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    ~Akira Uzumaki makes her entrance...but what's with her additued?~

    Sasuke shoved his hand over Sakura's mouth quickly and kept her quiet. Naruto slowly pulled out a kunai and got ready for whatever was in the forest. Kakashi put his book away and walked towards the edge of the forest which freaked Sakura out, but Sasuke still had a hand over her mouth. Kakashi stopped at the edge of the forest and looked in through the bushes. "W-what is Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked though he felt like he would regreet it. Kakashi bent over into the bush and picked something up. "I think someone is playing a prank." Kakashi said and though the three others couldn't tell he was smileing at the shoe he showed them. "So someone has been running around the woods for the past few years?" Sasuke said takeing his hand away from Sakura. "That's just not right!" Sakura said and acted like she wasn't scared. Kakashi knew or at least had a thought of who was "running around", but before he could say something a voice rang out through the forest.

    "Hello?! Where's my shoe?! Can I have it back?!"

    It wasn't exactly a demonic voice. No it was human and...female. However no one was really excpecting it to say that, that it/she wanted her/it's shoe back. Kakashi and Sakura all fell over anime stlye. Sasuke and Naruto though looked at eachother. They knew that voice. "no way!" They said at the same time.

    "Come on now please? I fell and lost it and it hurts my foot to walk on all these twigs!"

    Naruto and Sasuke turned around and saw a girl...a girl they knew as childern. "Akira!? Big Sister!?" They were more or less confused at this point as she just sat there on the branch of a very tall and dead tree. Her feet swung back and forth waiting for answer. Sasuke noticed that she wasn't looking at them. She was looking at her shoe. Naruto saw this too, but he was just to concerned with the face she was there...and not dead like he had been told. "I can't believe it....Akira I thought you were dead..." He said looking at his older sister.

    Akira blinked and turned her ocean blue eyes towards him instead. After a minute she smiled and giggled. "So that's what they told you huh? You should've known better Naru!" She said. Naruto being Naruto pouted. That oh so lovely nickname, Naru, returned. "I was told that too..." Sasuke said earnig Akira to look at him. "...Sasu...you of all people know better than to believe I could die." Akira said getting Sasuke to pout to. "I wish she's forgotten that..." Naruto and Sasuke said not likeing thier nicknames and what was sure to come after it. "Hey lookie! It's Naru and Sasu! Aww they got soo big!" Akira said changeing from a girl who was thought to be a demon to an annoying older sister.
    ~Part 1 page 2 end~