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    • Blood Moon Prolouge by Katikat22
    • This is the prolouge for a series I am writing called blood moon. It is about a girl who is born on an eclipse who discovers she is special. But still doesn't even know her own secret.
    • The Pie Of Day by The Angel Dystopia
    • The beloved classic story of an Evil Dictator and Pie. A special thanks to -Teh Grand Panthress- and My gym teacher for making us go outside where this story was created
    • Lonley by Hi Im Momo
    • I'm starting to write a book and this is what I have. I'm gonna write alot more, I just want peoples imput on it... Please PLEASE tell me what you think. Be honest!
    • Real Imagination by Sunny XD
    • This is the first chapter and half of the second, of my new book, I'm only 15 so it's not great but my english teacher read it for me and she said it was novel worthy so i figure why not try. Creative writing is my thing, but t...
    • A New Beginning- Part 1 by Kiano_3
    • Well, this is an anime that I made up. I'm going to be putting the story line.. Well, Story on here before I actually begin on the actual anime. It's about a girl named Keio, who moved into a new school. She came with her best ...
    • Cresent Moon (unfinished) by Asian kisser
    • This is what I written so far for my book called "Cresent Moon". This book is about a tough girl named Raksha with a lot of responsibility as a teen. She does the same thing every week until one day she stumbles upon 2 men beat...
    • My roommates a monster by MaLiCe_MiZeR_ChIcK
    • (a monster fanfic, johan x OC) long black hair, green narrow eyes, and a drop dead gorgeous figure. what more could a girl need? meet Karin a shy college student studying law in Frankfurt Germany. One day she stumbles upon a ...
    • Fall of the Mercinary by Arloste
    • This is the all new script for a Season 1 Flashback which serves as a mini episode to one of the main characters, Phil, played by loonyanimator. The script will no longer be in effect, nor will the video. Halo: Reach is coming ...
    • Anya by HyacynthBlue
    • A short story I wrote in response to a prompt to write something in a style similar to that of Edgar Allan Poe.
    • Ryuk by Piexi
    • Okay, so I know i'm no writer, I just had this idea for a story or perhaps comic and decided that I absolutely had to post this on gaia to get your opinions! I'd love to hear what you think and i'm definitely open to some const...
    • Half-Demon High School Part 3 by killerqueen121
    • Inuyasha. The anime we all know and love. Now, how could our favorite Half-Demon survive High-School?Please rate and comment! Don't diss me for changing some of the characters like having inuyasha mom and dad be alive.
    • Project BROTHERHOOD Ep 12 by Kivao
    • We continue with our heroes as they go on with their mission of helping Ayakari get back to her father. Who is the real enemy here? Who will live? Who will die? Who is this mysterious narrator that keeps talking to you!? Conti...
    • like sucks by cute k-girl
    • goin for the hate vampires and love vampires. Get this, i wrote it at age 11! Oh nd srry if my spelling is wrong in some parts! X3
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