• Chapter 1
    The Man with the Sword

    The people didn't know where he came from. They didn't know why he was there. They didn't know what kind of person he was. The only thing they knew was that he was there. They also knew that he had a sword. He carried it at his waist at all times. But his name and his relations to others were unknown. He didn't speak much and didn't really take to others like the villagers had expected him to. The only person he actually seemed to get along with is the only person that the villagers couldn't speak to directly. The king.
    Kind Percy wasn't a bad person but he did have somewhat of a wierd streak. He was known throughout the land as the King-With-Compassion-For-His-Vassals. Mostly because the king had a kind heart for those under his command. He cared for the peasants too but they aren't allowed to be mentioned because they weren't important in thier society.
    The nameless man had struck a friendship with the kind king for reasons unbeknownst to the villagers. They had guessed and gossiped about the man until he had the most unwelcoming feeling whenever he was to walk into town. He felt that they just hated him for whatever reasons they had. He never seemed to care though. That's what through the towns people off more than anything. If one villager hated someone then it was strange and the hated person tried to make up to the person who hated them. But this stranger did no such thing. He just kept on doing whatever and visited the village often as though his presence wasnt a burden on the village and it's villagers.
    On more than one occasion the villagers had accused him of being a witch and saying that he should be burned at the stake. He merely smiled and said with a nonchalant wave,"Do as you will, but I dont think that your kind king will be very happy in the burning of his business partner." That was another thing that bothered the villagers. He talked about the king as though he were no more than another human. Everyone knew that the king was chosen by God to lead the people no matter what the odds and here this man stands seeking God's judgement. Only such a man could be considered a witch. Or perhaps a Vampyre from the Turkey. Or a Muslim spy to bring an end to the Catholic Pope.
    He was always told of these accusations by the constant threat of hanging or burning or the guilltine. So far the guilltine was his favorite. He always smiled and said the same thing," I don't think your king would agree with those accusations. For if I was to be a witch or Vampyre or a Muslim or a Wherewolf then I wouldnt act the same as I do would I?" They always stood flabergasted. How could a man such as he speak so easily about such subjects. The Pope himself would have been highly upset if not for the fact that he was becoming more and more insane by the Crusade to bring Jursalem for the Catholics and not the horrid Muslims. And just what is a Wherewolf? They always rumored about such a thing as well.

    One day the man was talking to King Percy and the blacksmith, who was standing outside the door of the room where they were talking, had heard them argruing over something. He said the man had said," The time is nearly ripe my Lord. It's almost time for us to leave the people and begin our journey." He had said Lord like none of the villagers would have dared for they would surely have been beheaded.
    The king had replied," I should think that you would know your place being amoung the people for so long old friend. I'm the king. I can't just leave on journeys and such. They need me as the political leader. As thier protector I can stop anything." The man sounded angry in his next reply," You made a promise did you not? You promised to help me when I finished teaching you everything I know. You now know everything there is to know about diplomancy. I think that you should go with me and let them ellect thier new leader." The king had actually shouted next," AND WHAT OF YOU TO TALK TO ME THAT WAY? YOU ARE NOT BUT A LOWLY PEASANT!" The man had shouted to," YOU DARE SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT? AFTER ALL I TOUGHT YOU? I COULD JUST AS EASILY KILL YOU! DID YOU KNOW THAT? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK TO ME LIKE YOU OWN ME!"
    The king had merely told him he better leave after that. The blacksmith said that the man looked absolutely furious and that he was happy to see the back of him.
    The next day the man could be seen leaving with nothing but the sword by his side and a frown. For a whole year the man was not seen back in the village. It was only on the year mark that the blacksmith, after finally deciding that he wasn't coming back, told the story of the fight. Then after the day the blacksmith told the tale, as though summoned by the mention of him, he returned. This time with scars on his face and his sword broken. The first person he visited was the blacksmith to get his sword fixed. The poor blacksmith could hardly look the man in the eyes.
    While fixing the sword the blacksmith noticed that the sword had been heavily used. Merely curious the blacksmith asked," Did you get into some trouble out there?" The man smiled," You could say that. I had some...... Trouble with a......Certain type of person while I was away." " What type may I ask?" The man actually laughed," you sure you want to know? You guys haven't really taken to me being here." The blacksmith nods," No offense sir, but it's your peculair ways. The' bug us that's all." " I know. I can't really appoligize for the way I am though?" An odd way to state a question in the blacksmith's oppinion but his job was fixin' swords and sythes not having oppinions. "No I suppose not. Please tell me what problems you had. I'm curious." The man's smile fades," As you wish. You won't want to hear all of it so I'll spare you the major boring details but here is the basics of what happened.
    " I had left the city a year and a day ago-" "Sir, no offense but what's a city?" "No worries. A city is a bigger village. With about....oh, I'd say about 1,500 people. Maybe more maybe less." He stares in awe," That's not possible." The man laughs," Not in this time period I suppose but in the one I was in, it was more than a possiblity it was happening." " Time period? What's this nonsense?" " It's a......Place in time. I had problems there and had to discuss some problems with some people." " so why not just stay there?" I... missed my nice little home on the outskirts of town. It is a nice little bug of a home." "Bug of a home sir? I'm afraid I don't quite understand."
    The man merely laughs," it means it's a small home, but beautiful. Any way I was going to tell you about something......Do you remember where I was before the interruption?" The blacksmith stood absolutely in awe. The man stood before him, a peasant and he spoke to him as an equal. "something about time periods." The man nods," of course. Well, I traveled to a period in time where there was a war breaking out. The mongols, I believe they were called, anyway the king there tried to have me beheaded. Can you believe that?" Although the blacksmith himself had personally signed the document to have the same man's head off himself, he shakes his head. " Of course not. That's absolutely barbaric." The man laughs," coming from someone from this time period that's almost funny."
    "Excuse me sir, not meaning no offense, but I thought I would ask you..... Are you a Magician?" The man laughs," No, I'm an escape artist." The man laughs harder. The black smith merely shrugs and looks at him amazed. " A what sir?" The man just smiles, "Nevermind. I keep forgetting what era I am in." The blacksmith sighs and finally writes the man off as someone who has finally crossed the line of insanity. But the man keeps smiling at him oblivious to what the blacksmith thinks of him. Or perhaps he knows but chooses not to worry about it.