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    • Mismatched by FilamChoirKid18
    • A little song I wrote. It doesn't necessarily ring true for me anymore, but it still means a lot to me. I actually have a melody and everything and know how I want it to sound (I have a recording of me singing it a capella), bu ...
    • D'n'D Ninja/Bard Assassin by NerdyWhitePerson
    • This is a poem written by my character in my roommates low magic fantasy campaign. My character plays a Hengyoki Ninja(5) Bard (1) (the perform skill I took was poetry) Assassin(8), who is squaring off with a party of about ten ...
    • Dear Mother by Vivi_Bun
    • One of my favourite poems I've written. This poem and some others of mine can be found on my tumblr blog, called Poetryvee.
    • The swinging door by You are now dead
    • A poem about two lovers. One doesn't love the other. One loves the other with all their heart. First poem >.< Hopefully it's good.
    • One Step Forward by JelloSho72
    • Sometimes she feels weird all alone. But she has decided to go forth in pursuing a journey she hopes to never forget.
    • Valediction by blazinraisins
    • Valediction: noun [val-i-dik-shuh n] “To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour.”
    • Tribute To Fishing by AvatarRoku05
    • Gaia's Fishing game has been down for almost a year- I want to share some of my favorite memories from my time playing the game, and encourage others to comment with theirs as well!
    • "I'm Sorry" by blue sage82
    • One of my friends keeps getting caught in lies and all they say is sorry.. So I sat down and I wrote this and as sad as it is for me to say I'll probably end up sending this poem to them eventually if they keep it up :( it's no ...
    • Remaining hopeful by blue sage82
    • Didn't really have a title originally, I just felt like writing one night while laying in bed I rarely ever write anymore so hopefully you guys enjoy it! I wrote it in reflection not just to me being single for over 2 years but ...
    • Goose Bay Ballad by Her Angelic Remorse
    • This is something my grandma found when she was looking through some of her old stuff. it was a poem my grandfather wrote during his time at goose bay
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