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    • Blood Wings pt.1 by Redspyda
    • A man sells his soul to a renegade angel in exchange for the angel's wings. But in order for the deal to be complete the man needs to kill 10 people. (First part tell me if you like it and ill make more)
    • White Destinies by Pirate Gigue
    • This is an old story of mine, and I just want to know what others think. Because it's old, I won't be insulted if people are at their harshest! Now, the story is really overused, so brace yourselves. Human from Earth, named ...
    • Sential by Achlys Acharon
    • This is part of a book I'm trying to write so forgive me if it stinks. The creatures, and ideas are all of my own so please don't steal anything. If you like to read more then the rest is in my journal.
    • [offical naruto spoiler]ch.409 by note taking
    • this is naruto chapter 409s spoilers it is a prewview of narutos upcoming ch.409 it is in english. thx god.lol. i will try to do tis every week to keep u guys updated so u wont be bored. lol. see u guys later btw plz leave a c...
    • Blades staory- chapter 1 by hazuki-chan_14
    • actuality i don't have a title for this story yet so i figured i'd call it blades story for now. this is a fantasy about a girl named blade who has to go through alot of stuff. im not good at describing srry. well this is chpt...
    • Ouran romance by iscenette
    • ok, my lil story ma-jig is based on the Ouran high school host club stuff so you will only get my story if you've seen that anime ^-^ hope u enjoy(ed) it
    • Untitled WoW Fic [Chapter One] by Tousaka
    • I know, very clever of me to write something without a title. Honestly though, this started months ago when WOTLK was first announced. I lost interest in this path though... So it only has two parts to it. This is the more "dep...
    • The Vampire And The Mortal by Strange And Derranged
    • This is the sixth part of my current writing project named The Vampire And The Mortal. I know the title isn't the best but I am still working on that. I picked this part to put in the arena because I personally think it is the ...
    • A Necklace of Bone by K i w ii C r e a m__xx
    • In all honesty, this was just an assignment for school. My English teacher loves doing creative writing, and so we were given the assignment to design a character and make a story that circulated solely around them. That's ex...
    • Untitled NxJ fic by Tousaka
    • Just another one of those on request stories I was asked to write. Nothing big, just cute. Characters © their respective owners and are not to be used without permission, etc.
    • the stories we've heard by CiiTRUS PLATYPUS
    • this is about a girl who loves the theatre but is afraid of all the attention later on horrible things tend to happen and she might just quit the theatre forever. tell me what you think. this is only the couple but i love it...
    • Born From a Star by Xanthia Rose
    • This is the prologue to my original story, 'Born From a Star.' I would really love some honest feedback so I can know how and where to improve on it! (Plus I want to know what people think of it, and if it's any good.)
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