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    • Gho'Zra by Jin the Ice Ninja
    • A god awakens, and any mortal who dares challenge it might as well touch Death. It is a force of Nature, it has no master, and any who try to control it have a better chance of freezing Hell over.
    • From An Autumn Past by KarkatVantiae
    • In English, my teacher required us to write a narrative 'deleted' scene relating to The Great Gatsby, she allowed us to be creative and flexible to who narrated and how people met Gatsby and so forth. I took a short story that ...
    • Tales of Xalthia - Chapter 17 by Dragoon Knight Sora
    • Welcome to Chapter 17! In this chapter, the Menorion soldiers have come out of hiding and have begun laying siege to the unsuspecting town of Basilwell. Hearing about the sudden attack, Tsuki and his group team up with what lit ...
    • IDLENESS by Hypersomniac Slacker
    • I came up with this out of frustration of doing nothing. In the end, I think I just had a conversation with myself.
    • False Support, Inimical Truth by Avenger_Tony_Stark
    • I wrote this after a debate in a class of mine. During said debate, my sexuality was used to put down my agreement and some of the responses I got shocked me a bit. This poem came out of my shock, disgust, and multiple other fe ...
    • Destati - Dive into the Heart by narutokid2k7
    • I went on ahead and made Destati a thing, if only because I wanted to see if I could generate enough interest from the community with the first chapter! The rest of the ( tentative ) plot and story can be seen on my [url=http:/ ...
    • My Long Lost Love by The LadyKaiya
    • This was a sonnet I wrote a few years ago. I figure I should show people instead of having it sit in a folder in my laptop. As the title states, it about a lost love and you can draw your own conclusions as to what happened. I ...
    • Sapphire Blue by Tory Djinn
    • These are my descriptions of Sapphire Blue. It's what it sounds like what it looks like what it smells like what it feels like what events are this color What things are this color And what are the feelings of this color.
    • Lucy in the sky with Diamonds by Fellstar59
    • A story I wrote in school with the themes of Belonging, the outcast and Individual in society.I base it on the Beatles song Lucy in the sy with diamonds paired with a dystopic setting in which colours are non-existent.
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