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    • ~Pathos~ by xXBlade of ShadowsXx
    • A poem for an avatar outfit I created a while ago. But I don't think anyone noticed I put a poem in the description of it so I figured this way I could get real feedback! :D Thanks for reading~ ^^
    • White Carnation by Awai Ashirami
    • this is something I started awhile ago in my creative writing class, but never finished. I don't really know why, I just stopped. I hope you like it though.
    • Thoughts Of You by X I D I A A
    • I have to express what I am feeling through poetry. I stopped writing for 5 years so this is my very first comeback into writing hope you like it.
    • Damien's Story... [R.I.P.] by i_Nissy_i
    • Just a small story I had written about a friend of mine. He told me in so much detail on how his daily life was and I told him that I'd write a story about him. Of course, at the time we were joking, but now that he's gone, thi ...
    • The End Is Near by Azn_Angel22
    • Given the topic "the end is here" and ten minutes, this is what I came up with. Written with a lost lover in mind.
    • Tales of Xalthia - Chapter 21 by Dragoon Knight Sora
    • Welcome to Act 2, Chapter 21! In this chapter, Tsuki finally finishes his report of his journey to the royal family. Given a period of rest by the royal family, he's finally able to spend some time with one of his very old frie ...
    • Imperious (Excerpt) by The Covenant Man
    • An excerpt from Ch. 5 of a small novel I've been working on. It takes place on an alien planet, humanity invaded it after a disease destroyed most of the populace on Earth after the alien race attempted to make contact, which w ...
    • Amusement of Love by i_Nissy_i
    • Just the emotional rollercoaster feelings of love that you, I, or anyone else may feel. Romance poetry is just so great ♥ I hope you all enjoy it!
    • The Black pillow by Krow Oraeligh
    • A trial on a book i want to countiue, i don't see it as explict but i do agree that it isn't PG. So please tell me if it is approved.
    • Fluidity Introduction by Tommy Dionysus
    • Sci-fi that will explore the world & the politics of their society. It has a main character who realizes her asexuality, a trans woman, and one who's genderfluid dmab. I wont argue this with anyone, I don't see the point to res ...
    • Tales of Xalthia - Chapter 20 by Dragoon Knight Sora
    • Welcome to Chapter 20! In this chapter, the reconstruction of Basilwell has finally been completed after two months since the attacks of both Menorion and monsters. Tsuki and his companions have a night in celebration and prepa ...
    • Attack on Titan: Armikasa by FalconMaster120
    • I was texting my friend one day about whether or not I thought Armin x Mikasa would be a good shipping pair in Attack on Titan, and then I just kinda thought up this scene for it. Which honestly made me want to ship them. I th ...
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