• I was awakened by a bright light, and when I looked out the window, I saw why. Giant robots were storming through the city. I ran downstairs and got my shoes, as the quakes from the giants got louder. I went back upstairs, and jumped onto the neighboring roof. One of the giant’s four feet came crashing down as I rolled off the roof. I dash down the street as more houses turn to nothing more than piles of rubble and standing walls. I tripped after one of the feet of another robotic giant came crashing down behind me, and another one in front of me. pure luck saved me from getting killed. I got back up and kept running down the street. A foot crept up in front of me, acting like a wrecking ball to an abandoned house. I turned sharply down the next street. The street post said I was on third street. I turned again at Parker avenue, now running from the still oncoming wave of giants, with eight more blocks to go. I see people running trough the streets, fear glinting in their eyes, and I see one get stepped on, and the unearthly screams emitted from the final seconds. I looked away from the robot as the foot lifted. I felt people tugging on my clothes, screaming and cursing aloud. There was a pastor, praying in the middle of a road, praying to god. I passed his street before I saw a light erupt, and more screaming. Suddenly the sky got as bright as midmorning’s day, and the color of blood-red. I later found out that this was called candiduscruentuscaelum.
    I turned another corner, and ended up running into Cassandra.
    “Hey! Watch where you’re going!” she shouted as she took back off, tripping again on her shoelace. I went over to help her up. “Put me down!” she shouted, before turning around and smacking me. She then realized it was me. “Oh! Robert! I’m so sorry!”
    “It’s alright! Now, run!” I shouted, taking her by the hand, and I ran down a narrow street. Light poured out in front of me as one of the giant’s lasers tore a house apart in front of me. I finally saw the full body of one of them, and they looked like AT-ATs from star wars. The head of the AT-AT looked at us and I threw the both of us to the side, as a beam was shot at where we stood. We both got up, and I took her Down another alleyway.
    “Where are we going?” she asked
    “To the mountain.” I said, never taking my eyes off of the emerald peaks of the mountain in the distance. She screamed as a beam from a far-away AT-AT hit us both. Instead of disintegrating into billions of little pieces like I expected, I was brought aboard the giant. I was seated across from Cassandra, and there were people around us.
    “Robert… where are we” Cassandra asked.
    “I think we’re on the giant.” I said. All of a sudden, the hull let open, and me and Cassandra were dumped on a roof. I looked around, and we were on the outskirts of town near the mountain.
    After a good sleep, I got Cassandra up, as the sun stared to rise on the disrupted town.
    “I think I’m gonna go home now. She said. Then she realized she was on a roof, and screamed.