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    • Insanity by Wolfboy Rogue
    • Eh i don't know if this is considered a horror story but its still weird lol. Just something i wrote up on a late sleepless night. Enjoy glimpsing a sight worth seeing.
    • Crossed fates/Crossed Rivals by CorruptedSadness
    • This is a story i just wrote and i got randomly inspired so i just kept writing and here! My very first to be put on a website. Please leave nice comments and don`t claim any work of mine. ^-^ Please vote for me!
    • Welcome. by Tudog 2
    • This is a story i wrote featuring my character from an Old World of Darkness chronicle. This was mostly to get my RP group excited about my character like I was, and it worked really well. Hope you all enjoy it.
    • The Code: Rule #1 by Tudog 2
    • I've done a series with my character Hugo to try and determine what the backbone of his work is. As a master thief, spy, information gatherer and acquirer of anything, i figured the more guidelines he follows the better chance ...
    • The Tribe; Part 1 by sarzeath
    • A supernatual Romeo and Juilet. List of chars.... Sarzeath Rose; alt form, snowy owl Alivda Quietus; alt form, artic wolf Razial Kiro; alt form, artic fox Chris Heko; alt form, artic hare
    • By the gods, that's ugly by kute kitty kathy
    • Set in modern day, Kyra is a young woman trying to escape those things that go bump in the night. With a special book that hasn't surfaced in the past 500 odd years, not since the death of the infamous insane king of England, ...
    • Hurt By The Pain by Sweet aj27
    • Arial only wants her father to love her the way he has before but since her mother passed away alls he wanted to do was hurt her. The pain was unbearable. What is she going to do? Will she live and get through it or will her fa...
    • Without Cause, Chapter 1 by Moofie Moof
    • Midnight never questions her assignments to kill and never thinks about what could happen if someone were to find out her true identity. When a ghost from her past enters her life again, it could pull her into a world she never...
    • Storm by zaiphera
    • I love to roleplay wolves XD. I'd love to be able to use this post one day :3. This is a description of a male Storm Wolf. Oh, by the way, if you're into wolf RP, or would like to try it, I welcome you to my elemental wolf rp, ...
    • Eyes of Gold by zaiphera
    • Two wolves, Larka and Neptune, at their last debate. Just something I conjured up. Interested in Wolf RP? PM me. Critique encouraged ^_^!
    • The Packs - Introduction by zaiphera
    • A story I'm writing, not just a post XD. It's about packs of elemental wolves, and specific characters that encounter difficulties and many surprises. That sounds cheap but, the best description I can give you xP.
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