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    • Reunion by Tii Len
    • Thea Mihailov gets a reunion with her older brother, Theo, eight years after he leaves to become a doctor, only to find conflict in her love for her brother and parents. Can she choose for herself to stay living in the storage ...
    • Bloodlust by Alimo1
    • An extra for my revamped version of Lucifer's Army retitled Bloodlust (title courtesy of avearia) there's the strong possibility that it won't end up in the completed work but it was fun to write.
    • A Short Story OR: Model S4567 by Rainbow Xylophones
    • So, this was origionally a sample post, but then I saw that it would make an adorable short story. Ain't it cute? I can't think of a name for it really, but I think I like it better than 'The Assassin.' There's a higher chance...
    • Myth Story XD by xAlphiex
    • Um... I had to write a story for my myth project about Artemis. Since I wanted other people's opinions, I decided to post it here.
    • I promised... by Jam the Wolf of Darkness
    • I just wrote this when I was bored. So I wrote this when I was feeling sad and this is really all I need out of life. To save another. Sorry this is so long. Don't bother to try and give me advice cause I wont take it. So don'...
    • Lokean, the Legendary Fighter by Roy Makio
    • Alright, so I've had this story with me for some time. I even posted it on another website. It's based off a game called Twelve Sky. I use to play it, and then created a story that came to mind. Hope you enjoy it. Note: This i...
    • Witchcraft by Storm Tidings
    • A piece I wrote a little over a year ago for gaia when I became frustrated with the amount of, shall we say, less than worthy stories flooding the gaia writing arena. I know it's not the best, but if I can write it with no effo...
    • Demon Fang by Fayne Darkness
    • About a girl names Amaterasu who knows nothing of herself; one day she is a human, and the next she is a wolf. She doesn't realise it, though, because she always thinks that whenever she wakes up, it was all a dream. She doesn'...
    • Drossel's Diary Volume 2 by Aislene Drossel
    • This diary logs the adventures of Drossel. Where in the world has he been? (Just for fun, if you think you can figure out how the puzzle was solved, put it in a comment.)
    • The Revelation-Chapter 1 by OnlyLena
    • "He unsheathed the sword from behind his back, liking how the moonlight played on the edges of the black metal." This is just chapter one of the paranormal/sci fi story...
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