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    • End or beginning? by Leo_Dexxa
    • This is the prologue of my book....I want to know what you think will happen! I have chapter one and two up in the arenas! Just go to my Gallery to find them. The book is called, The C'est La Vie Articles: Intercourse! Is...
    • the spooky man! by Captain jake102
    • This story is about a family that moves in to a house that look like it was nice but it was not as they notice the crackling of the leaves in the yard the kids screamed.the parents came running out...
    • Angel. by sweetapple99
    • This is a fake story that i just made up which thought was really cool and decided to post it! ^^ Hope u like it! Enjoy!
    • Electricity by Kyuu Jinx
    • The story of a girl and her crush who ends up crushing her. Note, I've got this story posted on writerscafe and deviantart. It IS my story and they are both my accounts.
    • Trategy by Energetic-Gurl
    • Very Sad Take Your Time And Read It You Might Cry. This Is So Nice And So Sad I Wanted To Show It. *Sobs*
    • Alex asks Eve on the Beach by Tesunie
    • A piece me and Adamkun (Also referred to as Ade-kun on DA) created through role play. I took the role play basics and added in details, settings and the perspective from Alex's point of view. Enjoy! Like this? See more he...
    • Almost Lost by AwesomePossomGirl
    • A girl experiences something that tears her apart, her friend is Almost Lost. (I wrote this for a test in school, hope ya like it! It's not real...)
    • Eye of the Tyrant by Nightmayer19
    • This is a new story I'm working on, trying to incorporate all of my and my two brothers' OC's into the plot. Lemme know how you feel about it and I hope you don't criticize too harshly ;)
    • Rain/illness by firefox228
    • two short stories i wrote the illness one in the morning and that afternoon i got the stomach flu...how weird. i hope u like them!!! comments welcome. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE STYLE DON'T MAKE BAD COMMENTS i <3 critiques
    • "No Heros, Only Survival" by Cherry_chan_Sakura
    • A preview to my fanfiction "No Heros, Only Survival", a Bioshock fanfiction. Full fanfiction can be read at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5633953/1/No_Heros_only_survival I update when I can. Read other fanfictions by me by sear...
    • HORIZON by Chained_Together
    • Found part a story I wrote ages ago and decided to put it up, its part of a novel I wrote when I was bored haha hope you enjoy it!
    • Morgana's Folly by rythmguitar14
    • Story I wrote a while ago. Based loosely off of the many adaptations of Arthurian legend. Courteous critique and suggestions are appreciated!!
    • Muted by XiaoKittyCat
    • I got an idea in my head one day, so I started to write. The first ending I came up was much different than the one I have now, and it was more depressing, so thank me for changing it to a happy one.
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