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    • Heartless by AngelFyre1
    • I came up with this while driving and I thought maybe it could make an interesting short story.
    • The Blossom Of A New Love by Shawtylife
    • This Is The First Short Sory I Have Ever Typed...Other Than School EssaysXD. If I have any flaws at all, Pleas feel free to share it with me by adding a comment or PM me or however this works lolXD HOPE YAH ENJOY!!!! I will p ...
    • Cute As A Doll by yu senpai
    • Andrew Saitou is a 19 year old virgin nerd with no ideas for relationships and on the day of Valentine he is alone, staying at his friend house he meets a cute doll like girl who runs a website for cute things how will this tur ...
    • The Golden Order pt2 by The Wind Keeper
    • Second part of chapter one You guys wanted to see the characters tell the story, so lets see if you like this :) Same thing still applies, would like some suggestions in the comments :)
    • I Can't Stop by vanessaw14
    • Sorry this is so long. So this was Kind of my thought process when I developed my eating disorder. I was depressed and didn't even feel like eating half the time so I guess I figured why eat at all? This disorder creeps up on y ...
    • Tales of Xalthia - Chapter 23 by Dragoon Knight Sora
    • Welcome to Chapter 23! Last time, the unthinkable happened. Eresseas appears to have fallen to the hands of the enemy due to the betrayal of Mike and Stahler who were members of the Royal Eight. Now, Tsuki and his companions ar ...
    • Masquerade of Hate by wii roxedem
    • I sang this song on stage at my school to tell my parents and everyone who knows me that i'm coming out. I couldn't think of a better way than through art.
    • A Supposed Fat Girl's Poem by Dramaticrabbit
    • So recently, Seventeen Magazine posted on their Facebook their "5 hottest plus sized models" who were actually average sized! So this is my rant to them I sent.
    • The Golden Order by The Wind Keeper
    • It's my personal atempt at a med-fant novel. The start of chapter 1 and a headon introduction to some of the main plot characters. There's probably a lot of spelling mistakes and all, however Id like some pointers in the commen ...
    • The Hockey Chick by MissWinnipegJets
    • This is about a vision I had where I was the first female to ever play for the National Hockey League and scoring the goal that won the winnipeg jets their first Stanley cup.
    • Scream'sYou Cannot Hear by BlazexXXx
    • Fighting to keep my identity. I wrote this poem two years ago when I was living with my dad. He was trying to change my lifestyle, how I have lived. He wasnt there for me most of my entire life, he had no right to change me. Wh ...
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