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    • The Rise Of The Immortal Clan by Lady Angelus
    • Naruto and the others are assigned to a mission to spy on an elite but tiny group of ninja who refer to themselves as the Immortal Clan. Fearing that they may be similar to the Sound Village or worse, the Akatsuki. Lady Fifth H...
    • Death's Voice by Gigglebits
    • Death Note Fanfiction. ~Yaoi~ Raito looks back to when L died in his own last minutes of life, and wonders if there‚Äôs a chance they can see each other again. RaitoXL Rather dark, don't read if you want to be in a good ...
    • somewhere else by Miss Odile
    • I was listening to Miyavi's Jibun Kakumei and this story just came into my head....for some reason. Anyways it's basically about a girl who loves j-rock and gets to sent to another place.^.^
    • Torn Chapter 1 by iParadox-Prince
    • This is my second entry. I'm not doing this to win, jus to have alittle fun. I thought I'd skip the intro. If you want the intro, jus ask. I'll be more than happy to give it to you...jus don't copy my work please
    • Shadows Taken by Kanekicase
    • This story is based on something that came to me in a dream, sounds kind of lame doesn't it? Well, I was thinking about what to enter into a writing contest, one I came in the top 25 this year, when this idea came to me. It's a...
    • THE CURSE OF MARANDA by Cherryliciouse
    • Its about a girl name maranda who lives in one of the gaia town and gets curse on halloween by the ugly lady zenda becase it her birthday and she was suppose to be curse also know body knows what kinda of curse she has untill...
    • The "Tic-Tac" Story by Cendant
    • Two teenagers that have a crush on one another but act to childish to admit it. In this one Malyce (the girl) is trying to have normal non-perverted conversation with Toki (the boy). Alas, Toki being -well Toki - things don't e...
    • Himunashi by Himunashi
    • Mision: Assassinate Kitsune Target: Kitsune (last name unknown & unimportant) Proffesion: Leader of rebbellion orginazation against Emperor of fuedal japan Reward: 1,000,000 Yen
    • Convict by Mischiefwolf
    • This is just a random story I wrote......sorry I don't really have an inspiration......no amazing and inspiring story behind this one just a bored teenage girl who likes to write!
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