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    • love to fight, fight to love. by Razerkiss
    • My girlfriend "Coraanne" and I "Razerkiss" were ninja's for halloween haha So about 10 mintues before this posting we created a story by takin turns with the sentences. This story was made on msn FYI :P I changed our names t...
    • Lyren's Soliloquy by xXYaoi is LoveXx
    • In my fiction story Burning Vengance Trilogy, the drow, a once powerful race, have been wiped out. This is written from the perspective of a Cursed Drow. A Cursed Drow is someone who is half Drow half Elf. Cursed Drows ussually...
    • ~SuRpRiSe.CoM~ by xXkuroi_kisekiXx
    • What happens when your browisng the web and you find a website you can't explain? Well, two close friends will soon find out what its like...... I may make this into a series but not to sure ^_^ Please comment as you pleas...
    • Apple Core Chapter 2 by aquamarinegirl3435
    • I started writing this story out of boredom. I have a long way to go with it though. The story takes place in like a medieval time plane and revolves around three main characters (and a hamster). Robyn has been outcasted from M...
    • My Angel by HestiaMoon29
    • Well this is my 1st submition!^_- Sorry, but it's a sad one T_T. Ya see I was reading some poems from the poem arena, and well I found "Wings To Ashes" by kisses and psychosis, and well her poem inspired me to tell a story, my ...
    • Genies: prologue by Feory Firefox
    • this is a story ive been revising for awhile but i've decided to keep this part so i thought i would post it. this is the beginnign of the story and kind've sets the rest of it up.
    • The Ny1 Thieves by kokakolagirl
    • It is a story about a group of people who are stealing for someone. They steal for him, because they are in need of his help. He's the only one who can help with their problem. Some one they know will turn out into a monster in...
    • Fortunate Fortitude part 1 by TipsyMedley
    • A period of tyranny has come to an end, and as the province recovers, rumors surface of an unwanted guest striking the peoples' fragile moneybags. No accounts can be recovered of this person's wanderings, or origin. The quiet t...
    • Fang & Fur 3 update!! by Artemis Apollo
    • Description: Rhea and Yuna are experiment made by vampires. Weapons for a war that will soon come. On the run from their creator, trying to find peace in a world that knows not of their existence and would destroy them if they ...
    • Sigh by helen40033
    • Its something i dreamed once, of course the girl isn't me only someone else so i hope u enjoy it
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