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    • Broken by MarukawaBubbleGum
    • 9] Now that the battle had ended, Pappy comes back. In search for the great soul, Night, he had spent his day looking high and low. and now he found him, but not in the condition he expected. is it too late?
    • Terror v.s. Joy by PoisonousMoonlight
    • This is a memoir (a story about some type of major event that has happened in the author's life before) and I would like to say that I worked pretty hard on it and would appreciate comments.
    • Stranger and Stranger 1 by CrescentVampireMoon
    • My new series about a girl named Jubei. She's in a band called Stranger and Stranger with her two best friends. The songs will either be by me or others. I will tell who a song is by and what it is called if I use another song....
    • Prayer by Chevix
    • My name is Jayden Price. I’m 17 years old and I am a killer. I don’t want to be, but I can’t stop, I can’t control it. Whatever you do….don’t touch me. This is the prologue to a story I am currently working on. I...
    • Run by Avenh
    • Yes, I know it's short, but I was quite bored and wanted to write something. I'm usually a better writer when I'm not bored. Enjoy anyway. I'll probably continue. :)
    • Blank Faces (Prolouge) by Gabriels Wing
    • This is a story about a girl named Joni who can no longer stand having no controll over her life. Her power-hungry mother uses her as a tool to make herself look better; but tighten the reigns too tightly and they will surely...
    • Heartbeat by LostInsideMyMind
    • This is a little blurby-thing I wrote when my dad went to the hospital for the second time in July of last year. I got really depressed because he was gone for an entire week and I wasn't allowed to go see him and I missed him ...
    • Precognition: Prologue by ch1ps0h0y
    • Who is the mysterious person? What is his purpose? Read and find out... This is a short story I wrote when I suddenly had an urge to write about...something, as you'll find out if you read the story. :-) This is the pro...
    • My story. by Miss Murloc
    • T^T Its too long to put the title in the title place So heres the title: Try To Fit In, With A Name Like Ducky. {One.} Bleh.. this is the first chapter of one of my stories ^^ Hope u like it ^.-
    • Wolf Hunters by Dying Clover
    • First of all. My sweat and blood is poured into this book I'm writing. It's called "Wolf Hunters" and it's about a fourteen year-old girl and her cousin who hunt cloned wolves. I'm only giving the first chapter and if someone s...
    • The mew mew power is real? by The Villainess Wildcard
    • Hey. this is a mew mew story, or, part of one. i know, it may sound gross blushing around Dren and being kidnapped by Sardon and Dren and Tarb may sound bad, but wait and see what kiind of a beating they're gonna get when I, Sa...
    • A Night of Terror by Mistress_Gigi
    • I originally wrote this story in grade eleven as an assignment for my English class. It's probably far from perfect but I do hope you enjoy it. I dug it out of my very dusty closet just for you folks! ^_^
    • A Long Day by XSteller34
    • This story is about a girl named Ruby who ventures into another world and has to get out with help from the people that live there.
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