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    • New thoughts, new reads by Foxyre
    • As I've viewed almost every writings, the guild I'm in could offer. I feel that apart from the other forums they have created. The one that got me most interested was their writer's corner. Yet no new works and what's left i ...
    • Small Words by MotherRoseRabbit
    • It's hard to say Good Bye to somebody you thought you were good friends too. Having started out strong and then to suddenly barely a sound from them. Have you ever just heard you're own voice when you were talking to somebody? ...
    • Love Or Not by Skye Antaeliel
    • Another Poem i wrote under my pseudo name SweetAnubis. I wrote this while thinking if love is rly worth it or not....
    • Johnny by Jackie807
    • A nosleep I wrote over two years ago, I really liked it though.
    • choiches by nyu-kacay3
    • you know that feeling? when you have to make a choice that will have a big influence on your life. and you just don't know what to do. the voices will start to scream louder and louder. each of the with another opinion another ...
    • By the full moon by shaphat
    • A short original story about the happenings of a certain place on a night of full moon
    • Bone Cage by FlameingFlyingFish
    • One of my NaPoWriMo poems, I finally faced the anger in my head that I try to hide. Hard since, as the poem states, I use this state of mind to drown out thought.
    • Baptism by Xlonely_tear_dropX
    • Hey guys! Hope you all enjoy it. Some feedback and rating would be gratefully appreciated. Anyway, you guys enjoy :)
    • A Memory by Noctumara
    • Something I wrote in the wee hours of a morning, that has potential to be something if I do my research and work on it harder. A tantalizing tid bit, enjoy~!
    • Anhedoniac's Confession by Lucifer Mosthigh
    • Anhedonia - A mental disorder where the person cannot or can no longer EMOTIONALLY feel pleasure, happiness, and joy. They also have an extreme lack of motivation (Often mistaken for laziness). Often they gain suicidal tendenci ...
    • Nothing Left by lenatsukimori
    • I was going to cry when I was crying. I am broken and cannot be fixed. My heart won't stop aching. So I just put all my feelings on this lyrics in 2-3 minutes. My hand just won't stop typing when i start composing it.
    • His Bittersweet Reunion by Kouhai Tsuki
    • He felt as if his stomach was twisted, especially when he finally set his eyes on that big grin of hers, one thing he had loved so much about her, and another thing he would never had forgotten........ It was his bittersweet r ...
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