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    • Grasping for a Lifejacket by Master Dimitri Fuller
    • Writing and dreaming and scheming and thinking I was good at it, flavouring my stories with adjectives and adverbs, nouns and verbs. And then having my words, my stories read—eaten, tasted, and digested—and having my soul l...
    • 3 am (part one) by Emilie_Aututmn
    • Morganne wakes up at 3 am every morning. Screaming. Screaming from a dream she's had for months and can't seem to shake. Until she finds a book that would change her life forever.
    • First Young Lord: Chapter One by Bohannon UPR
    • This is about my dear Xavier... aka First Young Lord. XD I wrote it for him and his sis... I think XD Love, share, read. Vote/ comment respectfully. Cast thus far into the story: Xavier--- First Young Lord <3 Sara--- Cellar...
    • Living Hell: Entry 5 by code_monkey3000
    • I had spent the night in an old inn. It wasn't really abandoned. It wasn't a zombie. It was a little, about 10 year old, girl. I found her crying over the dead bodies of a man and a woman. She had a gun in her hands. I knew rig...
    • Love Heals by DecannulateLizzy
    • Delia must deal with depression and loss after the death of her mother. This is just a short segment of a much longer story. It's incomplete because I had a deadline to turn it in for class lol
    • City In A Snow Globe by CriminalxInsanity
    • This is from an original character of mine, who I use for roleplay. This takes place just after his fiance is killed, which actually happened in the roleplay. D: So, without further a due, I present Damien Eckhard and Josiah/Be...
    • Papa's And Mama's Last Wish. by Nurankyo
    • A sad story of a Mexcion family that something terible happened to, you will ahev to read to find out! !!*THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ONE NEXT YEAR SOSSRY IF IT IS TOO LONG BUT ITS THE WAY IT IS :D*!!
    • Unwanted by Intoxicated Brutality
    • This is just a story idea I happened to come up with. I have a lot of ideas that come to me, but I like this especially. I have no clue why. The name Cassee means 'Protector of Mankind' in Greek. Please rate and comment! You wi...
    • Heaven and Hell by xoXRistiaXox
    • this is just a lil thing that popped into my head bout a brother sister romance....kinda cleque but hey i likes it! so rate and comment tell me hows u likes it
    • Why? by hatorikunlver
    • A short suspense piece I wrote for my drama class. I would like to here what you guys think happened in the story :)
    • Un-known Past by PrincessJesyxoxo
    • its a sad story that i wrote cuz...i dono i like to write and it just came to me and so i started to write it...btw this iz chapter 1 so if u like it pm me and i can send more. Oh and comment on it. I don't care if you like it ...
    • The Moon is Red by MeDuSa DaUgHtEr
    • This is an exerpt from a book Im writing; The Boy with the Black Umbrella. This is the prologue, and yes, its in N.V's point of view. Yup, that's his name, N.V, pronounced envy. OK, I hope you enjoy! THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT!!!!! ...
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