• Chapter 1
    Thank God it’s Friday, I Am Just So Hungry!

    Ugh. I thought simply, too tired to come out from my covers. A thick stream of light blanketed my one hazel eye not covered by my black goose down comforter. Why is the sun so bright?
    “Wake up sleepy head! Classes start in an hour! And, no offense, but you need an intervention to get that body of yours in good enough shape to be presentable to the public,” said a perky voice I knew well. I rolled half my blanket down and looked at my legs.
    My left one stuck completely out, revealing the blue and green plaid pajama pants. My right one had only an inch or two of the shin showing and my foot popping out. I smirked. Mom always said I could never keep my feet under my blankets.
    I looked down at my torso and saw my white tank top/belly shirt. My flat, tannish stomach was peaking out. I threw the rest of my blankets off of me and put my feet unsteadily on the floor.
    I ran a hand through my long, knotty dirty blonde hair. Yep, still raggedy and knotty. I need a shower.
    “Are you going to follow me to the girl’s bathroom, or stand there and relish your grossness?” my roommate, Blair Simmons, asked, interrupting my thoughts of my dirtiness.
    “I think I’ll relish,” I said, setting off a round of Blair giggles. Despite my statement of relishing, I shuffled my feet toward my dresser to grab my uniform. Stop! I know what you’re thinking. Ew! Uniforms!
    In all actuality, our uniforms were awesome! Being that our school colors were red, white, and black, the uniforms were awesome colors and awesomely made. They were super cute!
    I yanked a red and black (Mostly red) plaid skirt, and a black, button down, short sleeved shirt out of the bottom drawer. Then I worked on trying to find a white tank top to wear under my black shirt.
    That way, I could unbutton the first few and not look like a slut. So I don’t look like Fae Lasting, I thought silently. She is such a slut. She basically walked around school with her whole shirt unbuttoned, with everything hanging out.
    Yes! I thought as I found the tank top. I moved to the top drawer to get my undergarments. I jumped ten feet in the air (Yes, ten feet) when I felt something nuzzle my ankle. I looked down to find Aaron, and I smiled. He always made me happy.
    My little kitty Aaron was my happy pill when I was sad. He was so cute. He was mostly black, but one paw, his back left one, was white. He also had a small spot on his chest that was white.
    When he was a kitten, about three months old, I found him in a trash can on campus. It was my first year here at Sun Court Boarding School, about two years and three quarters ago. I was about to turn seventeen in two weeks.
    Most people thought that I had an awesome birthday because, among other reasons, if anyone ever forgot, I got candy anyway. My birthday was October 31st. Yep, it’s on Halloween. I couldn’t wait!
    Finally, I got all of my clothes, a towel, and rushed to an impatient Blair and turned to leave. I paused only long enough to grab my soap from the basket on my desk next to the door.
    Outside in the hallway, girls were just coming out of their rooms with sleep ridden eyes. I laughed at their tiredness.
    “We should hurry up and get to the bathrooms. We don’t want to get stuck in line,” I said. There was nothing I hated more than having to wait for a half an hour to take an ice cold shower.
    “You’re right,” Blair said mysteriously. I knew the sly smile that was crossing her face. “Come on, let’s go!” she yelled and began tearing down the hallway. I laughed at her shrinking figure before bolting after her. We were going to get in so much trouble if we got caught.
    I picked up my speed to make up for lost time. Before I knew it I was way past Blair and the other girls were staring at me in a mixture of confusion and awe, most likely at my speed. If there was one thing I was good at, it was running,
    Everything was great until it wasn’t. I was loving the exhilaration of running, until I saw Ms. Dom, our dorm advisor (Everyone called her Ms. Doom), coming toward me. She was lean, and she was mean, a terrible combination if you ask me.
    I skidded to a stop right in front of her. “Sadie Aveda, Blair Simmons,” she started as Blair halted right next to me. “Might I ask why you two are sprinting down the hall, even though there is clearly a rule against it?” she asked. Uh oh.
    “Um,” I stuttered. “We wanted to get to the bathroom before all the stalls filled up,” I stated in defeat. Better to tell the truth and apologize, I thought. Than lie and get caught.
    “You will never do it again,” she replied, even though we both knew we probably would. Her hawk-like eyes stared me down, making me avert mine. “Do you understand?” she shouted, more like a lieutenant at military school than a DA.
    “Yes ma’am,” me and Blair responded simultaneously.
    “Well then, be on your way,” she said continuing down the hall like she hadn’t just scared the crap out of me and Blair, who looked smaller than she had when I woke up.
    When she was out of hearing distance, we began the rest of the distance to the ‘lavatories’, walking this time. “I wonder when the last time she got laid was,” I thought out loud. Out came the Blair giggles again.
    I looked at the face I’ve come to know well as my alarm clock, and one of my best friends. Her honey blonde hair with black streaks going through it, and I was never clear on how they got there, hung slightly lower than her shoulders.
    Her heart shaped face was charming, as was most of her personality. She wasn’t exactly short tempered, but when she got mad, she got mad. She was frou frou (I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure Blair is it), and she was just different. I can’t even really think of a word to define her. She is just really…Blair-like. It’s a new adjective, Blair-like, Blairy, of Blair essence. Definition: You act different, out there, crazy, insane, and like Blair. You are not afraid to be yourself, even if people don’t necessarily like it.

    Luckily, we got to the bathrooms before the rush of teenage girls being late for class came in. Most of the stalls were filled. Coincidently, two were open right next to each other. That, or we bombarded the girls in the bathroom and forced one girl out while shampooing so we could be next to each other, I don’t remember which.
    I gratefully welcomed the warm water that washed over my face, releasing some of the stress built up in my body.
    “What were we doing this weekend again?” I asked Blair while wetting my hair. I heard a muffled reply, then a breathless friend.
    “Sorry, I was seeing how long I could hold my breath, I think that was a new record,” I shook my head at her silliness. “We are going to that Halloween fair going on in Albany. We’ll have to leave early though, it’s a long drive. Hope you can get up. You’re going to bed early tonight,” she said, mothering me like always.
    “I will do no such thing. Who’s driving, we don’t have a license or a car?” I asked skeptically.
    “Jamie, duh!” she said like I was the epitome of dumbness. My heart fluttered at his name. His wavy black hair, his sweet emerald eyes. I smiled at the image of his dimpled smile.
    “Sadie, Sadie!” Blair said, interrupting my dream-like state. “You were so thinking about him weren’t you,” my silence was enough of an answer for her. “Why don’t you just ask him out? You guy have been the bestest of friends since you were in 2nd grade and he was in 3rd. You guys would make a great couple, plus he’s popular but not a bonehead. He isn’t even interested in what Fae is always waving in his face, I’ve seen the way he looks at you,” I smiled at Blair’s encouragement.
    “I appreciate your blessing and all, but what if he says no? Then things would be all awkward between us and our friendship would be ruined,” I said, sadly feeling the truth of it. I heard Blair sigh.
    “But if he said yes, you would be the happiest person in the world and every girl in this school would watch you with envy,” I grinned at the thought.
    “I wouldn’t want to risk it. Jamie is just way too important to me. If he were to ask me out, it would be different, I’d definitely say yes. But until then, we’re just friends,” I stated matter-of-factly.
    “Sadie and Jamie, kissing in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” she sang. I picked up my Dove bar of soap and through it over the curtain.
    “Ouch!” I heard her screech. I smiled in satisfaction. “You are so mean. I bet he is saying the exact same thing to Damien as you are to me,” she said, mock pain in her voice. Damien was Jamie’s best friend. Other than me. He was to Jamie what Blair was to me.
    “Maybe, maybe not. I will not do anything rash until I know for a fact what he feels for me is more than friendship,” I finished. By the tone of my voice she knew I was done talking about this. We changed the subject and finish getting squeaky clean.
    I got changed and headed back to the room to finish getting ready. This entailed make-up, hair styles, shoes, and getting the whole shebang checked by one another. Once I was okayed by Blair, and her by me, we headed out. I grabbed my red tie and headed out to door with my books in tow.
    We didn’t talk about Jamie the rest of the day, but I knew she wasn’t done talking to me about it.
    * * * *
    Thank god it’s Friday, I thought collapsing on my bed. Classes were over and I had two and a half days left until I redid this whole weeks again. I groaned at the thought.
    I used the time I had left before Blair came in bursting my bubble of quiet to relax and write like I always did. Most of the times I thought of I line I liked and built off of it to make a short story or poem.
    I stared at the plain white ceiling and thought deeply about what I was feeling. Lying down, and dripping red. The line came to my mind. At first I was hesitant about it, it was so depressing. I tried to think of something else but I couldn’t, it just stuck to me.
    I pulled out my poem notebook, a simple black magnetic one. It had a yin yang on the bottom right corner outlined. I opened to where the red page marker told me the next blank page was.
    As soon as I put the first line down, the rest just poured out of the black ink in my pen. It was as if I had written it before but it was some where in a distant memory that was just coming out.

    Lying down, and dripping red
    All your pain to discover.
    Wishing you didn’t say what was said,
    The pain was caused by a lover.

    Slipping up, glowing bright
    Accepting it in the end.
    Trying hard to avoid the light.
    But into the abyss you descend.

    Leaving body, and becoming soul
    You’ll miss who you once were.
    The past of your life has taken its toll
    You’re riding with death’s chauffeur.

    I read the poem over and over again trying to figure out how I came up with it. Most of my poems had something to do with what I was feeling. Exasperated, I let out a long breath.
    I closed my book, freaked out by my death poem and got off the bed to find Blair. No sooner than when I put both feet on the ground did the door open. Expecting Blair to walk in the room with her loudness I was surprised by what I saw.
    Before me stood the best guy I had ever know. “Hey Jamie,” I said, a little too happily. His face seemed to light up when he saw me. He crossed the room and gave me a big hug. I took advantage and took a deep inhale of his smell. I sighed in pleasure.
    He smelled like lavender, and he smelled good. When he released me he smiled big and bright, showing off his adorable dimples. His black hair fell in waves to just above his chin, a chunk of it hung over his right emerald eye.
    I found myself staring. I quickly looked away to avoid suspicion, but couldn’t keep my eyes away. He was still smiling, like always. Suddenly his brows furrowed like he was confused.
    “It’s too quiet in here. Where is Blair?” he asked mock seriously. “Did you hit her over the head because she wouldn’t stop talking?” he looked at me skeptically.
    “Maybe, maybe not. You’ll never know until you notice she’s not in the car tomorrow when we go to the fair thing. She’ll be unconscious in my closet,” he started laughing at my scenario. I couldn’t help either.
    “I’m kidding in case you thought I really was a psycho path. She’s isn’t back from her Film Class yet,” I said sitting on my bed. He followed my example, planting himself right next to me.
    “What are you doing here anyway? Unless you had a sex change that I don’t know about and you’re my new roommate, because that would be too weird,” I said, keeping the funny vibe.
    “Yes, I live here starting tomorrow. Sorry I forgot to tell you I decided to turn into a girl,” he replied, laughing. Who could keep a straight face saying that? Unless, of course, if it was true. I fell over laughing, on Jamie.
    He wasn’t uncomfortable, he just kept laughing. I sat up straight gasping for air. The thing about our friendship was it was so easy to be around each other. We had the same sick sense of humor so we didn’t need to worry about offending each other.
    I caught his eye and held his gaze. There was a flash of something in them that I didn’t quite catch. Passion? Desire? Before I knew it I was leaning in toward him. I was so close to his face that I could smell the mint of his breath.
    “Hey Sadie, what are you…” I pulled back in surprise when I heard Blair’s voice from the door. I turned to meet her eyes and they were full of surprise and regret that she had walked in and what she had walked in on.
    “Hey Jamie. Whatcha doing here?” she asked with a fake smile plastered on her face. Jamie stumbled for words. I resisted moaning and putting a hand on my forehead.
    “I just came to visit,” he finally said. I didn’t know if that was the real reason. “I should go though, I was supposed to meet Damien at our room and I’m late,” he got up from my bed and I followed him to the door.
    Blair moved over to make way for us. “Bye Sadie, I’ll probably call you later. I might drop by so be on high alert, it could be at any time,” he said in mock seriousness. I smiled at his coolness with what had just gone down.
    I hugged him goodbye. “Bye Blair,” he said as he left.
    “Bye,” she replied, barely paying attention to the door closing and zeroing in on me. “So! What was that I just walked in on!?!” she screamed at me.
    “I don’t know seeing as you walked in before it could happen,” I joked and went back to my bed to lie down. Blair grabbed my elbow before I could get there.
    “No you don’t. That trick ain’t going to work. You never sleep in the afternoon, just the morning. Never the night either. How do you survive like that? Any way, what was going to happen before I was an a** and ruined it?” she asked.
    “I don’t know. I just found myself leaning in to kiss him and I think he was too. That might just be from instinct though. Don’t make a big deal out of this, please!” I begged her.
    “Fine, I won’t say anything about it again, but I sure will think it. You can bet on that,” she said. I laughed at her threat. “We need to do something. Let’s go play soccer in the field across from the little fish pond,” I smiled at her. She knew me well. Almost as well as Jamie did, but not quite. He knew everything, except that I liked him.
    Then again, I thought. He might know after this little scene. Great! I sighed. “Yeah, I need to relieve some stress. Just let me feed Aaron,” she nodded and went to find our soccer ball. I walked over to the small closet for supplies and grabbed the bag of cat food and filled Aaron’s bowl.
    I pet him for a second as he ate and then left with B to get some exercise. Once again I was glad to have a roommate who was very active like me. It would be a drag to have some couch potato, though Blair had her moments.
    For the moment, life didn’t suck so much.
    * * * *
    I beat Blair 14-2. But, who’s counting. By the time we came back to the room I was sweaty and gross and was in desperate need of a shower, but I was happy. Blair was complaining about me being so unfair and not going easy on her.
    I wasn’t even arguing, just laughing at her in pity. In the middle of her complaining I cut in, feeling too gross to sit in my bed, for fear of contaminating it. “I’m going to take a shower. I’m grosser now than this morning,” I got up and grabbed my robe instead of clothes. I didn’t know if I wanted PJs or if we were going out again.
    I took a quick shower just trying to get all the sweat and dirt off, and smell nice. When I was done, I rung out my long hair and threw it back over my shoulder, then put on my robe.
    I continued back to the room while trying to tame my hair. I settled with it as it was for now, and stepped into the room. Blair was on her bed, next to the window. I sat down next to her and inspected her.
    She had changed clothes and put on more deodorant. Her extremely wavy hair was brushed and almost tame. I opened my mouth to speak, but the ringing of our phone interrupted me. I picked it up.
    “Hello?” I said into the mouth of the phone.
    “Don’t you look pretty in a white robe,” said a deep, muffled voice. I felt my face contort in disgust and fear as the sentence sunk in. He could some how see me.
    “Who is this you creep!?!” I asked frantically. Blair looked at me with concern, and I didn’t know what to do.
    “Look out your window and you’ll be able to tell,” Click. The phone went dead and I dropped it.
    “What’s wrong S? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Blair said, obviously freaked out.
    “It was some guy who said I looked good in a white robe. Then he said to look out the window to see who it was. Should we look?” I asked, clearly terrified. I saw Blair’s face change from disgust, to surprise, to anger, to fear.
    “I guess we should. We should be okay if it’s a *****. We’re on the second floor. It’ll be okay, it’s probably just some senior playing a trick on us,” she said, with question in her voice.
    I crawled across her bed and opened our window, peering out into the haze of sunset. I looked down and didn’t see anyone, then I saw the bushes move.
    “Hello?” I screamed down. I hoped it was just a breeze I couldn’t feel. “Is someone there?” I asked, the panic rising in my voice. If I leaned any farther out the window I would fall out.
    Suddenly someone jumped out of the bushes. Of course I screamed until I realized who it was. The wavy hair was just too familiar. “Jamie, you suck you know that. I thought you were a *****! What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked.
    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to really scare you. It was just a joke, I really am sorry. Do you want to come down so we can go get something to eat? Bring Blair, we’ll go get dinner,” I smiled at his apologies.
    “Fine,” I replied. “I’ll be down in fifteen minutes. I began to close the window when Jamie called me again.
    “Sadie?” he yelled.
    “What Jamie?” I asked, fake agitation in my voice. He smiled at it.
    “You really do look good in a robe,” he wagged his eyebrows and I laughed. I glanced at Blair who was suspiciously picking at her nails, pretending not to be thinking what I knew she was.
    “Go away Jamie,” and with that I closed the window and set to getting ready. We could dress more casually now that school was over.
    I threw on a pair of jeans and a black tank top. Over that I put on this shirt of a picture of a family barbequing and it says ‘white people are crazy’ on it. I cut the neck out about a month ago when I was bored. I slid the sleeves off my shoulders and put in a pair of silver hoops.
    Then a layer of lip gloss and eye liner and I was done. As always Blair was waiting for me by the door. “Hurry up Ms. Jamie-doesn’t-like-me-even-though-he-said-I-look-good-in-a-robe. We don’t want to leave Jamie waiting for you,” she said skeptically.
    “My last name is very long. I should change it,” I said back, making Blair smile. I ran out the door after ruffling up my hair in the mirror above my desk.
    Thankfully we didn’t run into Ms. Doom this time, for we were running. We never did learn, ever. We left Blackbird, the name of our dorm, and headed toward the back where I knew Jamie would be standing.
    He was there, perfect as ever. I smiled at him standing there, staring up at our window. Blair stood behind me, waiting for me to move toward him. He hadn’t seen me yet. An idea struck me. Pay back.
    I steadied myself. Quickly, I jumped around the building in a ninja like movement. “Boo!” I screamed. Jamie jumped at my surprise. His face had a mixture of fear, astonishment, confusion, and all the things he had made me feel when he jumped from the bush.
    “That is so not funny. I almost had a heart attack; I could be on the floor, writhing in pain,” he yelled at me. I just stood there doubled over in laughter. Blair had her giggles coming out in spasms.
    “You should have seen your face,” I managed to say between my laughs. I made an exaggerated version of his face; I could tell Jamie fighting back his own chuckles. “Now you know how I felt when you jumped out of that bush,” I said.
    “Alright, now I see how annoying that could be. I won’t be jumping out of any shrub any time soon,” I chuckled at his words. “So, you want to go to Café La Food?” he asked, getting back to business.
    “Sure,” Blair and I said at the same time. I swear, sometimes I think we’re fraternal twins separated at birth. We were so similar, but so different. Now Jamie and I…
    With our place planned, we set on our very adventurous journey across campus. Café La Food was café, obviously, with food, obviously again. It was where everyone came to relax, have coffee and appetizers. Drinks and Aps! As my parents would like to say.
    We walked in, and I was happy to find we came in just in time, right before it was super crowded, but we didn’t feel like it was a ghost town. We got a booth next to window, and I slid in first.
    Blair took her rightful place next to me, and Jamie sat across from me. “Thanks for taking us to the fair tomorrow,” Blair said to Jamie, striking conversation. He smiled at her casually.
    “No problem. It will be fun to just hang out outside of the confines of the school walls. I wonder what the fair is going to be like,” he thought, seemingly to himself.
    “I hope there is a pie eating contest,” I said joyously. I thought about the last pie eating contest I had been in. I loved the thought of diving head first into a warm pie and trying to eat it as fast as I could. I smiled at the memory. I’d won.
    “Why?” Blair asked me, her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.
    “She likes pie,” Jamie said.
    “I like pie,” I said at the same time. I looked at Jamie and felt the blush creeping up me face. Blair looked between the two of us and smiled. She was going to rub this in my face later.
    “How did you know?” I asked him. I knew at some point I must have told him, I just didn’t remember when.
    “Remember that one Thanksgiving in 4th grade, when I went to your house because my parents were in a fight. Your mom made this pudding pie and you scarfed down half of it. I asked you how you could eat so much and your whole family looked at me and said ‘she likes pie’. Then we all cracked up because your face was covered in chocolate. We couldn’t figure out how you got it on your ear but you did,” I stared at him in disbelief.
    “You really remember it that well?” I asked him, shocked at how well he knew me. Blair didn’t even know what my favorite book was, let alone how much I liked pie.
    “Of course. We’re best friends Sadie. I know almost everything about you, from your addiction to popcorn, to your loving of those dorky comic strips in New York Magazine. You know a lot about me too, you know?” he asked me.
    “Yeah, I guess I do. I know that you were so devastated when your dog Trevor died in 6th grade that you didn’t go to school for a week. I would go over and bring your favorite comfort food.”
    “Oreos with peanut butter,” we said together. I smiled, and he did the same. “That was the first time I saw you cry,” I said, remembering the day in detail. I could tell Jamie was too. It was like Blair wasn’t even there.
    I was lost in thought when Blair spoke. “You guys know too much about each other. It’s freaky,” she said. I laughed at her face, contorted in disgust.
    “You’re too right. What if we were to become not friends? He could use anything against me. That’s what sucks about having such a close friend. They can also be your enemy,” I said, sad at how true it was.
    “I would never do that Sades, you know that. I would never be able to hurt you,” he said, all joking leaving his voice. He really wanted me to know how much he cared, I smiled at him. Then B had to go ruin the moment.
    “Aw! He is too cute. What other guy do you know that is so honest and sensitive. He loves you Sadie!” I punched her in the arm, and she yelped in pain. While she nursed her injured arm, I gave Jamie a pleading look.
    He was laughing, a good sign that he didn’t take her seriously. Good. I was going to have a long talk with Blair when we got back to our room.
    The rest of the night went smoothly. No more special moments, or Blair ruining them. We ordered, naturally me and Jamie ordered the same thing. I couldn’t stop thinking about how well he knew me. We’d shared so much together.
    Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to date him. We could skip the getting to know each other stage and go straight to each other. It did seem like we were compatible, and I did love him. I had the epiphany tonight. I was in love with Jamie Roberts.
    I just hoped he loved me back.
    * * * *
    That night, I laid awake pondering Jamie and how much we were involved in each others lives. We’ve spent holidays together with our families. We’ve cried on each others shoulders. We’ve been to concerts and fairs and the beach, the amusement park together. It would only make sense that knowing so much about someone would make you care for them.
    There was just one question that needed an answer. Ask Jamie out, or don’t? I made a huge list of pros and cons and forgot which side was winning after the 12th thing on each side. Counting items on the list did about the same thing as counting sheep.
    Before I knew it, my eyes felt like led and I couldn’t keep them open any longer. My brain was wondering and I was asleep.
    That night, I had a dream that I will never forget. It was the best, worst, scariest, most different dream I had ever had.
    There was me, just me, on a small sail boat. It was a dark, clear nighttime sky. I was lying down staring at the beautiful stars. I remembered vaguely when my grandma told that stars were the openings in the sky for souls to look at you from.
    The moon shone brightly down on me at full force. I saw from its light alone, tinted red from the seeming eclipse.
    The waves rocked me gently. It was so calming, so reassuring. Suddenly, the gentleness was gone. It was as if there was a shift in the world’s balance and everything was out of order.
    The waves thrashed in a furry that I had never seen before. They seemed to reach in and try to grab me from my stance, but I evaded each attempt.
    The whole boat was filled with water. The murky liquid was being tossed into the boat faster than I could throw it out.
    Finally, I stopped trying to save myself and accepted the fate that was destined to come for me. Why die in so much confusion when you could do so in a blissful peace?
    I hunkered down into the shin deep water and stared at the stars once again.
    When I went under the water, I wasn’t afraid. I was at a strange sense of happiness. All I could think was, I’m finally free. Free.
    As my tiny breath ran out, I just laid there. I didn’t doggy paddle, I didn’t try to tread the water like my whole body was screaming at me to do. My mind told me to be still, to be at peace.
    I smiled as the night sky drifted away from the view in front of me, as I was dragged by the strong current. I descended into an abyss of darkness, it was blacker than words could describe.
    I floated downward, and my breath seemed limitless. I saw an orb of light that nearly blinded me in such blackness. At first it was just an outline of someone, like a shadow. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I began to see in more detail.
    It was a girl. She was about my age, give or take a year or two judging by her size and shape. Her back faced me as I tried to make out more definite features.
    I saw soon that she had short blonde hair and tanned skin. That was all I could really make out from her back. Without turning to me, she muttered something I didn’t quite make out.
    “What?” I asked, and was very surprised to hear how clear my voice was under water.
    “Death will come,” she said in a voice so lifeless it scared me. “Death will always come. Her words shook me to the bone. How could such a statement come from such a young girl?
    With out seeing it, I knew what her face would probably look like. It would be as shallow and dead as her voice. As if she heard my thoughts, she turned her head slightly so I could see her profile.
    What I saw shouldn’t have shocked me as it did, but I gasped in surprise. Her face was gnarled and whiter than paper. It looked as though her head didn’t match her body.
    Her pale lips turned up in a movement I could barely register as a smile. She twisted her head to look at me fully, and laughed an awful, twisted laugh at my disgruntled look.
    I looked down and saw blood tricking down from her stomach. I screamed at the image. She looked so pale, and so soulless. It made me feel cold. Something that I knew a blanket wouldn’t melt off.
    I jolted upright in my bed. My hair was plastered to my forehead with sweat. My breath came fast and I felt like I was hyperventilating.
    I was aware that Blair was by my side asking what was wrong, but I couldn’t for the life of me form a coherent sentence. My mind was stuck on the horrifying image of the girl. The words she said echoed in my mind.
    Death will come. Death will always come.
    “Sadie, what’s wrong?” Blair kept repeating over and over, clearly she was freaked out by the show I was putting on. “If you don’t talking to me right now I’m calling Jamie,” she threatened.
    “No!” I found myself shout. “I just had a really scary nightmare. It’s nothing,” I told her. Her face told me she wasn’t convinced.
    “Oh, it’s nothing is it?” she asked loudly. “Sades, you are hyperventilating. It must have been one hell of a dream,” she shouted.
    I felt myself calming down. I took deep calming breaths, getting myself together. “I’m fine Blair. Calm down and don’t do anything rash,” I said, trying to ease her worry. It seemed to work, but only a little bit.
    “Fine, I won’t do anything rash. What ever the hell that means.” I laughed at her small vocabulary. This seemed to make her feel better. I guess laughing was a good sign in her book.
    “Rash means not doing anything over dramatic, or spur of the moment. Now go back to bed, I’m totally fine.” When she didn’t move, I sighed. “I can breathe perfectly,” I took a deep breath in as proof and let it out. Then I rolled over to look at the clock.
    I groaned. 4:13 it read. I put my head on the pillow. I heard Blair’s tired sigh as she shuffled her feet back to her bed across the room. I listened as her breathing slowed and she fell into a deep sleep.
    Her regulated breathing lulled me to sleep. Slowly I felt all of my senses shutting down to leave room for the bliss of sleep. Finally, I drifted off into a dreamless haven where I didn’t have to worry about relationships, or creepy dead-like girls.

    That's only the beginning for Sadie. Message me if you want more!!!!!!