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    • My Love be Well by Marshalleeguy
    • Its about a boy who loved a girl but was very soon forgotten and replaced by someone else. The love he felt for her and how he rationalized the betrayal. This is made up though its not really about anyone its just a story. This ...
    • A Brand New Face by Resting Bitchface
    • I wrote this about seven years ago, when I was going through a particularly angsty breakup. I've not written much poetry since, but I came across it again a few days ago and it took me back to that period of time. I felt like I ...
    • Camilla Mukhi ~Life Ruined~ 1 by A Silent Otaku
    • This is meant to be a diary for my OC I guess... It's not that good. The title is short so I can't write much description in the title. This is going to be the first in the series.. I this won't go well, I know it! But life is ...
    • Anxiety by Nemone
    • I have some pretty severe anxiety issues and this is what I feel like most days when I'm not medicated.
    • The World by Sea Lemon
    • A story I had to write in my, well my writing class. I was given a picture of a random person and what they like to do and i didn't like what i got. So this happened.
    • Dimitri and the Winter Rose: P by IsseiShikimoto
    • Prologue to Dimitri and the Winter Rose, mentioned in an earlier entry. It's prologue is like an old folk tale excerpt and therefore quite short, so I thought I'd just put it out there. I may or may not get back to this to do c ...
    • Star Dancer: Prologue by IsseiShikimoto
    • The prologue chapter of Star Dancer, which was mentioned with a brief description in an earlier entry. Feedback would be appreciated. I've been listening to inspirational music for this lately, which is why I'm working on it fi ...
    • Tears by SIVP
    • I'm not ashamed of crying, it's a form of letting go
    • Stories In Store! by IsseiShikimoto
    • Now that the comic ideas are out of the way(though more may appear in the future), it's time to work on this arena's focus: actual writing. This is just a short list of my novel ideas plus a general 1 line description for each ...
    • This ****** Dragon by Nemone
    • Yeah this is a rage poem. I'm trying to keep my language somewhat clean so I bleeped out the title. It's supposed to be "This Sh*tty Dragon."
    • The Tale Of Everything by IsseiShikimoto
    • Concept/idea. Critique, comment, Q&A. This is the last of my Manga-esque ideas, but I've got other proper story ideas more suited to this arena coming up. More on that later. Anyway, this is another monster hunter inspired stor ...
    • The Sky's Tyranny by Nemone
    • I wanted to write about the weather and it just kind of ended up this way. Hope you enjoy it.
    • Kami Network by IsseiShikimoto
    • Concept/idea. Critique, comment, Q&A. Another out of nowhere idea, it's also another hard idea to work with considering how closely linked it'll have to be to Japanese society. Still, I'll do my best with it and hope I come out ...
    • Yenman by IsseiShikimoto
    • Concept/idea. Critique, comment, Q&A. This is a tough one to work with, since I'm nowhere near an expert on Japanese culture and society, but if I can make something out of it one day, I'm sure it'll be interesting. Thanks for ...
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