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    • Forbidden Love /6/ by Princess of Darkness 365
    • Chapter 6! sirry it took so long, i like this chapter the best, but, thats me. tell me what you think about this chapter or die damnit! lol im kidding. you wont die. but still it would be nice for you to leave a comment.
    • Forbidden Love /7/ by Princess of Darkness 365
    • Hey, sorry this chapter is so short, I really didn't know what to do with this chapter. And i just wanted to thank everyone for reading my chapters and saying they're good. I thought everyone would say i was horrible at writing...
    • Popularity by nessie2008
    • A character I am introducing, Power Linton-Henry, who is an Aspie (someone with Asperger's Syndrome), shares her views on popularity.
    • The Keeper by Aster Lavinium
    • This prolouge is in the view of the main character's father. His name is Frier. If you guys like this comment on it, and I'll put chapter one up. =D
    • Love chapter 1 by gaarafangirl080593
    • Alice's mom drops her off at a place to "talk" about her feelings because she has a problem. While there alice talks about why shes there and stuff then she meets Adam. Just what will Adam become to her? rate and comment to tel...
    • Experimental Instiute >>Ch.1<< by CrazyRach2013
    • ABOUT:: Hallways and cooradores leading to different places in this institute. Surgical wards, rooms stacked with bloddy goure bodies and all you can do is watch. The failures running around and getting out killing more. STORY:...
    • BLooDY SILHOUEttE Chap. 113 by Mon Amour Antoinette
    • Chapter 113! :D So next chapter that will be out will be a special BLooDY SILHOUEttE chapter for its first birthday! :'D Be sure to wish them all happy birthday XD And the ending to this chapter is cheesy because, well, I co...
    • Soul of the Prince (?) by Lunar_Oyuki
    • This is a bit of a sample of what im working on. I know its a little rough but its just a sample to see how it goes. Lemme know if you think its any good!
    • Memories of May by Inkbender8
    • I was very bored and also had the idea for a book for awhile and this is just a part of my idea. This might display some of my weaker writing. :/
    • Blue-eyed Girl by Nakito-kun
    • Story with a couple of twists. I think it's worth reading. My first short story series.Just read the story as the mystery reveals itself in this thriller "Blue-eyed Girl" Written by Nakito-kun!!!
    • Between the Log Lines by Shiarka Jonless
    • "Milo thought he could get away from it all only to find new stresses." I wrote this a few years back(7 years, actually) as a part of a writing contest on another site. I didn't win, but it's one of my favorites. Maybe some da...
    • The Arena-1 by enders21295_RP
    • An Arena, but where the games are one on one, and the losers die. This is installment one, of hopefully a lot more. Remember: Comment are the best way you can tell me that you like it, and I also appreciate telling me what I di...
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