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    • The Covenant Chapter 2 by xXxShikabaneHimexXx
    • As Kakashi and the rest of team 7 head out to find the book of damnation, sakura is placed in a dangerous situation which could expose her secret, endagering her friends and family. If you want to read this when updated, go ...
    • Forever and a day (part 1:1) by RyRyTerrify The Claymore
    • Ok so I have wanted to write an adventure story for a while. I have a big one on the go but it won’t be finished for a while and I intend to have it published anyway :) So Here is one that I will make for everyone :D Basicall...
    • The Dumb Kid by littleangel551
    • this is actually a joke.....some ppl already heard of it but i was bored so i just wrote it in the areana for ppl who dont no this joke to read it...(its gunna be funny at the end so u have to read the whole thing) i think this...
    • Sloth's Introduction by 13el
    • This is apart of a story project I am currently working on, involving The Seven Deadly Sins. In this submission, I shall be posting Sloth’s Introduction. Yes, there are supernatural topics added to the introduction. Better un...
    • Battle Scene. by DvnT
    • A young girl wants to become a warrior, and to be counted an adult among the members of her community. The only way to do that is to win a Battle against a swift warrior.
    • The Letter p2 by NeonSun245
    • This is the second part of my short story The Letter. Please comment and rate!! Hope you enjoy!! Read other writings of mine if you like this one!!! (I'd really appreciate it!!)
    • Requiem by Scorn-san
    • This was a class assignment to cause the reader to feel sympathy for the "villain". Not exactly sure if I did that but I certainly like what came of it. Mind you this was written at 2 in the morning there may be some errors, h...
    • Generation witch (ch. 1) by Kyuu-sempai
    • The main character's name is Tsukiko, her parents died when she was ten, so now she lives with her grandma, and she's thirteen. Right now it's her birthday... Hope whoever reads this enjoys =^w^=
    • Rebeca by tummytumsXD
    • well im keep on geting dreams and always thinking of this person i dont even know. kinda like if she is trying to tell me something i guess i really dont know but it is getting on me....
    • Forbidden Blood (15) by Fayne Darkness
    • Well... chapter fifteen!! Woot Woot! *Does a little dance* *Ahem* Okay... I'm really happy right now... I managed to draw a perfect Wolf today! I'm so thrilled (I usually mess up at the muzzle) Anyways... enjoy! (If you think...
    • Page 1 Supernatural's by Ever963
    • I was sitting at home on the computer typing up a science paper when I had this idea for a book. It's about a girl Ivy Vines who is different from the others at her school. She is a supernatural she can: hear thoughts, see the ...
    • Beasts of Eden (intro) by AjaniFiremane
    • This is the intro to my latest story, I'm really just looking for some real critisism from some people who won't tell me everything I write is wonderful....
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