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    • Garbage Girl by Sidra_escimo
    • A short story I wrote within a short amount of time. I hoped it would strike sympathy, or at least some sort of a mutual understanding, in readers: Maybe their was a dog, wanted only very deeply by you, but you couldn't take ...
    • Dream On Chapter 1 by CocoxEatingxFairy
    • pjk so there's a prologue before this, so if you haven't read it yet I suggest that you do. So here's Chapter 1 of Dream On. I hope you enjoy it, oh and chapter 2 is already posted.
    • What is Love? by SiaDaBomb
    • This story is about how a girl trying to explain her love for a guy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is based off of both fiction and non-fiction. I got the idea from a fight between my friend and her ...
    • Unbreakable by iEmo_Strawberry_Waffle
    • Meet Raine, the girl who survived a horror that no teenager should face. Jamie is a girl with her love, Bryson, whom she hasn't heard from in weeks. Bryson is a boy who's madly in love with Jamie. Anthony, Raine's older brother...
    • Dry by The Love of Money
    • PLEASE READ! I need constructive criticism. Meh. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, but it has nothing to do with religion.
    • Unstable by Emo_bunny_1818
    • This boy one time when he was home alone he heard the door shut it was his new brother ever since he enterd that house his lifes gone to hell !
    • Journal of Tharndor by Slichick
    • My friend, Dottie, who is a witch, is trying to help me find my destiny, but when she takes me to see her mentor, a Priestess and Elder of the Cloister, I find I must go to the extraordinary world of the Elves to keep from forf...
    • Prequel - Crimson Hawk by Auroraphobia
    • This is somewhat violent, and could be disturbing... to someone, somewhere. If you like my writing there is more in my blog, which I will post the link to in a comment, since it won't let me post it here. Everything posted in m...
    • Need help w/ title*waves arms* by OsanagoChan
    • Well this originally started out as a small poem, but it seems to have grown into something more. It’s only the prologue, mind you. There'll be more chapters. It's about this emo girl that's obsessed with this emo dude, bu...
    • Tide: An Alteration of Bleach by dontbeanemokid
    • These are part of a book that I was writing. I kinda dropped outta doing it though. This is the 1st thing that I've EVER done so please be easy on the mean comments. I do know that there's a lot of typing errors... so please do...
    • The Story Of Dakkar part 1 by Dat Niqqa Esquire__
    • i got more parts on deviantart.com http://richboy311.deviantart.com/ its an original story made that evolved kinda into a series if you want you could help me out and give me some ideas and i will try to fit them into my sto...
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