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    • Skater Girl by Zombie Mark
    • I wrote this for a writing contest for a guild I'm in and thought I'd post it here as well. It's a little long for a short story (1,366 words), but I ended up cutting in short as I was writing the end of it at work, but I think...
    • Wolves by PYRO_pixie_Xx
    • This is a sort of were-wolf story set in present-day England. I'm British, so expect some of the vocab to be difference. It may seem quite unusual Ratings, comments and critque all welcome. =^.^=
    • Rakuen Nakunatta by OokamiValkire
    • A soul in torment and her struggles. This is something I did when I was feeling depressed. Anyway, the name means -Paradise Lost in english. This also contains a song, but is a fiction piece that is all mine. Enjoy...
    • Identity by Sydd Rose
    • A teen girl chooses between her personal identity and her family's well being. This is hopefully the beginning of a larger piece of fiction. If you guys want me to break this down into more manageable chunks, please tell me. ...
    • The Invisible by Marrick McCarthy
    • This is a short story that I wrote for class last year and I really liked how it turned out. The story is about a boy who suddenly finds that his mother is having a baby. He is excited at first, but once the baby is born and th...
    • Momentum by BleachGirl94412
    • "...no longer a wolf but a scrawny girl." i loving writing and this is my first piece of a book id like to write wen i get older. gemme some slack cuz im only 14. but tell me wat i need to work on. i just really wanna c if ...
    • So Long by Star of Gold
    • Edward a young boy was killed and had "the dream" and was blown into thin air by Whom. A wierd man named Damien was at the sceen of the tragic death of everone on earth.
    • Moonlight's Wish by kitty_cats33
    • A girl's wish is to stay with her parents and live a lovely life forever. However, when her parents die and her brother dies soon after, she is left all alone. Seh wishes on a star but accidentally seems to be wishing on the mo...
    • The Mysterious Stranger by -I- INDIGO -I-
    • This story is about a young girl name Christine and a masked stranger she has no idea who the person is,but I can't tell u everything you have to read it yourself
    • Ponyboy's Odyssey of Grease by Bubbachrissy
    • Adapted from the book [u]The Outsiders[/u] by S.E. Hinton I did this for a homework assignment. It is the first chapter of a sequel to [u]The Outsiders[/u] by S.E. Hinton. It takes place ten years after the story ends. Tell ...
    • The Day Before (Prol.&Chap. 1) by 3mocrow_Savior
    • Just a story I originally wrote for my English class, but I printed the wrong story out the morning it was due, I might post that one too... Enjoy "The Day Before", more chapters will be released soon.
    • The Story of Axel Arcane by Arcane_AXL
    • This story is pretty long. Be forewarned, I'm not a professional writer, but I threw my heart any my soul into the story of Axel Arcane. Please, enjoy.
    • Lyren's Soliloquy by xXYaoi is LoveXx
    • In my fiction story Burning Vengance Trilogy, the drow, a once powerful race, have been wiped out. This is written from the perspective of a Cursed Drow. A Cursed Drow is someone who is half Drow half Elf. Cursed Drows ussually...
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