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    • Should have seen that coming by Ethomara
    • Jasmine and her friends, Paige and Camille, are on a camping trip. To their normal spot. 180. Their camp suddenly becomes more red then green. Suddenly Jasmine finds herself in a world she never knew even existed.
    • The Moon's Call by Ethomara
    • A sharp call in the night. A howl. Emma finds herself in the middle of the woods in the dead of night. Can she live till morning or will the Moons call be too strong for her to resist.
    • Only time will tell by Ethomara
    • Horror. Sorry this is one of my first non-supernatural story I have written so sorry if it's really bad. Remake of Harper's Island. The plus is I have never seen Harper's Island so this should be interesting. Tell if I got this...
    • Tenshi Ken Ch.1-Chi Ken by Ethomara
    • My try at describing a manga that I make up. Sorry if it's really bad.- Koi Tsubasa is just your average school girl trying not to let her clumsiness make the best of her. Unfortunately for her her clumsiness gets her in a huge...
    • Faita-Rosuto(Lost fighter)Ch1 by Ethomara
    • Bara (Rose)is no ordinary girl. Since she was born she was trained to be an Oni(demon) slayer. So when her parents died when she was only 6 she swore to never again take mercy on an Oni nor a Hanyou(half demon). But sometimes t...
    • the starbrights by The Kingdom Keeper 3
    • ok this is a story im writing just the first chapther plz be nice and tell me if u think i should continue writing plz be honest with your votes and comments thanks
    • papercut prologue by Zhelanie
    • i'm writing a story bout vampires. if the grammar isn't good, srry, i'm spanish =P tell me what u think bout the story pliz. i'm writing the next chapter... do i submit it? I finidhed the next chapter ^^: papercut chapter 1
    • papercut chapter 1 by Zhelanie
    • 99 years later, Rachel has a really sad story. No friends, no family. read " papercut prologue " first. sorry if the grammar isn't well, i'm spanish. pliz rate and comment. hope u like it
    • papercut chapter 2 by Zhelanie
    • well this is chapter 2 of my story. it has a little stuff about rachel's power. the next chapter will be som rachel past
    • unwished immortality chap.1 by Zhelanie
    • well... i havent write anythin in a VERY long time... this story is bout vampires, lke my other. i dont know if ill continue my other story, if theres anyone that was really waiting for another chapter.. but i think this one ...
    • The Little Boy by optical_illusion13
    • A boy with powers beyond his age, beyond his breed is faced with a descision and he doesn't know which road to take. I will cut off and I want you to send me comments saying what you want to see happen at the end of this sto...
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