• It was over. How could this have happened? How could someone get so upset about something as innocent as holding someones hand? The looks she gave me were menacing. It hurt, especially when the one staring at you from across the room was your best friend... We were just sitting there, and without any concideration I grabbed his hand. That's when some idiot spotted us and she had to go and tell her. Before she never cared about what I thought. She was okay with our differences. I had heard people talk about how irrational she could be. Now, I knew what they ment. All I could think was, Great, here she comes, as she stomped towards us, clenched fists and grimace in all... She just stood there, glaring at me.
    All I could manage in responce was to just stare back. I couldn't explain because there was no explaination needed. It was right there in plain sight. How could something so simple go so horribly wrong? redface