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    • CP: Takeo Imai by IsseiShikimoto
    • My character Takeo Imai from my story idea, Servants of the Snow Queen. I've had his name in my head for awhile(subject to change of course; I am in no way an expert in japanese names). I also had an early design for him which ...
    • CP: Nobunaga Oda by IsseiShikimoto
    • The character profile for my version of Nobunaga Oda from my story idea, The Fool's Horizon. His entire design, personality and all, popped into my head after listening to a song. I liked the character so much I began frantical ...
    • Mommy's Little Girl by hyalophagia
    • A poem about the abuse I faced that eventually caused me to call the cops on my mother and move across the country short notice to live in a garage and be poor as s**t.
    • Flash Fiction : 1 by Pro Slap
    • I am going to do a serious of Flashfictions stories, this is number 1 of it. I don't quite have a title for it, but please do enjoy it. Comment, and favorite it with 1-5 stars.
    • Character Profiles by IsseiShikimoto
    • For the sake of solidifying their concepts in my head, I've decided to type up simple character profiles for some of the stories I've posted in the arena. This is just a list of the planned profiles and is in no way complete as ...
    • Phone Call by sweet_tooth1017
    • An estranged wife calls her husband. (I only wrote this because I was bored and ended up liking the result. Enjoy.)
    • A ghost family by PandaMandas
    • This was just for fun and I know I have bad grammar and spelling so no need to point it out
    • Sown Buttons by Nugget Butt
    • A little story I wrote for my writers blog. WARNING: Contains gruesome and gore/blood scenes. Please do not read if your queasy or freak out over this contained content.
    • To You by Xiia_01
    • This is a poem to my first love who I haven't spoken to in 4 years now. We met on Gaia back in 2008 and stayed strong until 2011. now it's 2015 and I still wonder how's he doing... I know i have no right of ever coming back int ...
    • Every Grain by Leifka
    • A short that I thought of. I like post-apoc and tend to make ideas for it. I have so many short stories, I think I'll explode. This a rare gem for me. It isn't sad.
    • Maria the Cursed by Cambria Lynn
    • I have always had a special interest in “The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces,” or “The Dancing Princesses.” In giving the eldest princess the hero, it was always a special twist for me. I learned of the tale from Shell ...
    • Empire Of Hearts by IsseiShikimoto
    • Yet another concept/idea. This one's based on Alice in Wonderland, but with a twist. Look up the book The Looking Glass Wars and then imagine that, but with less vague imagination and more sci-fi magic. That's essentially the g ...
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