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    • BLooDY SILHOUEttE Side Story 4 by Mon Amour Antoinette
    • SIDE STORY 4 PART 2 Soooooo, Arisa's parents were just murdered. I wanted to make this so you could see exactly what went on that night. It was different than when Kai went into Arisa's dream. Poor Arisa, she's so lost :[ ...
    • Too Poor To Go by jasyxox3
    • This is what people who are poor feel like they really can't do much. All they can do for free is have fun. This just came into my head out of now where so I thought I'd write something. CLICK THE LINK TO SEE http://www.gaiao...
    • Angel --- Chapter One by shatteredblade17
    • This is a story that I just had the idea for yesterday. It's the first time I've attempted a drama story like this (one that doesn't include war or superheroes), so I hope I did good so far. Enjoy and please rate and leave a...
    • Devil's Followers by mimi-chanv_v
    • ok.....so i need help advice ext. its a rough rough draft.....im not sure what should happen i also don't like the first person thing but rate me please
    • FAIRY TALE by Emily_Shirley
    • This story is about a princess named Eliza who ventures into the foest to answer the call of a hidden being... This story is a little bit long but I hope you guys will still read and comment!(PLEASE???)
    • Kattarian Coventry by Nathaniel_Sparrow
    • The first two chapters tell the tale of a catfolk boy known as a Kattarian named Eefera who is cast off the island of his home and grows up living a different life, then sets out to truly discover his purpose in life, until eve...
    • Realms : Chapter 3 by akibane
    • The 3rd chapter. YAY!! I was stuck on this chapter for a long time. Dunno what to write. >< Comment pls and no cirticisms thanks Disclaimer : Just want you guys out there to know. Stories written here or in the Arena th...
    • The Journal of the Four Stones by Iilyda
    • This is my first book I'm trying to write. It took me about two years to get me this far and its VERY long! If you can even stand reading it all please tell me what you think!
    • Everlasting Chapter 1 by Gothicgirl3319
    • This is my new series so don't be surprised if it's bad and if you want me to continue just comment saying so also sometimes I will leave cliff hangers so watch out and i wanna hear what you think will happen... Characters:Van...
    • Untitled by WritingaRockStar
    • The beginning(?) of a story I'm writing about a girl who encounters two strange boys from another world. Read, Rate and Comment!!
    • Earthfire by charbookwyrm
    • An extract from chapter 1 of my fantasy novel. All comments are, of course, appreciated, and you can read more either on the 'Infinate Possibilities' writing guild, or at http://www.bebo.com/chroniclesofkenah
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