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    • We're still friends right? by BuildingBee
    • This is an Itachi love story I am writting. This is the Info ~~~~~~ (incase no one knows who Naruto's father is and doesn't want to know untill it's said on the TV/Manga I will also not say it)
    • The Girl by Erathia07
    • This is a [b]PG-13[/b] story about a girl, whom, after an incident, warps into a completely different person. Read on..
    • Maximum Ride Story by Number15Xenon
    • Hello, peoplez! I reeeally like the series Maximum Ride, and have been thinking of ideas for a story. Please comment! I really hope I get all of the information right. The series Maximum Ride does not belong to me. It is the...
    • Legend Of The Wolf Guardian by DecafKitten
    • A story I am currently writing. Note: no the people are not elves, the elves died out many years before but their towns still remain. Everybody but Rikki and possibly Auntie and Emmit are human. This is only part one. In fu...
    • Dear Diary; Chapter 1 by Scarletgreen
    • Dear Folks; If any of you actually knew me, my real name is Ellie. Not Caitlin. Thus, proving that this IS fiction. None of this actually happened to me, although, as most authors, it was influenced by my life. If some of it sa...
    • Lost Keys by organized m e s s
    • On his way home, a business man loses his keys somewhere on his person. A waitress passing by watches as he looks for them. An amusing story of lost keys. Originally posted on ficitonpress.com www.fictionpress.com/~fantasyissu...
    • half blood... by chelix16
    • this story is about a girl with a vampire mother and a human vampire hunter for a father... both worlds wont accept her but in her hands depend the lives of all vampires longing for eternity... is she the savior of humanity? is...
    • Days Of War by Deadly_Red_Eyes
    • 2025 March 5th The world is in an all out conflict, russia launches nuclear strikes on all of eastern asia killing millions of people driving china to the brink of death. U.S.A. sends forces to russia in an attempt to st...
    • Dear Diary by xXFallenForVampireSongXx
    • This story is written in diary form from a girl who lives in Hungary at the time of the German invasion. Mind the spelling. It really didn't happen but it sure seems like it did. I had to write this after doing somthing in clas...
    • A Price Paid by Grilden2
    • A short with characters i created with my brother and cousin. We still do things with them but thats irrelevant, i've been writing with these characters for a few years now, enjoy.
    • The Killer Farmhouse by Shizuru Minamino
    • Welcome to the Killer Farmhouse, my pretty. Please come in. Don't be shy. Well of course you might have good reason to be shy. If you come here, then you'll find out whether it was a good idea or not. I must warn you, you might...
    • Choice of love Chapter Four by Golden angle knight
    • North wood University is one of the most regarded school in the world. Only a few hundreds make in in each year. It is in the town of North Wood which is always cloudy and the sun never comes out. Which makes it the perfect pl...
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