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    • IAVS?! ~Redone~ Part 1 by KanameKuran222
    • i began this story on my mule account II Kazuya_Shibuya II but due to problems changed over to this account. Im not stealing this story because im the one who came up with it. I wanted to redo and continue this story as i promi...
    • Fade by Silver2star
    • Inspired from something currently happening in my life...A girl steps aside in order for the two people she loves to at least be happy, but in the end she begins to fade into the darkness as she watches.
    • Thing One and Thing Two by Seliasei
    • This is just a funny story that I wrote for a class. I started by remembering a field trip I took to corn maze, then I tweaked it, added some things, and added different characters. Then I tweaked it, changed some things, added...
    • first day... by Alpha-Wolf-Madyrn
    • comments will help me decide whether or not to continue this story also leave suggestions and who know it might end up in my story. :) note: this can go in many directions gruesome or otherwise so feel free to say what you thin...
    • tarakia chapter 1 by mei lin 1990-2002
    • i wrote this a long time ago and decided to submit an updated version of my work dont worry theres no theft to worry about but this is just to read and enjoy so no stealing cause you dont know the whole story to back it up and ...
    • Untitled by 123_artemis
    • This is a creative writing piece I did for my Extension English class this year. We were studying modernism and so in that, we had to explore the concepts and ideas prevalent at the time as well as incorporate the characteristi...
    • Ellison Stone by TheSkysRose
    • Ellison Stone is part human and part fox, he works for an abnormal wizard named Jinx. This is kind of a first chapter and I don't really know if I will continue.
    • Chapter 1:Diamond by demongurl11
    • Who is Oni? a mysterious wolf with a mysterous past who one day just shows up in the Silver Moon tribe one day,she hates talking of the past why could that be? who or what is she? demon or saint? criminal or victim? This is Dia...
    • Robotic by Mrs Keska
    • A girl get's turned into a robotic slave. Will she find her self again? Will she get turned back? Find out in Robotic.
    • A dark little tale by Saphira Wyrda
    • I just wrote this for fun. I know it's worded funny and different, but I wanted it to be confusing and wild, like you only had one purpose, and nothing else mattered. As if you knew nothing of the world and this is what you ha...
    • phenix by tamashiikaosu
    • Ok, this isnt great, but it what ive written. i dont know if you'll like it or if this is the right audience or place for it but if not you can boot it. it's got a couple other chapters to go after it, take a look, you never kn...
    • Tamaki's capture by Frostpixie92
    • This is an excerpt thingy from my story ~The Tears Are All The Same~ in which the rebel leader Tamaki is captured by the bad guys.
    • This Is Exile by cabined
    • Two hundred years into the future, and our world has fallen. Technology is all but extinct, a myth among other things. Vivian lives in one of many villages in a place called Paxland. Due to a lack of resources, a law exiling al...
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