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    • Love Stories by iHauntZombies
    • there is a car crash between two teens that barely know each other. they both live through it somehow and come out of the crash unharmed. there is a romance boiling between these two teens. they go to the same school but they b...
    • Katsuya & Avalon by dj_takuya
    • A short piece about the lives of two of my original characters. Avalon is Devil Elf, and therefore is required to have a thrall to feed on. Katsuya is that thrall, but like all thralls, he isn't in control of all his choices......
    • Dark_savior- sasunaru by demon of desolation
    • a story i'm working on for deviantart, please go to my DA page and comment i beg of u! its sasunaru (as u can plainly see) please pm me if u have any questions or comments,i love making new friends ^^ cliff hanger neh? Carpa...
    • Illusion by Azekual
    • A girl is saved by a boy named Adam from the blanketing snow, they begin to grow attached to each other afterwards.
    • Momoko, soul reaper/Chap.3 by DJ Animefangirl01
    • Momoko and Ichigo head over to Kisuke's(I can't spell most of the bleach chars names, sorry!)shop so Momoko can be introduced to the soul reapers and Ichigo is still confused on how Momoko can see him as a soul reaper.
    • To Andrew by JuneauGrey
    • A short story I wrote a while ago. Kind of sad... :/ It isn't really based on any personal event or situation, and I'm sorry if it somehow offends people who have been in the described situation, but it was just meant to be a...
    • Outside by Silver2star
    • A man who has been isolated from society slowly becomes interested with his neighbor who is a young woman that always wears a black veil over her eyes. Please be nice and give good comments. Enjoy!
    • Excerpt from Arachnaphobia by Nightmayer19
    • Glenn Valium is in quite a jam; his father, Rhen Valium, was a strategic genius that led the indomitable Burgandian army (before his untimely death) and Lord Arachna wants to utilize Glenn's hopefully inherited talent for the f...
    • Bittersweet by Sekahyyh
    • [A Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction] What does a birthday signify? A beginning, or an end? Hiei/Kurama, BL.
    • The Ultimate Legend.... by Lee-full_Davis
    • I like to point out that the actual title is.. The Ultimate Battle, The Ultimate Legend. Anyways, this is the ending to the first story i did in my journal, if you wanna read the rest of the chapters, just go to my profil...
    • >>Jokes!!!<< by SayaRikuKai
    • Come and look at my jokes :). Some of them I copied from a book some of them I invented. Ok so pls enjoy.
    • No Petals by safetyPinTami
    • 'Ello This is Kinda a WIP [work in process] Of a Book I'm writng. I just wanted to see if you like it! Be kind please Cpoy Right to me. No stealing or you can be sued.
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