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    • A Play on God by Foxyre
    • Playing God on yourself is not wrong, humanely, but is a way on seeing just how your actions can turn the tides on anything that humanity stands for entirely, creating and bringing a child into this world is the perfect thing l ...
    • Video Game Death by xWingedKingx
    • Just something i came up with that i wanted to share. i love to write so this is really fun for me, i don't care if i place. Its both a Poem and a Story.
    • Chronicles of the Four Winds by IsseiShikimoto
    • I'm a bit tentative on the title, but it'll do for now. Another comic idea I'd like reviewed and, god willing, commented on. This is not so much one story, but an anthology of alternate stories set in the same universe or world ...
    • I'm Sorry.... by Yuffie kuna
    • This is a sad story of a man who murdered his wife. He wrote a Poem of his Madness. (( I actually wrote this )) He said that he had been drugged by his friends, and wanted something from his wife that he couldn't recive, so he ...
    • In The End Misery Lives by YG BIG BANG VIP
    • Poem about marriage and how it shattered from the husband hurting the wife emotionally and fate took course into making the wifes life wonderful even though she had nothing and the husbands live miserable even though he had it ...
    • Life of an Experimental Merc. by Foxyre
    • Here's something I always find about the characters I make and this one in particular is very much unique among all of my original characters. As for a Ground Raider Assault Unit, or G.R.A.U. experimental soldier, having part ...
    • My Love be Well by Marshalleeguy
    • Its about a boy who loved a girl but was very soon forgotten and replaced by someone else. The love he felt for her and how he rationalized the betrayal. This is made up though its not really about anyone its just a story. This ...
    • A Brand New Face by Resting Bitchface
    • I wrote this about seven years ago, when I was going through a particularly angsty breakup. I've not written much poetry since, but I came across it again a few days ago and it took me back to that period of time. I felt like I ...
    • Camilla Mukhi ~Life Ruined~ 1 by A Silent Otaku
    • This is meant to be a diary for my OC I guess... It's not that good. The title is short so I can't write much description in the title. This is going to be the first in the series.. I this won't go well, I know it! But life is ...
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