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    • Strength by Kida Rain
    • Dedicated to a girl named Kyleen, who was going through a rough time. I wrote her this poem to cheer her up, stay strong Kyleen <3
    • Philosophy on Life by Suicidesoldier#1
    • I'd write some funny or intelligent catch phrase that portrayed the inner sense and being of who I am and deeply reflects my inner philosophy on life, but unfortunately none come to mind.
    • Dream by she_has_thorns
    • This is just something I threw together to get my emotions out. It is about a guy who was for a very, very long time very special to me. Now, I do not even know if I trust him after all the highs and lows between us. This may s ...
    • Veins by PiperDollie
    • I wrote this quick poem after having a breakthrough with my struggle with an eating disorder. I was finally learning to love myself. I used to think my veins were ugly and made me look old, but it was like one day I woke up, an ...
    • Vikktorya meets the Countess by Vikktorya
    • Thought it would be cool to write a bio for my Gaian avatar, I thought it would be short but it turned out a little longer then anticipated. I have already posted this on my profile but I thought it would be fun to share here a ...
    • Once Upon A Dream by Chieftain Twilight
    • this is my most recent poem. I wrote it at a Kingdom-level SCA event, which took place at a 4H Camp. I wrote it after staying up all night at Bardic. I have to say, listening to some of the Kingdom's best musicians and storytel ...
    • A Disquiet Mind by sHellav0n
    • I was feeling severely discontent by the state of the world we live in, and decided to vent the best way I know how (next to singing, I mean). So, here's that.
    • Fear & Loathing in VH by Raoul Gonzo Duke
    • This is my first attempt at writing a gonzo style article about Virtual Hollywood. Gonzo Journalism is a journalism style that is often subjective rather than objective. The writer usually writes it in first-person and the art ...
    • Alice's human sacrifice by Some Pudding
    • It is about a fate that fallen to the hand of these 5 alices (im trying testout so i think vocaloid alice human sacrifice could be a good story book)
    • Anger by Makoda-XXVI
    • This was inspired by an argument I had with my loved one. Having a bad day, getting mad at me. Their anger grew and grew, they were ready to snap and I knew it. A sweet warm loving hug shut that ugly emotion away. They calmed ...
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