• Night time finally came and so did another storm. The mannequin walks near an alley when she falls asleep in the rain. Then a woman walks by. She can't help but notice the girl. Worried that the girl might be hurt she carries her home. Later, around morning the once mannequin wakes up to find herself in a bed room with pink all over .It looked like if she was in a girls room. Still hearing the rain pounding outside, she gets up. Looking around she sees many pictures of a girl who looked just like her. She opens the door and looks around. Even more pictures of the Young girl were every were. Then she comes upon a mirror. Looking at the mirror she looks to the side were she sees yet another picture of the young girl who seems to look like her. She looks in the mirror again, but grabs the picture of the girl. Then she hears a voice.
    woman: well i see your alright.
    Mannequin: *turns around*
    Woman: you look just like her.
    mannequin: *looks at picture*
    woman: that was my daughter
    Woman: she died 2 years ago
    Mannequin:*looks up*
    Woman: She committed suicide when her boyfriend died of disease.
    Woman: you look just like her.
    Mannequin: *tear* *looks at picture*