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    • Reward:$500 to find my talent. by black rose Bre
    • its about a girl who finds here talent in music and she finds it right after she gets married and a couple years after she became a star,her husband divorced her and she lost her talent and she's now trying to find it again whi...
    • A Reflection by Captain Caliente
    • I got the inspiration for this from reading a Garrison Keillor novel, of all things. I sat down, started typing, and didn't stop until I was finished. I'm not often proud of stuff I write, but I am of this.
    • Everything Happen For A Reason by jggtz12
    • I don't know. I just got the idea to write this. I know it's not that good so don't say 'This sucks' blah blah blah. If you DO actually like it I'll make a part 1 earlier in the story like one of my comments suggested. ~Edit~ ...
    • Ringleader CHAPTER 10 by Saga Shadow
    • 10th chapter!!!!! unfortunately for everyone else, I'm probably stopping here. I may come back when I've finished the entire book and post it, maybe. I don't know. If you never see another chapter of Ringleader in the Arenas, d...
    • Vessel of The Wolf by SCRAP_STOMPERX4
    • This is the first chapter of my Naruto fanfic. diclaimer: i do own naruto or any of its characters. if you want to know more about the story read the prolouge in my gallery. rate and comment if you think its any good.
    • A Vampire Arranged Marriage by Zalkyria
    • Mai Hisoka (Ocean Secret) was a young woman who can never trust anyone after the incident. She has been mute for 4 years ever since it happened. The incident will be revealed so fret not. Mai is 17 years old, she was born in Os...
    • After the War: Life Goes On by darkwizardcatcher
    • This is a Harry Potter fanfiction. It takes place soon after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Ginny finally tie the knot and go on a honeymoon. When they get home from the honeymoon Harry goes back to work training to be an a...
    • Fury by StarShoot3r
    • i don't know what this is and its not even finished yet so just bear with me please
    • exerpt from deception, by me. by explosivblade
    • im writing a book. here is the beggining. no it probly wont be published. tell me what you think of my second-person style of writing! if you dislike it and have advice lay it on me. (p.s. if it does ever get published, i will ...
    • Ch. 4 Nature by Silver Nephilim
    • Story. It's got Dogs, 'n' it's got Men. What more need I say? Also, Title. It is needed. Please give suggestions when you comment, if you can.
    • LOVE by NinAnarri_101
    • Its about a man and a women who are in love and how she finds him attractive and why she loves him!!!!!!!
    • Scarlets Story by Aknudson
    • look for more from me, this story is about a girl who gets in a little bit of troule when she fals for a boy, takin place in the 1950's
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