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    • Encounter Ch 1 by Vanilla Acoustic
    • Okay listen, I'M SORRY IF IT SUCKS! D: I don't like submitting my works on Gaia because I'm just a private person ._. But oh well, if you hate it... i don't give a frick!
    • My Girl Wears a White Dress by pottergleek
    • It's a little something I cooked up for a writing exercise for school. It got some good reviews. :] It's a story about a guy and his childhood friend. No spoilers! Read it yourself. :D
    • Dragons boon (part one) by kationa rumani
    • The story of a dragon and a girl..To her surprise she finds she should have taken a deal offered by the dragon but didn't and now she finds she is a piece of his treasure to the shape shifting dragon king.........This could g...
    • Eternal Bond by MarukawaBubbleGum
    • Part 8. Trisa succesfully escaped with Reyn (still unconcious), riding on Ania (their stolen horse). But it wasnt safe because night was coming—demons were coming
    • Rena A. Lionhart rough draft by Eeirail
    • This is a character in a series I am planning on writing, the creatures, places, and gods in this outline are completely made up by myself, I have a layout and template for them all, I will not post it due to the fact that it i...
    • A unknown story by Rigl3y
    • This is part of the second book to the series i am writing, it is still in the thinking prosses since i am still on the first book. I know i had used these names in my warm-ups but i asure you they are not the same vampires! i ...
    • Death by Mosmoto
    • Whenever we avoid something it will eventually catch up to us. Whether it's something as minor as chores or something as grave as death, it will eventually catch up to us, and when it does, there is nothing you can do.
    • Skateboarding with Roxas by Sharlea Isabella
    • This story was originally posted on fanfiction.net under the pen name SharleaNorth. It is my story, that is why the name is the same. I don't own Kingdom Hearts, The MasterCard commercial, or Youtube. This story is just for fun...
    • My naruto character by xLonergan12x
    • This is MY NARUTO CHARACTER it does not mean hes real I do not watch shippuden nor read the manga but i know little bits and peices. if my story has flaws tell me and i will try to fix it but remember its my world....not yours....
    • The silent stalker by LOLCATZBBQ
    • A short story that will suck you in. :] See the life of a killer, take control of you average teenager. Lucy soon finds out what dereks like, and needs to tell somebody before she ends up like all the other kids. Dead...
    • The Death of Annabelle by BlackDream12
    • A little girl who is terminally ill and was born with a hole in her heart. It is in the perspective of her older sister, Aggie. Aggie is hard, never cries, and doesn't think of her parents as hers only her sister's. Will she...
    • The Spirit Gaurd by Da_Cookie_Nomster
    • Nevaeh is a 7th grader at a normal school, in a normal town, in a normal city. That makes her normal, right? Wrong, when Nevaeh faints in science class weird things start happening. Her and her friend Halo go on a journey throu...
    • The Room by Katanya Twylight
    • This is really just an exercise from my creative writing class. Assignment: Write a description of a rural landscape, a city street, or a room. Use only active verbs to describe inanimate as well as animate things. Find unusua...
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