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    • Dating Death's Son- Chapter 1 by xXxTheStarsDevidexXx
    • Don't get me wrong, this world is great. It's just... difficult. Especially when your best friend is a ghost dog, you can see and talk to the dead, and you are the "clinically insane" person at your school because it's haunted ...
    • A Love Gone Bad Part 1 by MagiPrincess_Amber
    • This is a fanfic based on Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Aladdin is older in this story. Alibaba and Aladdin are happily married until the Alibaba Aladdin knew starts to slip away and becomes abusive towards Aladdin. Aladdin mus ...
    • Seasonal Siblings by Foxyre
    • Let us take a look at the Seasons as if they're actual people. Although they may seem different, they are some what like siblings. Quadruplets is what comes to mind and with a little imagination, you can almost picture the ...
    • "Keep A Smile" by Corporal Shorty
    • A little something I thought of during a sleepless night. I was actually thinking about lots of YTubers and how lots of them helped make a change in the lives of their viewers. I found it so amazing how one little sentence or v ...
    • pepe by philiplester
    • do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior pepe
    • Ghost Shepard by Foxyre
    • Ever wonder if the souls of the dead men and women who serve under our flag are at rest? Those that have died out in the battlefield and not at home, they're souls would be trapped there even though their body is brought back ...
    • The Mercenaries: Prologue by IsseiShikimoto
    • Prologue to Part 1 of The Mercenaries which is divided into 6 parts spread over 3 books. Part 1: Stranger In A Strange Land. Part 2: Realm Of The Five Kings. Part 3: Observer Of The Sky. Part 4: Tale Of The Wanderer. Part 5: Th ...
    • Nothing Grimm by Foxyre
    • First off why don't we start off with a little quote that's been swimming around in my head, I think if fits perfectly with what I've got from an interview I've just finished with someone I once know, fear, respect, and admire, ...
    • For My Father by ninja shogun
    • These are the words I wrote down the morning my dad went in to go get surgery for his cancer. I remember waking up and the reality of the idea that he may never come back hit me. Some of the words in this are exactly the sam ...
    • Untitled by Dom-Bug
    • A description of my anxiety of being alone with my boyfriends brother and wife while he goes to work.
    • Damsel by khafka
    • Micro-story, a small psychological thriller if you will. Hope you enjoy.
    • Light by Siku Yumi
    • I would like it if you could rate and comment on my work so that I can better improve! This is my first work and I will do more further on!
    • World of Darkness Chronicles by IsseiShikimoto
    • These are a collection of stories that I came up with after looking through White Wolf's New World of Darkness storytelling games. They all have a bit of, well, darkness to them, but my versions are probably lighter than the or ...
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