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    • My Sci-fi story by Sera Snow
    • I've been debating what to name this, but here y'all go! The first chapter! Enjoy my country accent! P.s. I want all criticism!
    • Darkwater - Prologue by akjhurg
    • This is the current book I am working on. My apologies for not posting or being on lately. This book will be my first attempt at a published novel. Here is the Prologue to see if you like it! Link: http://darkwaterbook.com H...
    • EotW Snibit 2 by XarynXVI
    • This is just another little portion-to-be. Please use constructive critcism. Information needed: Burrowers are palm-sized little parasites that slowly replace your brain and take control of your body. Effy was infected by one a...
    • Birth of the War by The-Poison-Muffin
    • It's sorta long, but I made it when I was depressed and listening to 'Ghost of you' by 'My Chemical Romance'... Sad song... I cry everytime I see the video.
    • The Streets by ur_shawty_24-7
    • About a robin hood type person. There fore, the setting takes place way back when. Thrilling, exciting, romantical. Enjoy! NOTICE** the first part is in the present. For most of the story, it is a flashback. Then at the end, i...
    • Rochel Wolff (chptr 2) by RochelRide
    • ok another place to read this is http://www.booksie.com/romance/novel/ravenstears/red-moon;-red-stars;-red-fangs;-red-paws i hope yall like it :)
    • The Visitors --- Chapter One by shatteredblade17
    • This is a story that I just started working on yesterday. It's something like a sci-fi/action/horror genre, which is a very different style than what I'm used to. I hope you enjoy reading it and please rate and leave a comment ...
    • Void Zone Snibit 1 by XarynXVI
    • The Void Zone is my new book that I'm writing. It takes place five years after Earth Mk IV was destroyed by a high intensity supernova took out the planet's magentosphere leaving the planet useless to radiation. This is about a...
    • Our Fake Relationship by invisibleninja159
    • [Chapter 17] "Kiss to Forgive"--------Zane and Olivia have there own day out at the park. They return home to get the snacks ready for their double date; and Zane finds out cookie dough isn't that bad[:
    • Sci-Fi War story excerpt by Ilivtelyrr
    • This is an excerpt from a slightly sci-fi story I wrote that takes place during the second American Civil War. The characters are bio-engineered vampires basically...
    • Shield by ImStillOnFire
    • Introduction and section 1 of this epic story I have made. The story itself has 3 parts, each of them very long. So I will post each section separately.
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