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    • My Hidden World(chapter three) by Mika_4-15
    • When Lucy gets transferred into all AP classes her secound semester of highschool, she has to face her worst fear... Love. After experencing something so traumatic that everytime a boy touches her makes her puke and pass out. T...
    • Quote by quote by XxPsYcOtIc BuNnYxX
    • This is something i put together for someone extremely close and dear to me. Note: These are different quotes I gathered and composed them into this make shift story/poem. I do not own any of these quotes like i said i just use...
    • The angels of sorrow " by tiffanyxfairyxofxwater
    • 1st draft of this story im working on so dont be harash on it please i know theres alot of proplems with it thats why im sumbiting it on her to see if anyone can help me fix the proplems this only the first chaptior there will ...
    • Precious Luna by xiao_gong_zhu15
    • Luna, a half demon creature is being stalked by her evil counterparts. After running for decades of her immortal life, she returns to live with a vampire, Daniel, who she's met before. Life isn't as horrible as she once thought...
    • Teen Voice: Love Song by Mrs Ursus
    • This is a loose description of an experience from my life, when I was still cowardly enough to tell the boy I liked that I cared for him through text. I am somewhat ashamed, but my embarrassment made for a good story for my wri...
    • Hatter's Wonderland: Part 1 by PairsOsocks
    • I wrote this in my journal, I'm working on a second one! It's my version of Alice In Wonderland, which focuses things on the Mad Hatter's point of view! First time ever submitting something in the art arena!! I hope you all l...
    • Chapter 1: Hectic Beginning by Balmung Uchiha
    • The story of Balmung (my avatar), a person who just suddenly appeared on the face of Gaia without anything to go on but his name. Anyone who is interested in my imagination is welcomed.
    • Ch 1 & Part of Ch 2 by CtrlAltArtist
    • A little excerpt from a book I plan on writing. In brief: The government has failed. And the United States was in chaos for a long time, and no one around the world wanted to help. That was until an old professor from Harvard s...
    • Kami Network by IsseiShikimoto
    • Concept/idea. Critique, comment, Q&A. Another out of nowhere idea, it's also another hard idea to work with considering how closely linked it'll have to be to Japanese society. Still, I'll do my best with it and hope I come out...
    • Re: Genesis labs by Foxyre
    • A response to a letter that was given to OllinTek's former Head of Senior council when the company was called Oakwell Corporations. And it depicts what the people in charge did and what the employees were ordered to do on the m...
    • The Gunner Knight, Part One by N-finiteFangirl
    • This is a fic that I started on my LJ this past winter, but I realized that it wouldn't hurt to post it here on Gaia, since there are plenty of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fans here. Also, I think many of you would agree w...
    • Story 1 by swordman2
    • These are some extremely stupid stories I wrote in my free time over a year ago. So far I have written a total of 9, so any of you are welcome to pm me for more. Most of them are better than the first one, and they are mostly ...
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