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    • Friendly Portrait by EonFukkatsu
    • I wrote this poem after I watched a game called Ib on youtube. It looked cool so I figure why not write about it. Also I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes I may have made.
    • Gum the Gummy Bear, Eaten by Ashlyn2212
    • Please remember that this is a DRAFT! There may be some common errors in the story. Okay, I found one of my fiction stories that I used to write in 3rd grade. I thought you guys would like it so... ya. --WARNING--!!! Oh, an ...
    • A Flower Can Brake A Heart by Dazi19
    • I had a friend that told me a flower can mind a broken Heart. He was lonely and depressed. But he forgot one thing. P.S. My name is Daisy. So the poem makes more sense.
    • Waves by ebonyopium
    • A poem that I wrote a couple months ago. It's not very long. Should I write more?
    • Crazy love by killer isaac
    • This was my first poem that i writ-in in a mental hospital and I wan't to see what you think
    • Monarch: Prologue by Paigeee
    • Nuclear war destroyed the world a long time ago--but now a new threat arises from the darkness.
    • the arenas suck by 2pound
    • the arenas suck; rate me a 1 please, no other rating counts but 1. if you give me a 2 or higher, this poem is going to disappear.
    • Darkened Dreams by Xx_BloodyDeath_Wish_xX
    • I kept having nightmares and constantly running from them. They would always be extreamly violent with severed body limbs all over the floor, guts torn out and spread across the body like someone tore them out forcefully. Blood ...
    • Untitled, part deux. by Storylab Sonicflight
    • Part two of a previous submission, Untitled. Stupid character limit. The entire thing is supposed to be a oneshot. Like I said before, references everywhere. Trauma Center/Team belongs to ATLUS, SCP Foundation to their respect ...
    • ....Untitled. by Storylab Sonicflight
    • This was an attempt earlier in the year at internal fourth-wall breaking. References are rife, and the log format was inspired by the SCP Foundation article writing style. Nope, the characters written in here have no relation ...
    • mask by im doing your sister
    • i don't have much to say about this just that it's easy to wear a mask and pretend your someone else it's fun but it can be dangerous if you wear it for too long you'll lose yourself in the illusion so be careful
    • .W. 1 by LuckyBunny512
    • This story is about a girl who obtains magical powers, and is in a first person perspective. Also I know my spelling is bad, I just wanted to see what people thought of this story. So hope you enjoy.
    • Mother by Tamakis Girl
    • Just a short poem that i wrote one night in the care. Things have been really up and down with my mother recently and this is what i turned those feelings into.
    • Rejected all along by RyuujiHel
    • One of my first poems, I wrote it back in 2010 and it really is one of my best. I hope you love it <3 If you want to read more of my poetry just ask. //Angelica Allskog
    • Getting away from him by ambypanda
    • This is something I wrote when I was pregnant with my second child. These were my thoughts about how I handled getting out of an emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive relationship with my first child's father. Sorry i ...
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