• I looked around, nothing yet. I walked up to the door of this normal house in this normal neighborhood and knocked. The silence that followed was almost sickening. Suddenly the door swung open and inside my worst nightmare stood...He sat there, knife in one hand, other full of my friend's hair. She sat on the floor, bruised, blood dripping from above her left eye. Her blonde hair wrenched up into his fist. He turned and smiled at me, flashing canines four times longer then a normal human. His eyes were a striking red. His hair was black and long. A growl ripped its way from my throat and i stared angrily at this man. He smirked back at me and I heard my dear friend whisper in a horse voice "Kin...just run...get out of here...I'll be fi-" her words cut off by a choking cough. I felt tears working their way out of my eyes, flowing down my face. I turned away. "I can't leave you here. I won't..." I muttered through clenched teeth. The man smirked and in a deep rich voice he siad "What's the problem, afraid....hehehe" his laugh burned my ears and made me want to scream. This was the man who had raped me at age six. The man I had wanted to kill for so long, who had made me into this and here he sat with my best friend at his feet. Bloody. Anger boiled and i turned at him and spoke four words "I. Will. Kill. You."

    This is all i have time to post- hope u love it and if you don't I guess gimmie pointers heart