses’ reins to a tree, I gathered up wood for the fire. I hunted up a nice spot for the fire pit, and set it up.
    “Shouldn’t you be helping me?” I asked him, who was getting more and more confused with the tent.
    “Busy.” He muttered.
    Once I looked up from placing the logs in the fire pit, he was all tangled with the fabric of the tent. I giggled and walked to him.
    “Need help?” I asked, still giggling.
    “No, thank you.” He stuck out his tongue at me, and tried to disentangle himself.
    “Alright fine, but don’t feel bad when I leave without you.” I shrugged, walking off in a taunting gesture.
    “Wait.” He called. I stopped, grinning.
    “I’m stuck.” He sighed. I rocked back on my heels and walked to him, crouching beside him.
    “Maybe if you’d take this part off…” I took the piece from around his neck, and unwound the one around his waist. “Can you stand?”
    He sat up. “Yup. Thanks.”
    I smiled, looking back at him while he looked at me. Slowly his face got closer to mine; all the while I was oblivious to it.
    The horses both stamped their feet at the same time, snorting. We both froze, and looked away guiltily.
    I got up with the awkwardness of the moment on my shoulders, and walked to my mare.
    “What?” I hissed.
    We were only watching. She huffed.
    “Ugh.” I muttered. I looked back over my shoulder at him, who was occupying himself and talking with his horse in a low voice. I was able to make out the words carefully, with a sprinkle of magic on my ears to enhance my hearing.
    “Shadow, I will kill you, I swear to god I will.” He hissed, trying to keep it low.
    We were watching. That’s all. Shadow stamped his hoof against the ground.
    “But you know what I- you know what? Forget it! It’s just a dream, or whatever you want to call it. It’s hopeless.”
    I looked at him, sadness in my eyes as I saw his shoulders slump.
    The air of total sadness and anger boiled into one. It hit me like a wave and turned my mood around. I sighed in sync with his, and turned to tend to my mare.

    (Kilunar’s P.O.V.)

    I heard her sigh, and looked around at her as she turned to her mare. Her long hair blew in the slight breeze, her eyes shining with sadness as she combed her fingers through the mare’s mane.
    Just a dream.
    “What do you want?” I hissed at Shadow, turning back around. I paid attention and tried to find how to assemble this thing. But I was in no rush.
    Just a dream?!
    “Yes, just a dream. Now leave me alone!”
    It’s no dream. If so, you both share the same one, doofus. (Ain’t he a nice horsie? XD)
    “Don’t call me that!”
    “That’s enough, both of you.” I heard behind me, and turned around to see Nereza standing there, her arms crossed. Her violet eyes held her sadness, as they shone on.
    “Shadow, that was rude. Say sorry.” Once he did, she nodded. “And you treat him with respect. He’s your traveling companion.”
    “Sorry.” I sighed, looking to the floor.
    “Good.” She turned around going to walk back to her mare.
    “Wait.” I grabbed her by the arm, and spun her around. She glanced at my hand on her forearm, and I let go hastily.
    “Sorry, truly. I- I mean… that…”
    She put one finger to my lips, and shut me up.
    “You talk too much.” She simply said, and then brushed her soft lips on mine. Ever so gently.
    My eyes flew wide in shock, and she pulled away straightening up.
    “Now, how about you finish up that tent while I get the fire lit? It shouldn’t take long.” She smiled once in sadness, and walked off to the fire pit. Where she bent on her knee’s and placed the already perfect logs. The moonlight shone on her delicate and pale skin, turning her into white and black. She striked a match and lit the fire, rather than use her magic for some reason.
    But all I did was watch her, in shock.
    Hello? Vampire Prince. Wake up! Shadow bumped me on my back with his nose, and all I did was shake myself awake.
    While I set up the tent, all I could think about was how I wanted to take away the sadness from her eyes.
    Your emotions are her emotions. Shadow grazed beside the now assembled tent. It had been a lot easier than I’d thought.
    I sighed again, but this time I smiled, my fingers on my mouth as I remembered the three seconds.
    The three best seconds of my life.

    (Normal P.O.V.)

    I felt the change of his mood press against my skin, and it entered my body. I smiled softly to myself.
    What I wouldn’t give to have those three seconds again…
    I looked over my shoulder at him, as did he. Our gazes locked, and he smiled.
    I looked to the sky, filled with the bright crescent moon and shining stars, smiling down at the world. A shooting star flied across the sky. I closed my eyes and made my wish.
    All I ask is for my Goddess, Fayne, to be proud of me. I smiled, opening my eyes once more.
    And the brightest star in the sky looked down, twinkling.
    Almost like it was winking at me.