• Zen started down the dusty dirt road, the dust in the air coated his black , chain covered coat, he ignored the dust in his eyes, he didn't even blink.
    As he walked his right eye twitched, he looked over, nothing he thought, just his imagination. He kept walking, in keeping alert, but still maintaining his statue like complection, he could remain looking like a statue because he wasn't walking, he was levitating, the wind he created while passing made the dust unsettle. and I followed, I The Mighty And Glorious Vank noticed these things, the dust, the dust still twirling, the sound of jingling chains in the distance... i stepped up my pace, now sprinting i kept my eyes open for the black figure, the heat of the day was killing me. Keep moving he thought, as soon as he heard the angel wings beating in the distance he started to pick up speed and trying to disturb the dirt road as least as possible... keep moving, keep moving he though, im faster even if he catches me, i have my zackara to protect me... I started to use my winks to make my sprint faster as much as i could without draining all of my energy, i knew i would have to chase for a while... i looked at the rustle in the bushes as i heard a big SWOOSH and then it hit me, a steel chain right into the bridge of my nose, as my face went sour, the dark figure turned and yelled GO AWAY, IT WASN'T ME, YOUR AFTER MY BOSS!, All i said was, excacly with a smirk on my face i struck him in the pressure point, as soon as it started, i thought it ended, i giggled how easy it was, i bent to search him, i removed his black jacket, i checked the pockets only finding lint, and some gun powder...OWWW! a soaring pain seared my calf, i yelled out and cursed, i turned around and looked down, the dark one murmured, now zens got you.
    Zen rolled over with the ebony bone blade handle in his hand, as he rolled he twisted the blade that impaled Vank, Vank was in sheer terror as his bone was being sliced into, Vank kicked his leg out to get the blade out, he turned and threw a smite at Zens spinal cord, Zen backflipped onto his feet, instead of the attack hitting his spinal cord it hit his arm, Zen yelled a curse and pulled off his shirt, revealing a dark hole where his stomach should have been, he reached in and pulled out a small cat, he threw that cat on the ground, the cat started to grow and enlarge, the cat turned to a tank sized, sabre tooth cat, Zen couldn't handle the power, he dissolved into nothingness as soon as the cat turned into its fully grown Sprilate.
    Vank cursed under his breath and thought damn i cant interrogate him now!... as soon as he though the cat pounced, Vank rolled, drawing his angelic blade, he swung at the air, letting out a wave of wind more powerful than any tornado,it blew the beast back a couple of feet but that only slowed down the Sprilate, it kept coming, Vank Panicked and threw a smite random fire at the beast, it hit it around the area of its eyes, blinding it, the beast cried out not knowing what to do... it sprawled out and whined.
    Vank knew he couldn't kill it, it wasn't fair, it had to fight him it was being forced too... Vank went to the beast and placed his hand on its head, it purred, Vank healed its eyes, it could see him now, but it didn't attack, Vank didn't know what to do with it, he knew he couldn't leave it, so he did was he had to do, Vank took it as a pet, Vank named that pet, Darthy.