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    • Nephilim Ch.1 by EliteSainTz
    • Hello ^^ Starting this today It's the first chapter to my story hope you enjoy it! No needed description as of now :)
    • Visual Novels by IsseiShikimoto
    • My visual novel ideas. I'm already working on playable demos (among other things). Ren'py is my software of choice and I'm nearly done the prologue chapter of Summer Girl. Thoughts on any of these are welcome. Thanks.
    • Goodnight 🔮 by TheHippiesAndTheZombies
    • I was a bit conflicted about some minor things in my life and it seemed that the only time all of it began to dwell inside of my head was literally just before I headed for bed. Thus, the inspiration of me not being able to s ...
    • A Graveyard Loom by Foxyre
    • There is a sub-division of which is created to deal and prevent the Entity Block from doing what their doing, which in turn means that if 3 or more members of the Block were to prepare for a full scale battle, then these indivi ...
    • The Knot by darklingtears
    • Earlier this year my Significant Other and I attended my Significant Other's cousin's wedding. After the wedding my Significant Other started getting all lovey dovey and brought up the possibility of marriage. This was inspired ...
    • Darkness by TootsMacgee
    • A modified version of something I wrote 5 years ago. I wrote it when I was going in and out of times of depression. Sorry its not that great.
    • The Tale Dante Forest by A Silent Otaku
    • Children play in Dante forest but they go too deep and then become "missing". This is from the perspective of a little girl who played there, then too becoming "missing" (This is based of The Legend Of Zelda's lost forest.)
    • Ode To The Tsundere by DaughteroftheNile
    • My friend bet me 5 bucks I couldn't compose an anime-themed Shakespearean sonnet, complete with iambic pentameter, in under an hour (long story). Well ha! The joke's on her, because I totally did it. I call it, "Ode To The Tsun ...
    • Trapped In The Closet by whatta beautiful disaster
    • Do people even submit poems on here? I just wanted to share and get feedback Also, this poem doesn't have a name - I just couldn't pass on the chance for an Robert Kelly reference
    • What I Know by darklingtears
    • Poem I wrote my sophomore year of high school. Pretty deep now that I look back on it. Now that I'm older I can see that it was a little immature of me to think that people who happen to be a jack of all trades and master of no ...
    • My Lion by MissFai_
    • A piece I wrote in my poetry class back in 2014. Sums up my love life mostly haha.
    • Flight on Broken Wings by J_Wesley_1995
    • A poem I wrote for a friend about a month or two ago, hoping to help her through some problems she was going through. It's meant to be kind of a reminder that though you feel damaged or broken, you can still keep going.
    • The Heroes of Steelhold Part 1 by ArcKing
    • This is a part of an ongoing story that will be updated weekly. It follows the adventures of the half-elf cleric Ardo, the half-elf druid Jade, the half-elf rogue Amethyst, the Dwarven ranger Dield, and the drow-in-disguise who ...
    • Midnight Melody by darklingtears
    • I wrote this my sophomore year of high school. I was dealing with a lot of things at home and had a tendency to push anyone who tried to get close to me away. I pretended to be okay, but deep down I had a lot inner demons I was ...
    • Depressed Doll by darklingtears
    • I deal with chronic depression and some days I have flare ups where everything feels bleak and empty. I write a lot of my poetry to help cope, as well cuddle with my loving cats. This poem was inspired by the tail end of one of ...
    • Drift by Poetri Descent
    • A nod at Kerouac's on the road. A lonely student from the Midwest finds solace in travels in the 1960's.
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