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    • The Phantoms of Mary I by iLluSiOn0f_siL3nc3
    • Hi guys! ^^ This is (PART 1) ONGOING of my VERY LONG ORIGINAL GENERAL-HISTORIC FIC POETRY! It's about Queen Mary who was accused of murder and stealing by the duchess and duke of nowhere. She struggles to escape and fight for h ...
    • In The Hallway by DinosaurusRecks
    • falling isn't fun, especially when you break a bone. part 1 of this story come back next week for more, or see my page on www.wattpad.com for my stories. :3
    • sebby before demon by black butler 9
    • this is a story about black butler fan fic i made before sebby was demon its based on my story growing up too i want to incorperate fan fic through my eyes (exept for demonic end) sorry for the spelling btw its hardf to type on ...
    • Stuck Between Love and Hate by Eonni-chan
    • Ayami Takashino finds herself in a huge web, choosing between a man who runs a syndicate or a man with devilish talents. Her heart says no, but her body says yes. Can she and will she be able to make up her mind before it is to ...
    • Death at its best. by Magical Girl Kippy
    • I recently had to kill off a character who was very dear to me, and I'm in quite the emotional wreck about it, so I decided to express my pain via poetry.
    • Vincent and the Gods by Crimson-Flower2
    • Small piece from a larger fic involving my OC Vincent Tavian and his encounter with the Asgardians Thor and Loki. The actual fic is posted up on my DeviantART account if anyone would like to read it.
    • Autumnal Commemoration by The False Shepherd
    • I haven't written poetry in a while now. It brings me much sorrow that my years will begin to lack creative writing. In high school, we had a beautiful literacy festival with writers who gave great advice and it was so much fun ...
    • memories by luckysmart06
    • it was a day before Christmas day. my parents, aunts, and uncles were talking about their childhood days. so i came up with "memories"
    • The phantom by demonic9tailz
    • I did this along ago but itz about a love that save the world known az the phantom but long ago every hero had a love but he lost his but years past he found a woman looking like her I mean jest alike lol so hope u guys like ...
    • About a girl by s-t-f-u-plum
    • What do you want to hear? The truth or your truth? Well you’re not getting anything but your own brains foreplay.
    • What Is Red? by KatherineM1996
    • I wrote this for my Gr. 10 English class. We were doing a unit on poems, and our assignment was to write one. This is mine :]
    • Reoccurring Dreams Chapter 1 by Slashes-to-Kill
    • This chapter is still a work in progress, I do not know if i'll continue it, I may just drop this whole book, but its up to who ever reads it. If you could leave a comment of what you think, and if I should continue it, and a r ...
    • I'm Not Here by Freyabelle5
    • This is a memoir about my jail experience back in 2010. Recently I got it published in a local journal on my school campus.
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