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    • The Epitome of Squirrels by SleepingReverie
    • This poem can represent the repetitiveness of life. While both good and bad things happen to every individual, life outside of ourselves virtually remains unaffected. We can depend on the fact that even if we think it is the en ...
    • Honor Bound by Zombiesdemise
    • I came up with this today in class. Also you'll have to read it to find out what it is about.. i make lengthy explanations...
    • It's Been Some Time by Tora Tomi
    • A time when one tries to write poetry which then gets taken away as there are many interruptions that hinder. Note: Sorry, this is not a cheerful type of thing to read given that it's reflecting how my thoughts on trying to w ...
    • Pluck and Plitered by jamaicangurl92
    • This is my first poem in a really long time, it is a horror poem called "Plucked and Plittered". I know Plittered is not a real word, but it is to imitate the sound of a rose being plucked as in a mocking game of "He loves me h ...
    • My Lifeless Story by Fausts Lost Mind
    • WARNING !!!! This is part 2 of the story, so is this is your first time seeing this title go and read part 1. I am aware of some grammatical and spelling errors, just Chillax and enjoy part 2 of my lifeless story
    • NERO by Hoshino-sama
    • Sometimes we can't just accept what's happening in our lives and forgotten about our purpose. When I graduated from my Elementary I've felt that "We will never be the same again in the next school year"
    • Kiobi:TBCL by blackmagic2005
    • This is the next chapter of this story, I hope that you enjoy this chapter as much as the others! Also if you haven't read chapters 1-5 please do! It will better help you understand what's going in the story. Please rate fairl ...
    • The Pheasant and The Elm. by Pon3Tree
    • This is a short story I wrote for a school competition. It's loosely based on Sylvia Plath's poems "Pheasant" and "Elm" and it's about Depression. Thanks for reading and rating :)
    • So true by frostylavaman
    • First song I am ever going to post here on gaia... Its alternative rock with a rap break
    • End of The Dream by VII-CloudIStrife-VII
    • I was just reflecting on my past and wrote this, If you enjoyed this read I have older submissions on the vll cloud strife vll account that you can look up under the "submissions by user" tab
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