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    • When they Cry -Chapter One- by oldbluejeans1
    • What if you lived in a town where everyone was crazy? What if you lived in a town where everyone -even those you thought were your friends -try to kill you? What would you do? This is a translated version of the Japanese ...
    • The Imaginary Schizophrenia by Demon In Your Womb
    • This is the love, that is imaginary, but real. This is the hate that does not exist, this is the torment that is believable, this is the schizophrenia, that does question all life, this is the answer, that heals all the suppos...
    • BLooDY SILHOUEttE Chap. 185 by Mon Amour Antoinette
    • Chapter 185 c: Yes, it's late, lol. I broke up with Andrew a couple weeks ago; we didn't argue or anything; I wasn't attracted to him. He's too immature for his age, and I'm mature for my age, so it just didn't go. Now he's bum...
    • The End by -Mister Grell Sutcliff-
    • Its kind of depressing and some people told me the beginning is kind of sexual but its not meant to be that way. Its meant to get across how struggle her feeling are for him. And well yeah, im not good with descritions. So here...
    • Bound continued by I N V E E S A B L E
    • I contined my story called Bound. Just to warn you, i put all my updates in here, so it is really really really really long. xD i hope you find the time to read it and enjoy it <3
    • night time love by randomraven123
    • it is about a girl named raven she is goth and she never fits in the story starts in the summer when she is walking home and later on she meets this teenager who happens to be a vanpire.Named adam night.
    • Chapters 9&10 by xXAlice RockzXx
    • in chapter 9 thingz start to go too far with charlotte, and then SOMEBODY(NOT TELLING READ FOR URSELF DAMN IMPATIENT PERSON! O:<)shows up and stops her from wut shes doing, and then thingz go on from tht point rofl
    • Summer by xiaoberry
    • Light-fluffy story about a girl looking for a summer job after her first year of university.
    • Something In my Head by Miyuukina Arial
    • I don't know what I was thinking, it is from the perspective of an old man. He is writing a letter and he is trying to reach out to someone. Who, I have NO idea. I guess we'll find out next post. Lol. :)
    • Blood and Shadows by Chaos Muses
    • Alesca Harterson was a normal twenty three year old, but when trouble suddenly came to Rose Valley she found a lot more than she bargained for. Caught up in a conflict between the paranormal and an undercover agency that fights...
    • I'll protect you... *YAOI* by I started WW2
    • There's yaoi in this story so if you don't like it, then don't read it. :3 Simple. There is also sexual references but not detailed or anything. Rude comments will be deleted and ignored but construction critism is accepted. C...
    • Death Moon part one by Kiriri_56
    • I am writing a book, i want to publish it but I don't know if people will like it so I'm going to see if people on Gaia will like it. Sorry it's really long! This isn't even all of the frist chapter. Sorry if there is any bad...
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