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    • Braik Chapter 2 Special Epi. by braik
    • A specially found episode of my series! This one is based off of characters from the anime, Inukami! ^^ (I do not own any characters of this anime.) After a little mishap from Youko (from Inukami!), Braik and his friends get in...
    • Dark Realm by ZeroZmm
    • A while ago I dreamt this pretty fascinating (to me) story, and even tho it was a little part, it became easy to me to add much more to it, and so it's basically becoming and actual long term work. I'm actually putting it on m...
    • Vampyre's Pet by current carcinoGeneticist
    • Being a Vampyer is never easy... Acorrding to Ares, but when you have a younger twin brother who constantly wants your attention, and your parents leave you in a strange town and tell you you are to protect the alchemysts who d...
    • the transformation by Luna Deslumbrado
    • i found myself in a forest, i was naked. i stood up and walked. my hair was so long that it covered my breasts, i tripped and fell into a spring. i was underwater when i saw a bright flash, my legs stuck together and started to...
    • Haruti's Curse 1 by Princess x Yuki
    • Haruti (Hair-roo-tie) was cursed by the spirit of the water. The mom didnt want her anymore so she gave him to the docter. Haruti lives with the docter and takes care of her. The docter...is cursed as well. The docters name is ...
    • Snow White: The Real Tale by CaptainMeriderp
    • This is a tale of deceit, loss of faith, and the loss of innocence. This is the true tale of Snow White. ____ Written for my Fairy Tales class last semester, thanks to Michi and Tracy for betaing for me as I wrote it. Inspire...
    • Trail of tracks by kyle_gray
    • This is a fiction I wrote for a class. Its about a drug run, and a guy who lost his memory. If you would like to read the rest, pm me :3
    • The Saved pt. 1 by Loyal2-1
    • Chapter one: A demonstration of Power. Main characters: Jordan, Serenity, Aske, May, Bale. Basic plot: Two divisions of people left in the end of the world: The Saved, and The Beasts. Each intent on destroying the other. Jo...
    • The end is Only The beginning by KoalaO_oBear
    • A story about this girl who lives her life in a foster home till shes is 12 when she is adopted. When she moves in with her new family she goes through a hard time trying to fit in because the only friends she has are her step ...
    • The Valentine by IHeartWallFulls
    • Love last before and after death forever and ever, a bond that could never be broken one could say...Because even when apart the connection is there waiting to merge once again.
    • Maela by Ninja Focks
    • I started writing this a while ago, but it's not even half way done yet! The chapters are quite short....but they take a while to write. I'm uploading the first few, let me know if you're interested and I will upload more for y...
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