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    • Ghost Beside Me by AkumaKenji
    • A story about the life of a young man named Keisuke Ito. He desires to find the truth about his curse and so he defies his parents who are widely known as a rich businessman and a model mother who's an Author. What is awaiting ...
    • (Empty Title) by BreeHale
    • So, I was drawing a picture of an eye, something I picked up from my mom watching her randomly doodle, and these words just started popping into my head. I began writing them down and it became this, I'm not gonna lie, I have n ...
    • Lonely Thoughts in Towns by Laeyele
    • a poem from me soul born from teh heart and created while sulking under a tree in towns life is hard yolo rejoice ur artistic side and expose teh darkness to tha wurl so they can halp u TT_TT :emo: :emo: :emo: :bandaid:
    • Justice? by Khoshekh Palmer
    • This is an original work, I do not own any recognizable people, places, events, or ideas. If anyone would like to contest to my claims, please contact me and we may discuss the situation in a calm, civilized manner, that is all ...
    • Kanō fukanō by AkumaKenji
    • A.K.A. Impossible Possible. A young man Named Kenji Murakami who searches for the meaning of life. Yet in that path lies not only happiness and love, but also death and despair. But where he goes, hope follows. Or does it? Not ...
    • Can you guess what "They" are? by Cerbrilla
    • It's kind of a free verse poem/riddle that I came up with almost 2 years ago. It just randomly popped into my head. I thought I deleted it until I refound in on my DA account. I hope you like it. c:
    • Jump then fall by krimaja
    • this is a one shot story I wrote, inspired by Taylor swift's song, I also posted this story on wattpad ((Krimaja)) I hope you'll like it <3
    • Mask by X8xBlakheart8X
    • 5 am, haven't slept in a while, listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsupC15N_YE
    • Addicted by Misao Harada 1
    • I wrote this poem when I was in my room and I heard my grandmother on the phone crying. I have known that my older brother, who is twenty-two, is addicted to drugs. I imagined myself at his funeral... I wasn't crying though. It ...
    • "I love you, you know that?" by Misao Harada 1
    • First, I always imagined myself as an actor. And my father writes plays. His plays are feel-y and mostly humorous. So this is what I image myself saying in a monologue if I was in a play. Spotlight on me! (Also a flashback.)
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