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    • CP: Duchess by IsseiShikimoto
    • Profile sheet for Duchess from my story, Empire Of Hearts. Based off The Duchess from Alice In Wonderland (If her name wasn't a dead giveaway).
    • CP: Blue by IsseiShikimoto
    • Profile sheet for Blue from my story, Empire Of Hearts. She's based off the Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland.
    • CP: King by IsseiShikimoto
    • Profile sheet for King from my story, Empire Of Hearts. Based off the White King from "Through the Looking Glass." I'm working on developing my art skills so I can eventually have visuals to go with these, but until then(whenev ...
    • CanciĆ³n de la valle by Foxyre
    • Sierra Division of Raider Corps. has been sent off to create and set up a base in an unknown territory. these logs are from a second in command who is starting to wonder if going there is the right choice. Hehe perhaps he'll so ...
    • CP: Heart by IsseiShikimoto
    • Character profile for Heart from my story Empire Of Hearts, and the first of my revised profile sheets. The webcomic "Carciphona" by Shilin serves as the model for it. Short, simple, gives a general idea without too much detail ...
    • dreaming angel by lunariangypsy
    • a girl living in a house of emotional neglect and verbal abuse, wanting to escape but knowing she never can. because she herself wont even try
    • Things Befall by xXGoodbyeMemoriesXx
    • This is the prologue to my original story that all came from a dream. It starts out with Skylar, the main protagonist of the story, being bullied in elementary school.
    • Somewhere Over The Grey Walls by RavingBish
    • This story is based off my time spent in treatment centers (Equaling up to a year) I'm going to try and explain the truth about these facilities and what kind of harmful effects forced therapy can have on young minds. This is w ...
    • In My Head By Jorge Sosa by spicytacos123
    • So I wanted to get this out because school shootings aren't as difficult to prevent as you think. It all starts with the root, bullying. Please Gaia, don't ban me for the violence in this.
    • A Father's Tale (Part 1) by Fithath
    • This is the story of the Father tale from Speak of Her. Warning before you go reading this: There are going to be some bloody scenes and, (but not in this part,) romance. But only romance if I can get to it without having a sud ...
    • Speak of Her by Fithath
    • A young child asking his only parent - his father - what Mom was like. If there are enough likes & reviews I'll write the Father's tale. And just to get your attention, I'm going to put a little spoiler in the comments.
    • Little bit for lunar eclipse by Svartr Ulfr VT
    • Basically some free verse poetry about our recent lunar eclipse. I'll be honest, this was spur-of-the-moment, so mistakes will pop up. I ask for constructive criticism, as this is still my work and I'd like to improve it in som ...
    • Time to Change by AlaricDavian
    • A story I made up and put into a rhyme scheme. It is roughly about not being able to see how you are until it is too late...or is it?
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