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    • Moira's Lament by xx I met my fate xx
    • In a dark room she sits, pouring her heart and soul out to a stranger with a voice recorder and a notepad. She tells the story of her once beloved Gaia and what you can do to help.
    • My Sickness by Nemone
    • Lighthearted poem I wrote. And I am totally not describing myself here..... :ninja:
    • Stargazing by Nemone
    • This is today's effort for writing poetry. I'm trying to write one a day so we'll see how long I can keep it up.
    • Snippet :: Man in the Mist by Hardcore Uvula
    • Just a snippet of writing I did. I don't know if it's going anywhere, but I thought I would post it all the same. A man drags his victim through the mist.
    • The ωinter illusionist by teawai
    • About my fictional character i made myself (dressed my avi as her), i made her and this poem story because i love ωinter so much, and i need to express myself ωith my thoughts. ωhats ur thoughts after reading this?~
    • Remembering you. by His Sexy Kitty
    • When you love someone you remember their lullaby, memorize them like looking at yourself in a mirror, and hope they never leave you.
    • Morning Light by Nemone
    • This is one of the few poems I've written that can actually be called cheerful. It's also one of the few free-verse of my own that I actually like. I hope you enjoy it.
    • Immortal Blood by Miidourii
    • "How far would you go to make yourself immortal? Will you take your mate's life away? Because I did." -Balthazar
    • Hostility by Sera Nova
    • I wrote this on my first trip to the U.S. when I was ill received by the family of a former loved one.
    • Melancholy by Nemone
    • Something I wrote ages ago and dug up recently. It didn't have a title so I decided to call it "Melancholy".
    • Is Gaia Dying? by jellykans
    • Revolution: Gaia is a new guild where ToS is observed, camaraderie is a given, and we work to save the Gaia we have known and loved. If anything is bordering on a violation of the rules, it is my personal error only. Is it a ...
    • The Avalanche by Nemone
    • This is something I wrote like 15 years ago (yes I am so stinking old). I was going through old notebooks and decided to put it up.
    • Tears of Ice by Akai Chou no Koe
    • Something that happens in a new fanfiction I've started called Gensokyo 20XX1: Winter of Sorrows and this particular haiku concerns Yukari where she doesn't succeed in finding Ran, Chen, and Flan and she is unaware that they've ...
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