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    • Fox Leaves Three by Ayami-Sempai
    • Hidden In The Leaves. I admit, it's a bit of a filler chapter, but it covers a few vital points. We introduce a new Bijuu, and we learn Naruto's fate. Time to welcome the first of the new demons! Nibi no Nekomata. More will ...
    • What's Love? by Aerynz
    • Just my current view on what love means and what you would do for it. Feedback is appreciated. Just don't be too harsh. > _ <;
    • The Ultimate Survival Tool by Sher!ock
    • An essay about the mind's crucial role in survival situations and how it plays its part. This essay was written for an AP English class; the assignment was to tie a novel into an essay by writing about a topic within that novel...
    • Anna by Carnal Cupcake
    • I've been working on this for a while, I never planned on sharing it, but I decided I really wanted to anyway. EDIT: xD I put this under non fiction... I hadn't meant to though! oops... my UBER fault...
    • Trapped by jc987
    • Just a short essay/story about my feelings during the years of abuse. I was abused from 2-6 years old. I was finally adopted when I was 8. Now my life is great! :D
    • The Last Smile by Fuzzzy-Logic
    • Not for the faint of heart, i`m not saying its epic but a tid bit bloody, i worked hard and this was for a contest, warning only the first mini story won xD It will be the start of a book of one of my heros and also the writer ...
    • When duty calls. by Remashomi
    • You told me that you didn't know when you're coming back. I cried for you to stay, but we both knew you had to leave. "I'll see you soon" are the words I hang on to anymore.
    • Afterwards by like the rivermen
    • After it's all over, what's left to do? All he can do is sit there, surrounded by death. -- This is based on a character I made for a roleplay I'm in. I usually don't do angsty-type things, but I think this turned out well. Fee...
    • Freedom is Overrated by Spike_Flair
    • A POLITICAL ESSAY. If that's not your sort of thing then please just move along I wrote this a while ago and thought I might as well share it and see what others think. I'd like you to not only comment on my writing ability bu...
    • Dream - a reflective journal by Belthizor
    • Ok, I wasn't sure where to put this, but as I actually had the dream and watched the DVD, I figured non-fiction was apt. I welcome all comments and thoughts/ insights
    • Dear Somebody by Nykole Nonsensical
    • I had a friend who died last September from cancer. I wrote this kind of recently just to say some stuff..And get a few things out about it. Please critque and read my other stuff! I can't become a better writer if I don't g...
    • Daniel by Symphonic Requiem
    • This is just a bit form my life, well, and Daniel, I went to his school for a month before transfering out. Man, I sound like a stalker in this. x_x
    • American Nights by Monstrous Atrocity
    • Planet Starbucks. The Honda Galaxy. Reading this now it reminds me of Fight Club, thought that was hardly the case when I wrote it about a year ago. But anyway, this is something I wrote a while ago. Not exactly sure what under...
    • Snowfall by Qantaqa
    • These were my thoughts during class once. I wrote them down, eventually. I think falling snow has a funny way to affect my brain. However, I do apprecieate watching the world sometimes. It is more fascinatig than one may thi...
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