• Tell me, have you ever had a sickeningly dreadful feeling seep through your very pores? Have you ever felt as if something was horridly wrong, but could not figure what? Have you ever thought that it was all on you, but you did not know why? Has it ever been, that you looked in a mirror and just burst into tears?

    Why is is that I ask? For when those things hit you, I'm far gone already. When you realize the evil is deep in you, my home has a fire already started. Planting those seeds and making you think yourself wrong. All I do, is to bring you down yet it is the simpleist of things. I am the suicide reaper, but don't fear me for all I do is speak. Words so eloquent i bring you to your feet.

    Oh my dear, this is the way it wil go. For once you die, by your own hand, it is to me you will flow. i whispered sweet nothings, enitced and allured. For my sinful pleasure, it is I you will adore. Scream my name, as you follow that vein. See my cold white face, as you pull the trigger. Hear my sickeningly dead voice, as you tie the rope. Wonder my evil thoughts, whilst you swallow the whole bottle.

    Remember my sweet sweet prey, it's you who choose. I who helped. The train ended it the cement stopped your mind. For i drove you mad, free will how sad. It was me who did you so. Me who asked you to go. While all you could do, was cry and beg. Yet no one listened to all these things. So soft your skin so easily trimmed. Goodbye for now, until you end this life my friend.