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    • Change [Chpt.2] by WolfsPack5
    • Chapter 2 of Change. Sorry there isn't much action yet. >.< There will be later on, probably next chapter. I'm not sure though. Tell me what you think about it so far. =3
    • When Sakuras Touch PT.3 by Sugarhigh234
    • YAY! Finally I can put it. I can only put 2 stories at a time.. so.. yeah. Anyway > > you'll see what happens.. lol I don't want ANYONE copying this story please. If anyone does, tell me and report the story for.. copying....
    • demange by Thatdudeinthehoodie
    • the first book in my series (i know i suck at grammer and spelling but i've been trying 2 work on it). the real plot doesn't happen till the second book. it's about a race of creatures known as the infection that is trying to t...
    • Artemis's Army by Steves Box
    • I was reading the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series and I decided to make a story out of Artemis's Army from The Titan's Curse.
    • Torra by Lemongirl77
    • just an idea I thought up. I'll write more if I get positive feedback. Medieval/fantasy.
    • Sparks Fly Upward: Chapter 1 by Poco Meno Mosso
    • It's about...well, you'll see. Basically it's about a guy trapped in some problems between two gangs on the South Side of Chicago. The chapters are long, so each will be divided into sections. Here's the first part of the first...
    • The Return of a Friend by Rotting Gnarl
    • A story I had to write for school back in 8th grade. Recently found it while going through files on my computer, sorta liked it. I would like to think my writing has improved since then, but I still thought I'd put it up.
    • Dear Diary by xXFallenForVampireSongXx
    • This story is written in diary form from a girl who lives in Hungary at the time of the German invasion. Mind the spelling. It really didn't happen but it sure seems like it did. I had to write this after doing somthing in clas...
    • I Don't Know by b00_2
    • It's not that good. I know. I just wanted to write this. The song is Human By Skye Sweetnam. Please my other short story "A Speck Of Red" though. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
    • Annie by Pressure Sensative
    • Well summer dies and nothing lasts forever And you're so fine, the way you stand up to your fears The summer dies and its just moments we have together I'd give my bones for you to get a few more years For you and I, oh Annie M...
    • Um...... Random? by 1namehere
    • True randomness. I dont no how to spell simutanusly just so you no. The only thing i stole is the WAAZZ UPP part from scary movie 1 (sorry i couldn't resist)
    • Am I Pretty Now? by Caligari1920
    • As he emerged from behind the pine trees and stared down upon her small frame standing before him with an expression of shock and hatred spilled across her face as she dropped her blood soaked knife to the cool winter ground...
    • Rain by Akirain
    • [Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto Crossover] What happens when Edward Elric and Alphose Elric stumble onto a book that transports them to Naruto's world? The real question is can the Fullmetal Alchemist save the young ninja from ...
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