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    • the beggining by mixymist9990
    • i just started this, and i want some feedback on what you think, I'm not so sure weather or not i want to keep writing this book like thing, and i don't even know why i started it. so pleas tell me what you think about it, i kn...
    • Hajira by krotius
    • A small excerpt from a story I've just begun working on, involving a nameless assassin and his prey in the Tunisian desert. I've been meaning to submit some writing here forever, but I never got around to it. I figured I may as...
    • Fa├žade by HiddenFaerie
    • Dear lord, I cannot believe I'm submitting this; as it were, it's a bit old and while I always said I'd take this introduction and expand it, I never have. Basically it's sort of a teaser, it briefly describes a beautiful scen...
    • Salvage From the Wreckage by nomvegannom
    • This is a story of a high school senior Abby. After her boyfriend, and the only reason to live for, dies in a sudden accident she has to pick up the shattered pieces of her heart.
    • No Apologies Needed by Elkien
    • What happens when a little girl misplaces her teddy bear, on the other side of the mirror? I hope you enjoy it. This is my own, personal work, please do not alter it in any way, and do not copy it unless you credit it back to m...
    • A Thief Named Cloud by Pesca
    • Okay...this is something that I've written a while ago, and it's only the first chapter, and I know that it leaves you at a cliffie...but on to the reading....
    • Haunted by sHadOwPoP
    • Try to be nice please. This was written in about half an hour for a last minute English assignment @_@ I really have no story for it.
    • Cacciatori by syborg5000
    • I wrote this story in the journal on my profile before it got hacked, and so now I am rewriting it here. I think the dialogue is a little cheesy, but its definatly not my strong point. :)
    • He Dreamed of Suicide. by Mr. Z Body
    • Ahaha this is not about me nor does it have anything to do with my emotions or any of that other stuff ahaha just another story for all you people who may freak out and be like "OMG is matt gonna kill himself" ahahahaha no. Chi...
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