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    • The Migraine by Excelscia
    • I have alot of health problems particularily migraines. This poem is a description of how it feels when a Migraine creeps up on you. I have written all kinds of poetry for years. I hope you enjoy this one.
    • Living in the house of Escher by Syaorain
    • This is a fiction based on a non fiction story about a kid who grew up in a house with family members with mental disorders. I am currently writing this as a book and a screenplay. This is just a part near the beginning.
    • The Demon Within by randum_unicorn
    • Gather 'round children and let me tell you a spooky Halloween story- wait what? Halloween passed!? Uh oh well it's just a story then. . .
    • Topps' Story by R3537 L1F3
    • Topps is a character I created a while back with intent to make him a weekly comic. This was a small back story I did for him. However, this is only the first part.
    • Free by Park Chanfuqmeplz
    • Inspiration: Nightstep-Circles This is about someone letting go of who they love, even though they will miss them, they know this is the right choice and tells them to whisper gently into the wind so that they can see if they ...
    • Just another casualty by Park Chanfuqmeplz
    • My inspiration for this song: One more night cover-Mike hart So it's just about a soldier in war and how he's feeling, regretting how he killed people and how he thinks hopes never gonna happen.
    • Corroding by toe shimmy
    • hi i wish people would read my poetry maybe not people i know though im sure they'd think of me differently trigger warning!!
    • Rabbit vs. Wolf by kablammZ
    • I'm writing a story for class and I thought I'd share part of it on here. So here's the intro.
    • Gunners Sorrows of War #4 by Hakuru-san
    • Chapter #4 Meaning of Friendship Sorry for that long delay, i have been busy finishing my exams, drawing gunners and of course finishing off the rest of the series, its really hard work! the good news is that i finished a lot ...
    • Nithril Chapter 5 by Bald Aguila
    • Chapter Title: Escape From Darkness Prologue: http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=102780543 Chapter 1: http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=102782071 Chapter 2: http://www ...
    • broken child in broken world by alfred f jones 9
    • this is my life with asburgers syndrome and the pain i went through i was a angry and scard till age 11 at age 8 they tried to take me away from my mom to a hospital where later we herd people got raped also i was bullied alot ...
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